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Tristram "Tris" Coffin est un Acteur Américain né le 13 aout 1909 à Mammoth (Etats-Unis)

Tristram "Tris" Coffin

Tristram "Tris"  Coffin
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Nationalité Etats-Unis
Naissance 13 aout 1909 à Mammoth (Etats-Unis)
Mort 26 mars 1990 (à 80 ans) à Santa Monica (Etats-Unis)

Tristram Coffin (August 13, 1909–March 26, 1990), also known as Tris Coffin, was a film and television actor from the latter 1930s through the 1970s, usually in westerns or other action-adventure productions.


Coffin was born in the gold and silver mining community of Mammoth in Juab County in central Utah and reared in the state capital of Salt Lake City. He began acting while he was in high school and thereafter joined traveling stock companies. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in speech from the University of Washington at Seattle, Washington. He worked as a news analyst and sportscaster until spotted by a Hollywood talent scout. His stolid looks were said to have served him well in his later roles.

In 1940, Coffin appeared as Phillips, along with Milburn Stone, later of Gunsmoke, and I. Stanford Jolley, in Chasing Trouble, a comedy espionage film. He is perhaps best known for his role as Jeff King in Republic Pictures' King of the Rocket Men, the first of three serials starring the "Rocketman" character, who would later be paid homage to through the character of The Rocketeer, which was adapted into a Walt Disney film in 1992. During the 1940s and into the early 1950s Coffin appeared in many other movie serials, including Mysterious Dr. Satan, Sky Raiders, Holt of the Secret Service, Perils of Nyoka, Federal Agents vs. the Underworld, Radar Patrol vs. Spy King, and Captain Video: Master of the Stratosphere.

In 1955, he joined Peter Graves, William Schallert, and Tyler McVey in the episode "The Man Who Tore Down the Wall" of NBC's Hallmark Hall of Fame. He had guest starred in the series Adventures of Superman, sometimes playing a "good guy", sometimes a "bad guy".

He also had a role in the very first TV episode of The Lone Ranger, as Captain Reid of the Texas Rangers, the older brother of the man who would become The Lone Ranger after his brother and four other comrades were murdered by outlaws. From 1951 to 1955, he appeared eight times as Colonel Culver in the Bill Williams syndicated television series, The Adventures of Kit Carson. He appeared nine times as banker Tom Barton in the syndicated half-hour color western series, The Cisco Kid, starring Duncan Renaldo and Leo Carrillo. In 1956, Coffin appeared in different roles in six episodes of the syndicated series, Judge Roy Bean, with Edgar Buchanan, Jack Buetel, and Jackie Loughery. He also appeared as a guest star in the ABC western series, The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp, starring Hugh O'Brian in the title role.

Coffin appeared in the role of Col. Willis Murdock on the ABC/Warner Brothers western series, Colt .45 in the 1960 episode, "The Cause". On February 9, 1960, Coffin appeared as Grey Gordon in "The 10 percent Blues" of the ABC/WB crime drama, Bourbon Street Beat, with Andrew Duggan, Richard Long, and Van Williams. He guest starred as well on the ABC/WB western series, The Alaskans.

Coffin played the lead as Captain Thomas H. Rynning in his own syndicated series 26 Men, based on official files of the Arizona Rangers in the final days of taming the "Old West" before Arizona statehood in 1912. Kelo Henderson appeared with Coffin in the role of Deputy Clint Travis.

In 1966, Coffin played Joshua Bean, the older brother of Roy Bean (played by Tom Skerritt) in the episode "A Sense of Justice", of the syndicated western series Death Valley Days. The segment is set in San Diego, California, where Joshua Bean was the founding mayor. He appeared in other Death Valley Days episodes too, including "The Hat That Huldah Wore" with Anna-Lisa and "Hugh Glass Meets The Bear" with John Alderson, both also in 1966.

In 1954, Coffin committed a noted blooper on the Climax! live television anthology series, in "The Long Goodbye", in which Coffin's character was depicted as lying dead. The actor did not realize he was still on frame, resurrected himself, and walked off camera. Despite this mishap, the actor was cast and appeared in another episode of Climax!, "Escape From Fear", in 1955.

He appeared in comedy too, including episodes of Father Knows Best, Hey, Jeannie!, I Love Lucy, Batman, and Walter Brennan's The Real McCoys.

Coffin died of lung cancer at the age of eighty in Santa Monica, California. His ashes were scattered.

