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Lena est une Actrice Indienne née le 18 mars 1981 à Thrissur (Inde)


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Nationalité Inde
Naissance 18 mars 1981 (43 ans) à Thrissur (Inde)

Lena Kumar, or Lena Abhilash, known professionally as Lena, is an Indian film actress. She debuted in Jayaraj's Sneham which was followed by Karunam, Oru Cheru Punchiri, Varna Kazhchakal. Her breakthrough came through the critically acclaimed Traffic (2011) after which she acted in films such in Snehaveedu, Ee Adutha Kaalathu, and Spirit. Lena is a post-graduate in clinical psychology, and has worked as a clinical psychologist in Mumbai, before she quit her job to enter full-time acting.


Lena attended the Seventh Day Adventist Higher Secondary School in Thrissur, and Hari Sri Vidya Nidhi School, also in Thrissur. She was married to Abhilash Kumar on 16 January 2004, a screenwriter in Malayalam cinema who co-wrote 22 Female Kottayam, but the two separated.

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Biju Menon
Biju Menon
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Paul Michael
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Airlift (2016)

Réalisé par Raja Krishna Menon
Origine Inde
Genres Drame, Guerre, Thriller, Action, Historique
Thèmes Le terrorisme, Transport, Aviation, Film catastrophe, Détournement d'avion
Acteurs Akshay Kumar, Nimrat Kaur, Lena, Purab Kohli, Avtar Gill, Arun Bali
Rôle Deepti Jayarajan
Note78% 3.948513.948513.948513.948513.94851
Ranjit Katyal, un homme d'affaires basé au Koweït, monte une grande opération civile pour évacuer les Indiens basés au Koweït pendant la guerre Irak-Koweït sous la dictature du président irakien Saddam Hussein.
அநேகன், 2h40
Réalisé par K. V. Anand
Genres Thriller, Comédie, Romance
Thèmes Religion
Acteurs Dhanush, Karthik, Amyra Dastur, Jagan, Atul Kulkarni, Soori
Rôle Dr. Radhika
Note66% 3.3470553.3470553.3470553.3470553.347055
The film begins in a fantasy sequence taking place in Madhumitha's (Amyra Dastur) imagination as she shares the story with her psychiatrist, Dr. Radhika (Lena): Munaruna (Dhanush) is a Tamil worker in Burma. His friend Saamuda (Jagan) falls in love with Mallika (Aishwarya Devan), but Mallika loves Munaruna instead. Munaruna saves Samudra (Amyra Dastur), the daughter of a Burmese army general, from a Ferris wheel accident and they fall in love. When Mallika learns about this, she is devastated and marries Saamuda. The Burmese general disapproves of the union between Munaruna and Samudra, and revokes the privileges that the Tamil immigrants had until then. Violence breaks out and the Tamil nationals flee Burma. Munaruna and Samudra also join the refugees on on a ship along with Saamuda and Mallika. When Samudra's father comes looking for her, Mallika spitefully reveals where they are hiding. As Samudra and Munaruna try to escape by diving into the ocean, Munaruna is shot and killed. Samudra drowns after promising to be together forever.
എന്ന് നിന്‍റെ മൊയ്തീൻ, 2h47
Genres Drame, Romance
Acteurs Prithviraj Sukumaran, Parvathy, Saikumar, Tovino Thomas, Bala, Lal
Rôle Pathumma
Note79% 3.9953553.9953553.9953553.9953553.995355
Set in the 1960s and 70s in Mukkam, Kerala, the film tells the tragic love story of Moideen who belongs to a renowned Muslim family and Kanchana Mala who is the daughter of a Hindu thiyya aristocratic landlord. Since inter-religious marriages were a taboo then, the couple had to part ways as their families objected to their love affair.
നിര്‍ണായകം, 1h52
Réalisé par V. K. Prakash
Genres Drame, Thriller
Acteurs Asif Ali, Tisca Chopra, Prem Prakash, Nedumudi Venu, Saiju Kurup, Shankar Ramakrishnan
Rôle Adv.
Note68% 3.435743.435743.435743.435743.43574
Ajay (Asif Ali) is a student at National Defense Academy, Pune. Once he visited Kochi during his study leaves happend to meet Saral (Malavika Mohanan) and fall in love. The resulting intriguing events are plotted in Nirnayakam.
Nee-Na (2015)

