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Shobha Mohan

Shobha Mohan
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Shobha Mohan is an Indian film actress best known for her work in Malayalam cinema. She has acted in more than 70 films. She mainly do character roles. She is the daughter of the late actor Kottarakara Sreedharan Nair and the sister of Malayalam actor Saikumar.


Shobha Mohan was born to Veteran actor Kottarakara Sreedharan Nair and Vijayalakshmi in Kottarakkara, Kerala. She made her debut in Balloon in 1982 as heroine opposite Mukesh. She was married to Malayalam Theatre artiste K Mohankumar on 5 November 1984. Actors Vinu Mohan and Anu Mohan are their sons.She has acted in many dramas.

Le plus souvent avec

Salim Kumar
Salim Kumar
(15 films)
(11 films)
Ambika Mohan
Ambika Mohan
(10 films)
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പിക്കറ്റ് 43
Réalisé par Major Ravi
Genres Drame, Guerre, Action
Acteurs Prithviraj Sukumaran, Javed Jaffrey, Renji Panicker, Sudheer Karamana, Meghanathan, Anu Mohan
Rôle Hari's mother
Note71% 3.5911153.5911153.5911153.5911153.591115
Hareendranath Nair (Prithviraj) is an Indian soldier guarding an Indian picket in Kashmir. He happens to meet a Pakistani soldier Mushraff (Javed Jaffrey) on one fine day. They immediately relate to each other and despite of being from different countries they seem to understand each other better than anyone else. They eventually become close friends and start to enhance the morale of each other. However, their friendship raises suspicions among others. They even put into question the genuineness of their patriotism which break their heart. They find themselves in nether world and the story proceeds to tell the hardship they have to go through for their friendship. It is not just with the Pakistani soldier he shares special bond, he also considers a dog by the name Baccardi as his companion. He even does not permit anyone to call him dog. He confides in the dog his inner thoughts and emotions which lifts his spirit slightly even at the most difficult times.
ഓം ശാന്തി ഓശാന, 2h5
Genres Comédie, Romance
Acteurs Nivin Pauly, Nazriya Nazim, Aju Varghese, Vineeth Sreenivasan, Renji Panicker, Vinaya Prasad‌
Rôle Giri's mother
Note76% 3.8460153.8460153.8460153.8460153.846015
The movie begins in 1983, where Dr. Mathew Devasya (Renji Panicker) anxiously paces the hall outside of a delivery room. He learns that his wife has delivered a baby boy and thanks God for the good news. A stranger comments that Mathew was lucky not to have a daughter, as he would have had to worry about her all his life. As the stranger says this, a nurse comes out of the delivery room carrying the baby, apologizing that she made a mistake, and confirming that the baby is actually a girl. Mathew glares at the stranger and praises God once again .
7th Day
7th Day (2014)
, 2h14
Genres Thriller, Action
Acteurs Prithviraj Sukumaran, Janani, Tovino Thomas, Vinay Forrt, Praveen Prem, Anu Mohan
Rôle Vinu's mother
Note68% 3.4464953.4464953.4464953.4464953.446495
The story starts with a monologue by David Abraham, IPS (Prithviraj) during the night of Christmas. When he leaves a party, he gets involved in an accident with Shan(Vinay Forrt) and Vinu(Anu Mohan). David takes them to hospital for treating Vinu's injury which he sustained while falling down from the bike. From the hospital Vinu escapes, to Shan's horror. David starts to suspect that there is something wrong. But Shan says there is no problem and David drops him at his place. Then he notices that Vinu has dropped his wallet in his jeep.
