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Warren Douglas est un Acteur, Scénariste et Dialogue additionnel né le 29 juillet 1911

Warren Douglas

Warren Douglas
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Naissance 29 juillet 1911
Mort 15 novembre 1997 (à 86 ans)

Warren Douglas (1911–1997) was an American film actor and screenwriter.

Le plus souvent avec

Perc Westmore
Perc Westmore
(8 films)
Jack Warner
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Mark Stevens
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Paul Dunlap
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Filmographie de Warren Douglas (33 films)

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Le Ranch Maudit, 1h42
Réalisé par Joseph Pevney
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Action, Aventure, Western
Acteurs Clint Walker, Martha Hyer, Keenan Wynn, Nancy Kulp, Ellen Corby, Jack Elam
Rôle Minister
Note64% 3.2414553.2414553.2414553.2414553.241455
L'ex-shériff Jim Cole hérite de la petite ferme de son père dans le Wyoming. Décidé à commencer une nouvelle vie, il s'y installe avec sa famille. Ses voisins, qui ne voient pas son arrivée d'un bon œil, l'informent aussitôt qu'un énorme grizzli, surnommé Satan, sévit dans la région et attaque régulièrement des fermes isolées...
En patrouille, 1h48
Réalisé par John Waters, Rudolph Maté
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Guerre
Thèmes La mer, Religion, Transport, Politique
Acteurs Alan Ladd, Dianne Foster, William Bendix, Keenan Wynn, James Whitmore, Efrem Zimbalist II
Rôle Pilot
Note59% 2.9980052.9980052.9980052.9980052.998005
Le film est une libre adaptation d'un roman de Martin Dibner paru en 1953 sur la deuxième guerre mondiale.
Pour elle un seul homme, 1h58
Réalisé par Michael Curtiz
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Biographie, Musical, Romance
Thèmes La musique, Musique
Acteurs Ann Blyth, Paul Newman, Richard Carlson, Gene Evans, Alan King, Cara Williams
Rôle Mark Hellinger
Note62% 3.1479353.1479353.1479353.1479353.147935
La vie de l'actrice américaine Helen Morgan (1900-1941).
Dragoon Wells Massacre, 1h28
Réalisé par Harold D. Schuster
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Western
Acteurs Barry Sullivan, Dennis O'Keefe, Mona Freeman, Katy Jurado, Sebastian Cabot, Max Showalter
Rôle Jud
Note60% 3.0037453.0037453.0037453.0037453.003745
This script must be run from the command line
La vengeance de Scarface, 1h23
Réalisé par Mark Stevens
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Thriller, Action, Policier
Acteurs Mark Stevens, Martha Hyer, Skip Homeier, Douglas Kennedy, Joan Vohs, Mort Mills
Rôle Mike Walters
Note63% 3.1924553.1924553.1924553.1924553.192455
Après trois ans injustement passés derrière les barreaux, le détective Vic Barron part à la recherche du meurtrier de sa femme et de sa fille. Elles ont péri dans l'explosion d'une bombe, qui a défiguré Vic. Le détective soupçonne un ancien chef de gang réfugié à Ketchikan en Alaska d'être responsable de l'attentat.
Secrets of Monte Carlo, 1h
Réalisé par George Blair
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Policier
Acteurs Lois Hall, Warren Douglas, June Vincent, Stephen Bekassy, Robin Hughes, Otto Waldis
Rôle Bill Whitfield
Note56% 2.8018852.8018852.8018852.8018852.801885
In Hong Kong, a British insurance investigator and an American businessman join forces to recover the jewels of a Rajah which had recently been stolen by a gang on the French Riviera.
Post Office Investigator, 1h
Réalisé par George Blair
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Policier
Acteurs Audrey Long, Jeff Donnell, Warren Douglas, Richard Benedict, Jimmie Dodd, Marcel Journet
Rôle Bill Mannerson
Note57% 2.8821952.8821952.8821952.8821952.882195
A young postman becomes involved in the theft of rare stamps featuring inverted images of the Statue of Liberty. Along the way he encounters attractive criminal Clara Kelso, double-crossing gang members, and Post Office Inspectors, before finally capturing the crooks.
The Babe Ruth Story, 1h46
Réalisé par Roy Del Ruth
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Biographie
Thèmes Sport, Baseball
Acteurs William Bendix, Claire Trevor, Charles Bickford, William Frawley, Sam Levene, Robert Ellis
Rôle Boston Braves' Rookie
Note52% 2.6055252.6055252.6055252.6055252.605525
The movie begins in 1906 at the Baltimore Waterfront, where 11-year-old George Herman Ruth, Jr. is taken away by Brother Matthias from George's abusive father to St. Mary's. When George is 18, his incredible baseball talent gets him hired to play for the Baltimore Orioles, and during the interview, he gets his "Babe" nickname. Babe becomes a successful baseball player, and is soon sold off to play for the Boston Red Sox. After a bad game, Babe wonders what went wrong at a bar, until he is helped by Claire Hogsdon that when he pitches he sticks out his tongue. He continues his success, landing a new $100,000 contract; he finds Claire, but she gives him the cold shoulder. During one game, Denny, a sick paralyzed child, watches with his father Babe Ruth play; when Babe says "hiya kid" to the kid, he miraculously "uncripples" and gets up. Babe soon becomes a player for the New York Yankees; during one game, he accidentally hurts a dog, and decides to take the dog and the little kid owner to the hospital. After arguing with the doctors that a dog is the same as a human, the dog is healed; but because Babe left a game to do this, he gets suspended from the Yankees. A depressed Babe Ruth finds himself at a bar, and amidst the crowd giving off negative vibes, he starts a fight and gets arrested. Soon, he decides to play Santa Claus at a Children's Hospital, where he runs into Claire again, visiting her nephew. She tells him that his actions affect the children of America, and Babe decides to keep that in mind. Miller Huggins, the same man who suspended Babe, fights to bring him back to the Yankees as the team has had a bad season. Babe is soon brought back, and the team wins the World Series thanks to him; with this, he and Claire get married, but soon after, Huggins dies from pyaemia. During Game 3 of the 1932 World Series, Babe gets a call from the father of a dying child, and promises him that when he goes off to bat, he will call the third shot and the ball will land at a certain spot; all of this will be for the boy. During the game, Babe does exactly that, and the boy hears the news and starts to get better. Babe retires from the Yankees at the age of 41, and takes a management position with the Boston Braves, even though they want him to play in the games despite his age. During one game, Babe gets stressed out and can't continue playing, and retires from baseball after that game. Sadly, this means he goes off contract by retiring during his time with the Braves, and is fired from anything related to baseball. Later, Babe complains of neck pain, and soon learns that he is dying of throat cancer. The news of this leads fans to send letters telling Babe that they care. The doctors decide to try a treatment on Babe with a chance that he'll survive; as Babe is taken to surgery, the narrator give words of encouragement to baseball fans, crediting Babe Ruth for America's love of the sport.
Incident (1948)
, 1h6
Réalisé par William Beaudine
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Thriller, Noir, Policier
Acteurs Jane Frazee, Warren Douglas, Robert Osterloh, Anthony Caruso, Joyce Compton, Harry Lauter
Rôle Joe Downey
Note63% 3.1990653.1990653.1990653.1990653.199065
A man is mistaken for a hoodlum and beaten up, leading him to a sordid web of violence and danger.