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The Perils of Pauline est un film américain réalisé par Joshua Shelley avec Pat Boone

The Perils of Pauline (1967)

The Perils of Pauline
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Durée 1h47
Note58% 2.9092752.9092752.9092752.9092752.909275

The Perils of Pauline is a 1967 American comedy film based on the movie serial of the same name.

Inspired by the Batman TV series, with the same kind of florid villainy and dauntless heroics, this TV pilot starred Pamela Austin, best known for her appearances in Dodge commercials at the time (urging viewers to "Join the Dodge Rebellion!"), as Pauline, with Pat Boone as her staunch protector.

The pilot did not find a sponsor or a network, and the three sample shows were compiled into a theatrical feature film and released by Universal Pictures. Extra footage for this was shot in December 1966.

Universal's home-movie company, Castle Films, turned it back into a serial, excerpting four episodes from the feature. The movie enjoyed neither the commercial nor critical success of the earlier versions of The Perils of Pauline.


The film opens on a cold winter's night at a foundling home. A young boy walks out to take in milk bottles, when he sees a baby in a basket on the ground. The baby's name is Pauline, and the boy (whose name is later revealed to be George) promises to protect her no matter what. Soon, it is time for Pauline to get adopted. George tries numerous attempts to prevent that from happening as she gets older. His last stunt however makes Pauline suitable for her new parents. Mrs. Carruthers, the owner of the foundling home (played by Doris Packer), and George (now played by Pat Boone) transport Pauline to her new home. Her new parents tell their son to get Pauline's bags. At the same time, Pauline remembers her toothbrush and goes back to the car to retrieve it. George seizes the opportunity to prevent Pauline from living with her new family, and pulls the hand brake on the car. It races away, and everyone begins to chase after it. The opening credits are displayed as the car careens down the street and into a poultry farm. All seems well until the car reaches a train crossing. Pauline and her brother to be aren't hurt, but her parents to be do not want her anymore. Mrs. Carruthers finds out that George pulled the hand brake, and sends him packing. Later that night as George is about to leave, Pauline wants to come with him. He objects, and says that when he makes his fortune, he will come back for her. Pauline promises to wait.


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