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Saira Banu est une Actrice Indienne née le 23 aout 1944

Saira Banu

Saira Banu
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Nom de naissance Sayra Banu
Nationalité Inde
Naissance 23 aout 1944 (75 ans)

Saira Banu (Hindi: साइरा बानु, Urdu: سائرہ بانو‎, born 23 August 1944), also known as Saira Bano, is an Indian Bollywood actress and the wife of the film actor Dilip Kumar. She acted in many Bollywood films between 1961 and 1980.


Saira Banu married actor Dilip Kumar in 1966. He was 44 at the time while she was 22.

Le plus souvent avec

(10 films)
Om Prakash
Om Prakash
(7 films)
Madan Puri
Madan Puri
(7 films)
Asit Sen
Asit Sen
(6 films)
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Celluloid Man, 2h30
Réalisé par Shivendra Singh Dungarpur
Genres Biographie, Documentaire
Thèmes Documentaire sur le monde des affaires, Documentaire sur le cinéma
Acteurs Krzysztof Zanussi, Lester James Peries, Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Saeed Akhtar Mirza, Gulzar, Naseeruddin Shah
Note76% 3.8179253.8179253.8179253.8179253.817925
P. K. Nair’s fascination with cinema began as a child and he watched his first few films lying on the white sand floor of a cinema in Trivandrum. He was a collector even then - collecting ticket stubs, lobby cards, even weighing machine tickets sporting pictures of the stars of the day. He grew up to be a great collector of films.
Inkosaari (2010)
, 2h10
Acteurs Raja Abel, Manjari Fadnis, Richa Pallod, Saira Banu, Rao Ramesh, Saandip

It is the story of a group of friends from college, who 7 years after they all separate, meet up for a few days, away from their families and responsibilities and re-live the college days.
Kick (2009)
, 2h35
Réalisé par Surender Reddy
Genres Thriller, Comédie, Comédie romantique, Action, Romance
Acteurs Ravi Teja, Ileana D'Cruz, Shaam, Brahmanandam, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Sayaji Shinde
Note77% 3.8926653.8926653.8926653.8926653.892665
Naina (Ileana D'Cruz) is a chivalrous girl. One day, her father brings a marriage proposal to her and asks her to meet the bridegroom. The bridegroom, Kalyan Krishna (Shaam), and Naina meet in a train and start speaking to each other. When Kalyan Krishna reveals his name, Naina reveals that she has an ex-boyfriend, Kalyan (Ravi Teja). Naina then starts to tell her experience with him.
ఫిటింగ్ మాస్టర్
Réalisé par E. V. V. Satyanarayana
Genres Drame, Comédie
Acteurs Allari Naresh, Krishna Bhagavan, Madalsa Sharma, Sayaji Shinde, Chandra Mohan, Saira Banu
Note56% 2.806132.806132.806132.806132.80613
Sampath AKA Fitting Master (Allari Naresh) is a gym trainer, who tries to avoid Meghna (Madalsa Sharma), a girl who falls in love with him, after she is rescued by him. She wants to marry him, but he avoids her, saying he won't be able to keep her happy, after which she calls her brother (Amit Kumar Tiwari) from Dubai to India to make Sampath ready for Marriage. On the day of his arrival, he gets murdered. After a policeman (Sayaji Shinde) starts investigating, Meghna begins to doubt Sampath, and she finds out that he had killed her brother, after which Sampath reveals her brother's truth. Meghna's brother and 2 of his friends had embarrassed Sampath's sister by posting dirty videos of her in the internet. One of the friends had pretended to fall in love with her and she ran away with him due to which her mother dies of a Heart Attack. The boy who pretended to be in love with her tells her that his friends had filmed them. Because of this the girl commits suicide. When Sampath's and the girl's father come to know of it he too commits suicide. Sampath had gotten angry on this and decided to take revenge. He had made Meghna purposefully fall in love with him and it was him who got his friend to tell Meghna to call her brother. When her brother revealed that he and his parents were actually against the marriage, Sampath overpowers the guy and guns him down. He now kills the other 2 as well. In the end, when Meghna again tries to convince him of her love, he refuses saying that her parents will never forgive their son's killer and that he cannot stay in the house with that guilt. He tells her to listen to her parents and they are her well wishers. As she begins to cry at losing him, he goes out of the house with tears in his eyes.
Coup de foudre à Bollywood, 1h51
Réalisé par Gurinder Chadha
Origine Royaume-uni
Genres Drame, Comédie, Comédie romantique, Musical, Romance
Thèmes La famille, La musique, Musique
Acteurs Aishwarya Rai, Martin Henderson, Anupam Kher, Naveen Andrews, Namrata Shirodkar, Sonali Kulkarni
Note61% 3.051873.051873.051873.051873.05187
M Bakshi n'a qu'une seule idée en tête : marier ses quatre filles : Jaya, Lalita, Maya et Lakhi. Comme toute mère, M Bakshi est exigeante : son futur gendre se doit d'être indien et surtout... riche. Quand William Darcy voit Lalita à une réception fastueuse où son meilleur ami Balraj Bingley rencontre Jaya, la sœur aînée de Lalita, il n'a d'yeux que pour elle. Mais pas elle. Elle le trouve prétentieux, vaniteux, arrogant et surtout, plein de mépris pour l'Inde et ses coutumes, ce que ne supporte pas Lalita, très fière de son pays. Rien à voir avec ce jeune anglais, Johnny Wickham, rencontré sur une plage de Goa et qu'elle invite à venir à Amritsar. Il se révèle être un ennemi intime de Darcy et n'hésite pas à noircir son caractère déjà peu resplendissant pour Lalita.
മർമ്മരം, 2h9
Réalisé par Bharathan
Acteurs Nedumudi Venu, Jalaja, Bharath Gopi, Meena, Jose, K. P. A. C. Lalitha