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Night Call Nurses, 1h18
Réalisé par Jonathan Kaplan
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Comédie
Thèmes Maladie
Acteurs Alana Stewart, Felton Perry, Dennis Dugan, Dick Miller, Stack Pierce, Richard Young
Rôle Miles Bailey
Note45% 2.2768152.2768152.2768152.2768152.276815
Three young nurses work in a psych ward at a hospital. Barbara (Patty Byrne) comes under the influence of a charismatic sex therapist and is stalked by a mysterious nurse. Janis (Alana Hamilton) has an affair with a truck-driving patient who is addicted to drugs. Sandra (Mittie Lawrence) becomes politicised through an affair with a black militant and helps a prisoner escape from the hospital.
Un singulier directeur, 1h36
Réalisé par Robert Butler
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Comédie
Thèmes Mise en scène d'un animal, La télévision, Mise en scène d'un singe, Films pour enfants, Mise en scène d'un mammifère
Acteurs Joe Flynn, Wally Cox, Johnny Flynn, Heather North, John Ritter, Harry Morgan
Note59% 2.998812.998812.998812.998812.99881
Steve Post, jeune employé d'une chaîne de télévision en pleine expansion, travaille au service du courrier des lecteurs. Il rêve d'obtenir une promotion, mais son patron, égoïste et imbu de sa personne, ne le voit pas de cet oeil. Lorsque Steve découvre un chimpanzé capable de prévoir les taux d'écoute de shows télévisés, il y voit l'occasion de gravir les échelons. Il s'attribue les mérites du singe et, du jour au lendemain, est promu directeur des programmes de la chaîne...
The Resurrection of Zachary Wheeler, 1h40
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Science-fiction, Thriller
Acteurs Leslie Nielsen, Bradford Dillman, Angie Dickinson, James Daly, Robert J. Wilke, Jack Carter
Rôle Dr. Keating
Note55% 2.763992.763992.763992.763992.76399
Reporter Harry Walsh (Nielsen) witnesses an auto accident in which two people are killed. Recognizing the survivor as Senator Clayton Zachary Wheeler, (Dillman) he rides with him in the ambulance.
Zebra in the Kitchen, 1h32
Réalisé par Ivan Tors
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Comédie
Thèmes Mise en scène d'un animal, L'environnement, Mise en scène d'un lion, Politique, Films pour enfants
Acteurs Jay North, Martin Milner, Andy Devine, Joyce Meadows, Jim Davis, Vaughn Taylor
Note53% 2.6649652.6649652.6649652.6649652.664965
When Chris Carlyle (Jay North) moves with his parents from the farm to the city, he secretly takes with him his woodland friend, a full-grown mountain lion. The problems surface when the mountain lion strolls around his new neighborhood, his friendliness mistaken for predatory habits. The neighbors get into an uproar and Chris is forced to allow his friend to be relocated to the city zoo.
Prête-moi ton mari, 2h10
Réalisé par David Swift
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Jack Lemmon, Romy Schneider, Dorothy Provine, Mike Connors, Edward G. Robinson, Edward Andrews
Rôle Sonny Blatchford
Note68% 3.4471053.4471053.4471053.4471053.447105
Sam Bissell, un publicitaire, est choisi par un important client, séduit par sa vie tranquille et respectable, pour vanter au public les bienfaits d'une marque de produits laitiers. En rentrant dans sa villa des environs de Los Angeles, il trouve Min, sa femme, en compagnie de Janet, une amie d'enfance. Cette dernière, qui arrive tout droit d'Europe, est aux États-Unis afin de régler les derniers détails qui vont lui permettre de toucher un important héritage. Mais, pour empocher le pactole, Janet doit prouver qu'elle vit avec son mari, Howard. Or, tous deux sont séparés depuis plusieurs mois. Des cousins, venus inopinément vérifier que cette clause du contrat est bien respectée, tombent sur Sam, qu'ils prennent pour le mari de Janet. Personne ne s'avise de les détromper.
The Crawling Hand, 1h29
Réalisé par Herbert L. Strock
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Science-fiction, Horreur
Thèmes La musique, Musique
Acteurs Peter Breck, Kent Taylor, Rod Lauren, Alan Hale Jr., Allison Hayes, Sirry Steffen
Rôle Security Chief Meidel
Note31% 1.5619851.5619851.5619851.5619851.561985
The hand of an exploded astronaut takes on a life of its own. Near a spacecraft crash site, a naive young med student discovers a disembodied hand and takes it home as a grisly souvenir. He is not aware that the hand is possessed by a strange, murderous alien who gradually begins to take over the hapless med student. One by one, townsfolk are found mysteriously strangled to death. In the end, a heroic and hungry cat saves the rest of the town.
Ma Barker's Killer Brood
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Policier
Thèmes Gangsters
Acteurs Lurene Tuttle, Dan White, Tristram "Tris" Coffin, Myrna Dell, Robert Kendall, Victor Lundin