കൊന്തയും പൂണൂലും
Genres Horreur, Romance
Acteurs Kunchacko Boban, Bhama, Manoj K. Jayan, Shine Tom Chacko, Kalabhavan Mani, Janardhanan
Rôle Mary
Note56% 2.8379952.8379952.8379952.8379952.837995
A baker (Kunchacko Boban) rushes home to be with his heavily pregnant wife (Bhama), who has been left alone. There is his dear jobless friend Shine Tom Chacko, whom he meets up with, once he is back home.
റേഡിയോ, 2h25
Genres Drame, Thriller
Acteurs Iniya, Sarayu Mohan, Nishan, Sreejith, Thalaivaasal Vijay, Maniyanpillai Raju
Rôle Jayan's Mother
Note49% 2.461752.461752.461752.461752.46175
"Tune in for a change" is the tagline attached to Radio in the credits. The storyline is about a girl Priya who comes to the city for a job as a salesgirl in a jewellery shop,with a load of debt to pay off, played by Sarayu. She is new to the ways and customs of the city life. Her co-worker, Iniya character Shweta, gives her accommodation, since she has no place or relative home to stay in the city. Shweta goes out at every night, where Nishan’s character Manu, comes to pick her up. Whole picture of the storyline is clear, Shweta. a five star prostitute and associate Manu as pimp,for securing her business. It is a shock to Priya when she realizes the truth about Shweta and decides to leave her friendship and apartment.
ദൃശ്യം, 2h44
Réalisé par Jeethu Joseph
Genres Drame, Thriller, Comédie, Policier
Acteurs Mohanlal, Meena, Kalabhavan Shajon, Ansiba Hassan, Siddique, Asha Sarath
Rôle Rani's Mother
Note82% 4.1481654.1481654.1481654.1481654.148165
Georgekutty (Mohanlal) is an orphan who had dropped out of school after his 4th grade. Now he is a businessman running a cable TV service in a rural area. He is married to Rani (Meena) and they have two daughters, Anju (Ansiba Hassan) and Anu (Esther Anil). His only interest apart from his family is watching films. He spends most of his time in front of the TV in his small office.
നാടോടി മന്നൻ, 2h40
Réalisé par Viji Thampi
Genres Drame, Comédie
Acteurs Dileep, Ananya, Mythili Balachandran, Archana Kavi, Gayathrie, Sayaji Shinde
Rôle Padmanabhan's mother
Note30% 1.517051.517051.517051.517051.51705
In Nadodimannan, Padmanabhan (Dileep) plays a village youth who does not have a particular inclination towards any political party and joins any protest being held. He earns a living by participating in demonstrations for various political parties. He then reaches the city where he is strung to the upper levels of society and gets elected as the Mayor. His conflicts and attempts to cleanse the city form the rest of the story. Ananya plays the character of Meera, who lives in difficult surroundings, but is bold. Archana Kavi plays Aathira, a member of a former royal family, Mythili stars as Rima, a broadcast journalist Padmanabhan befriends during his activist days, who helps him bring to light certain crucial issues before the public. Bollywood actor Sayaji Shinde plays the local king pin who is at odds with Padmanabhan.Currently this movie is going well and getting mixed reviews both from audience and critics.The performance of the Dileep and other actors is good. Highlight of the movie is the demolition techniques shown in the climax, which is new to mollywood. Another highlight of this movie is that it touches some social issues.
Navagatharkku Swagatham
Genres Romance
Acteurs Mukesh, Jyothirmayi, Rejith Menon, Shafna Nizam, Miya George, Vinay Forrt
Rôle Prasanth's mother