A Headmaster falls in love with a Music teacher whose husband was a political activist
Hera Pheri
Hera Pheri (1976)

Réalisé par Prakash Mehra
Genres Drame, Comédie, Action
Acteurs Amitabh Bachchan, Saira Banu, Vinod Khanna, Sulakshana Pandit, Goga Kapoor, Asrani
Note67% 3.396173.396173.396173.396173.39617
Popular Indian leading man Amitabh Bachchan stars in Hera Pheri, a campy Bollywood musical melodrama about faded friendships and family secrets. Best friends Vijay (Amitabh Bachchan) and Ajay (Vinod Khanna) sever their relationship when Vijay discovers that his father's murderer may be Ajay's own long-lost father, setting into motion a bloody saga of familial revenge that involves a maniacally insane mother and a motley assortment of badly disguised villains.
Bairaag (1976)

Réalisé par Asit Sen
Genres Drame
Acteurs Dilip Kumar, Saira Banu, Ruma Guha Thakurta, Leena Chandavarkar, Prem Chopra, Sujit Dhungana
Note68% 3.4479853.4479853.4479853.4479853.447985
Kailash (Dilip Kumar) loses his eyesight after a car accident. His wife gives birth to twin boys, one of them blind. Before his wife gains consciousness, he asks the doctor to get rid of the blind baby, because he doesn't want his son to live a life where he can't see at all. The doctor's wife leaves the blind baby in a Hindu temple, where he is discovered by the temple priest who raises the boy, now called Bholenath (Dilip Kumar). Kailash feels guilty about what he did to the blind baby and confesses it to his wife several years later, who becomes so distraught that she dies. Kailash raises his other son Sanjay (Dilip Kumar), who turns into a spoiled rich boy. Although Sanjay is engaged to Sonia (Leena Chandavarkar), he continues to have an affair with Lucy (Helen), who has a rich dangerous boyfriend Grasco (Madan Puri). Sonia's greedy brother Kunwal (Prem Chopra) agrees to marry a country girl Tara (Saira Banu) but wants a Rs. 300,000 dowry. She doesn't want to marry him, because she is in love with Bholenath, even though he is poor and blind. Bholenath thinks that his status is beneath hers and that she deserves a rich suitor and steals the money from the Hindu temple to give to Kunwal for her dowry. His pet snake tries to stop him from giving the money by biting him. He regains his sight and vows to the temple priest(Nazir Hussain) and Tara to bring the money back from Kunwal. Once he reaches the city, people mistook him for Sanjay, who in turn, is hiding out with Lucy after she leaves Grasco along with Rs. 15,000,000. She is found dead with the money missing. Sanjay is the suspect. The film is resolved with the real culprit getting caught, and the two brothers reunited with their father, and then marrying their sweethearts.
Saazish (1975)