Réalisé par Lal Jose
Genres Drame, Romance
Acteurs Ann Augustine, Deepti Sati, Vijay Babu, Lena, Sadiq, Vinu Mohan
Rôle Dr. Peraly Varghese
Note58% 2.9056952.9056952.9056952.9056952.905695
Vinay Panicker (Vijay Babu) is the head of an advertising agency based in Mumbai. He is married to Nalini (Ann Augustine) and they have a son. Vijay asks for a transfer to Kochi and moves to Kochi to take over the Kochi branch. He is impressed by the works of a creative director, Neena (Deepti Sati), an alcoholic and tomboy girl in his company. He also learns that she works in her own terms, comes and leaves office at her own will. She does not go along well with her colleagues. Vinay is open to her oddities and which makes Nalini to binge eat. Slowly Neena falls in love with Vinay. During a dance party, Neena asks Vinay to kiss her. Vinay startles and shrugs her off and goes home. Disturbed Vinay comes home and Neena calls. Vinay puts the phone on speaker and tells Neena that he is committed to his wife and is not up for an extramarital relation in the presence of Nalini.
Happy Journey
Réalisé par Boban Samuel
Genres Drame
Acteurs Jayasurya, Aparna Gopinath, Lal, Paul Michael, Lalu Alex, Lena
Rôle Annie
Note55% 2.7816652.7816652.7816652.7816652.781665
The story narrates the life of a young man from Fort Kochi named Aaron (Jayasurya),who loses his eyesight during his school days in an accident who then to find a place in the Indian cricket team for the blind.
London Bridge
Genres Drame, Romance
Acteurs Prithviraj Sukumaran, Andrea Jeremiah, Pratap K. Pothen, Mukesh, Mithra Kurian, Lena
Rôle Grac
Note45% 2.2811952.2811952.2811952.2811952.281195
VijayPrithviraj is a business man who always listens to his brain, and PavithraAndrea, the daughter of a famous businessman CS NambiarPratap Pothen, is a girl who always listens to her heart. Vijay was asked to marry Pavitra by her dad and Pavitra is testing whether Vijay is the right guy for her. After spending a day with Pavitra, Vijay hits MerinNanditha, a nurse who has just arrived from India to work in London, while driving back home. Her wrist gets paralysed after the accident. Vijay takes care of her and eventually falls in love with Merin and vice versa. Pavitra's dad and FrancisMukesh fix Vijay's and Pavitra's marriage. But when he refuses to marry her, Francis forces him to get married to Pavitra because of her wealth. Merin's job agreement gets terminated because they think that she is physically unfit. Francis tries to help her but he fails.Eventually, Francis forces Vijay to not give her false hopes and gift her a sum of money and let her go back to India. Merin refuses the amount of money gifted and asks him to show her around London before she leaves. Then Merin goes back to India. The next day, her aunt GracLena calls Vijay to tell that Merin has not reached her home yet. Grac's husband ThamikuttySunil, tells them that he will go to India to enquire about Merin but Vijay says that he will go because he is the one who is supposed to go. Pavitra's dad try to force him to stay, but Vijay says that he really likes Merin and he will go to India, no matter what. Pavitra helps him to go to India by convincing her dad to not stop him and personally drops him to the airport. Vijay reaches India. While in a taxi, Francis calls Vijay and directs him to go to Merin's home. Vijay reaches Merin's home to find her house being seized to debt. He finds out that Merin has reached home safely. The movie ends by Vijay reavealing to Pavitra that Merin had reached home safely, but lied to make Vijay realize his love for her.
Genres Drame
Acteurs Mammootty, Raai Laxmi, Siddique, Joju George, Mukesh Khanna, Lena
Rôle Vidyalakshmi
Note46% 2.309222.309222.309222.309222.30922
The film is the story is about Shekarankutty (Mammootty) was leading a happy family life with his wife (Raai Laxmi) and his daughter. In his past, Shekharankutty had led a very brutal life and was the notorious don Rajashekhar.