Rôle Arthur Dunlop
Note55% 2.769252.769252.769252.769252.76925
To the horror of her husband, Kate Barker, known as "Ma," teaches her four young sons to steal money from the collection plate in church. Her husband tries to convince her to stop using her sons to commit crimes, but is ignored. Ma expresses her contempt for "sissies" and says that "guts" is the only virtue. Her husband leaves her when their sensitive son Herman is arrested after Ma forces him to rob a fun fair. After this, the local sheriff runs Ma Barker and her boys out of town.
The Night the World Exploded, 1h4
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Science-fiction
Acteurs Kathryn Crosby, Raymond Greenleaf, Tristram "Tris" Coffin, Marshall Reed
Rôle Dr. Ellis Morton
Note52% 2.612912.612912.612912.612912.61291
The scientific team of Dr. David Conway (William Leslie), Dr. Ellis Morton (Tristram Coffin) and Laura Hutchinson (Kathryn Grant) has built a machine that can predict earthquakes. After predicting one will hit California within the next 24 hours to a uniformly skeptical Gov. Cheney (Raymond Greenleaf) and state-level political and civil defense officials, the earthquake does materialize and does immense damage to northern parts of the state. Now with the support and funding necessary from the reformed skeptics, the team works on further predictions and comes to the conclusion that a wave of earthquakes are pending in and around the southwestern United States. They trace the epicenter of the pending disaster to an area beneath the Carlsbad Caverns and descend to a hitherto unexplored level.
L'Homme au Complet Gris, 2h33
Réalisé par Nunnally Johnson
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame
Thèmes Films pour enfants
Acteurs Gregory Peck, Jennifer Jones, Fredric March, Ann Harding, Keenan Wynn, Marisa Pavan
Rôle Byron
Note70% 3.546793.546793.546793.546793.54679
Arrivant difficilement à joindre les deux bouts, Tom Rath, employé newyorkais, postule à un poste plus lucratif mais à plus hautes responsabilités dans les relations publiques. Cependant, ce nouveau travail risque de l'éloigner de sa famille et de briser son couple, déjà fragilisé, comme ce fut le cas pour son nouveau patron, Ralph Hopkins, d'autant qu'il apprend l'existence d'un enfant illégitime qu'il a eu durant la guerre...
Les Échappés Du Néant, 1h40
Réalisé par John Farrow
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Aventure
Thèmes Transport, Aviation, Film catastrophe, Film de catastrophe aérienne
Acteurs Robert Ryan, Anita Ekberg, Rod Steiger, Phyllis Kirk, Keith Andes, Gene Barry
Rôle Paul, Rena's "patron"
Note64% 3.248743.248743.248743.248743.24874
À la suite d'une tempête, un avion s'écrase en pleine jungle sud-américaine avec une dizaine de passagers à son bord. Ces personnes vont former une « micro société » au cœur de la jungle, où chacun, confronté à sa propre survie, révélera sa vraie personnalité.
La Horde sauvage, 1h30
Réalisé par Joseph Kane
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Western
Acteurs Barbara Stanwyck, Barry Sullivan, Scott Brady, Wallace Ford, Mary Murphy, Howard Petrie
Rôle Card Player (uncredited)
Note59% 2.950692.950692.950692.950692.95069
Libéré après trois ans de prison, Jeff Younger semble vouloir rejoindre la horde sauvage menée par Butch Cassidy et Sundance Kid.
Le Tueur au cerveau atomique, 1h9
Réalisé par Edward L. Cahn
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Science-fiction, Thriller, Comédie horrifique, Horreur, Policier
Thèmes Zombie
Acteurs Richard Denning, Gregory Gaye, Angela Stevens, S. John Launer, Lane Chandler, Tristram "Tris" Coffin
Rôle Dist. Atty. MacGraw
Note55% 2.753762.753762.753762.753762.75376
Des zombies se promènent dans les rues de la Californie. Ceux-ci ont été créés par la science nazie et l'énergie atomique.
Fireman Save My Child
Réalisé par Leslie Goodwins
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Hugh O'Brian, Buddy Hackett, Tom Brown, George Cleveland, Madge Blake, Bud Abbott
Rôle Tucker
Note68% 3.4492853.4492853.4492853.4492853.449285
In San Francisco in the 1910s, the clownish musical band that runs Firehouse 12 often drowns out alarms with their loud music. Smokey Hinkle (Buddy Hackett), a bumbling inventor and scion of a renowned firefighting family, buys retired firehouse horse Emma to pull his buggy, but when Emma hears an alarm, she follows the fire trucks at top speed. Smokey arrives at the fire at the same time as his pal, fireman Smitty (Hugh O'Brian), who points out that the blaze is in Smokey's own house. Smokey uses his new invention, an ingenious fire extinguisher, to put out the flames, prompting Smitty to hire Smokey as a fireman in exchange for half of the profits from the sale of the extinguisher.