Genres Action
Acteurs David Abraham, Saira Banu, Dharmendra, Helen Khan, Iftekhar, Rajendra Nath
Rôle Sunita
Note60% 3.030283.030283.030283.030283.03028
Indian-born beauty Sunita is crowned Miss Cosmos in the United States and is asked to be chief guest at the car racetrack. Once there she is thrilled to learn that one of the competitors is Indian-born Jaideep, and even more thrilled when Jaideep wins albeit ending up in an accident and getting hospitalized. She visits him there but is told that he is already discharged. She locates him, and both fall in love with each other. She convinces him to quit his motor mechanic job and accompany her on a world tour. He does accompany her but after obtaining permission from his employer. Both board a luxury yacht and are well on their way to more romance and adventure - little knowing that both will soon be involved in a conspiracy that will shake their faith in each other as well as land them as well as the entire crew and passengers of the cruise-line in deadly peril.
Aakhri Daao
Genres Drame, Policier, Romance
Acteurs Saira Banu, Jeetendra, Danny Denzongpa, Mohan Choti, Iftekhar, Satyen Kappu
Rôle Reena
Note53% 2.664842.664842.664842.664842.66484
Safecracker criminal Ravi (Jeetendra) ends his life of crime for an honest living, and joins a carptenters, owned by (Satyen Kappu), and his daughter, Reena (Saira Banu). When Ravi heroically saves the daughter of the local police chief by opening a safe, who gains great respect in the community and attracts the attentions romantically from Reena, and they fall in love. Living honestly and respectablely, one day however he is visited by his former partner in crime Robert (Danny Denzongpa) and his girlfriend, Julie (Padma Khanna) and is tempted back into his former life of crime.
Chaitali (1975)

Réalisé par Hrishikesh Mukherjee
Acteurs Dharmendra, Pradeep Kumar, Saira Banu, Bindu, Asrani, Durga Khote
Note62% 3.1039653.1039653.1039653.1039653.103965
Chaitali vit dans un monde très différent de celui de Hrishikesh Mukherjee, où la plupart de ses films sont restés à l'écart de la représentation des couches les plus sombres de notre ordre social. Le récit est centré sur Chaitali (Saira Banu dans le rôle-titre), une femme qui a été forcée par ses circonstances et son éducation malheureuse à occuper un espace qui la hante constamment, mais dont elle ne parvient pas à s'échapper. En créant un contraste frappant, sa vie fusionne avec un foyer urbain de classe moyenne Hrishikesh Mukherjee plus typique, plein de valeurs familiales et de droiture.
Zameer (1975)

Genres Drame, Action
Acteurs Amitabh Bachchan, Saira Banu, Rekha, Shammi Kapoor, Prem Chopra, Madan Puri
Rôle Sunita Singh
Note61% 3.051983.051983.051983.051983.05198
Maharaj Singh is a proud owner of several derby-winning stallions, and lives in a palatial farmhouse with his wife, Rukmini and young son, Chimpoo. One day dacoits attack his farmhouse with a view of stealing the stallions, but Maharaj fights them, killing the son of the leader of the dacoits, Maan Singh. Maan Singh swears to avenge the death of his son, and abducts Chimpoo. Years later, a servant of Maharaj, Ram Singh, brings a young man named Badal into the Singhs lives, and tells them that he is their missing son Chimpoo. Both Maharaj, Rukmini, and their daughter, Sunita, are delighted at having Chimpoo back in their lives. Then Badal and Sunita fall in love with each other. It is then Badal confesses to Maharaj that he is not Chimpoo, but a former convicted jailbird, who was asked to impersonate him by an embittered Ram Singh. Maharaj does not want to relay this information to an ailing Rukmini, and decides to keep it quiet for the rest of their lives.