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Inside Lara Roxx est un film canadien de genre Documentaire avec Lara Roxx

Inside Lara Roxx (2012)

Inside Lara Roxx
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Inside Lara Roxx is a 2011 EyeSteelFilm Canadian documentary film by Canadian film director Mia Donovan. It covers the circumstances the 21-year-old Canadian woman Lara Roxx who in the Spring of 2004, left her hometown Montreal heading to Los Angeles to work in pornography. Within two months she contracted HIV after shooting an unprotected sex scene with two males. It was revealed that one of the two males, porn actor Darren James, was HIV positive.

There was extensive press coverage of the situation at the time. The film did well critically. In 2012, it was nominated for a Claude Jutra Award for Best Documentary.


The film's director Mia Donovan documents Roxx's life in the 5-year period following her diagnosis. Donovan meets her in a psychiatric ward in Montreal suffering from bipolar disorder. The film Covers Roxx's return to L.A. and Las Vegas to reconnect with the industry, her appearance on the The Maury Povich Show, her attempt to establish a foundation for the protection of sex workers, and her crack addiction and entry into rehab.


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