The film's story centres around an English lecturer who is like an elder brother for his students.
Hero (2012)

Genres Thriller, Action
Acteurs Prithviraj Sukumaran, Yami Gautam, Srikanth, Bala, Mithun Ramesh, Thalaivaasal Vijay
Note39% 1.9967351.9967351.9967351.9967351.996735
Dharmarajan master (Thalaivasal Vijay) is a famous stunt master who worked in many films and had a lot of students. He was out from the field for a long time. Dharmarajan master needs some money for his daughter's marriage. So he visits one of his old students Aadhityan (Anoop Menon), who is one of the famous and top rated Directors in the film industry. Aadhityan gives a chance to master. Master seeks help from his several students to assist him for the job, but no one helps him. He visits Tarzan Antony (Prithviraj) who was his favorite student who left him because of some issues. Tarzan agrees and joins the set. There he meets the hero of the film Premanand (Srikanth), who is the son of Home minister and Heroine Gowri Menon (Yami Gautam), who is one of the top actresses in the industry. Premanand is like a sinking ship and needs a hit, so he joins his friend Aadhityan for the movie. Meanwhile Premanand likes Gowri and wants to marry her. He tries to impress her in several ways but she didn't mind him. Tarzan's dedication to his works and amazing stunts impress Gowri. The movie gets released and it becomes a grand hit. Audience who don't know the actual hero behind the screen appreciates Premanand for the action sequences while Gowri, Aadhityan and the whole crew appreciates Tarzan for his work. Gowri and Tarzan fall in love with each other. Premanand decides to destroy Tarzan who is a hindrance between him and Gowri. At that time Aadhityan announces his next project with same cast and crew. Premanand wants to remove Tarzan from the project, but Aadhityan in turn removes Premanand from the movie and make Tarzan the hero of the movie. This angers Premanand and he takes revenge by plotting to kill Tarzan, but ends up killing Tarzan's father (Nedumudi Venu). Aadhityan tells Tarzan to let matters lie low for a while before he takes his revenge. Once the shooting for the film gets over, Tarzan goes to Premanand and Gowri's brother to take revenge for killing his father and when he returns it is shown that the audience has accepted Tarzan as the new Hero and Tarzan and Gowri are more than happy to openly accept their relation.
Ithu Nammude Katha
Genres Drame, Thriller, Romance
Acteurs Asif Ali, Nishan, Ananya, Amala Paul, Vineeth Kumar, Balachandran Chullikkadu
Rôle Vinod's mother
Note43% 2.191482.191482.191482.191482.19148
The film revolves around three characters – Vinod (Asif Ali), Santhosh (Nishan) and Kochumon (Abhishek). The trio eats, sleeps and parties together in Kuttanad. They also have their individual ambitions in life. Vinod is in love with his uncle's daughter Kalyani (Ananya). He is madly pursuing a government job because his uncle agrees to the marriage if and when he obtains one. Kochumon is desperate to go abroad and get rich, while Santhosh is committed to start a computer center.
ഉലകം ചുറ്റും വാലിബന്‍
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Jayaram, Mithra Kurian, Biju Menon, Vandana Menon, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Suresh Krishna
Rôle Jayashankar's mother
Note39% 1.972561.972561.972561.972561.97256
Jayashankar (Jayaram) is a wholesale vegetable vendor who lives with his mother and only sister Kalyani (Mithra Kurian). Jayashankar is in debt and goes to city to meet his relative Sethumadhavan (Suraj Venjaramoodu) to borrow some money to straighten things. There he finds out that his relative is not a successful businessman but rather, a successful thief. He recruits Jayashankar to thievery and throughout the movie, everyone is confused whether Jayashankar is a thief or a police officer (sub-inspector). Unexpectedly, TV channel Presenter Varsha (Vandana Menon) and her brother Saajan Joseph (Biju Menon) enters the life of Jayashankar. Varsha wants Jayashanker to appear in her Street Reality show programme. Saajan Joseph is the circle inspector of police, who is vain and enamored with his own personality and beauty. In the end, Saajan Joseph and Jayashankar joins hands to bring down a corrupt politician and care for his family.
Umma (2011)
, 1h45
Réalisé par Vijayakrishnan
Acteurs Madhu, Iniya, Shobha Mohan, Srihari, Kochu Preman, Ranjith

Khader, the husband of Subaida is a factory worker. A hardcore drunkard, he every day cruelly beats up his wife. Mansoor stands a mute witness to this. As he could not go for higher studies due to financial hardship, Mansoor is very much grieved. One day unable to bear the roughing up of his mother by father, he raises protest against Khader. Saying that hence forth the son himself should find ways of family livelihood, Khader walks off home.
Bombay Mittayi
Acteurs Vinu Mohan, Dimple Kapadia, Mukesh, Harisree Ashok, Jagathy Sreekumar, Suraj Venjaramoodu

Bombay Mittayi tells the story of Suresh (Vinu Mohan) and Sulaiman (Harisree Ashokan) who would do anything to earn some quick money.They get involved in several activities as exporting of snake venom, Nagamnaickyam and even silver owls. Suresh is a gifted singer. However, as fate would have it, his music has not helped him much in life. Sulaiman is much older to Suresh and has always indulged in petty fraudulent activities to make some quick bucks. Meanwhile, world-renowned Ghazal artist Mallika Mansoor (Amar Singh) is found to be murdered. The investigation points to Suresh and Sulaiman as the main culprits. Rehana (Neelambari Perumal) who is Mallika's daughter sets up her own inquiry into the murder to find out the murderers. In the process she saves Suresh and Suliamnan from the clutches of Poocha Police (Jagadish). Dimple Kapadia plays the Ghazal singer's wife.