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Katherine Cassavetes est une Actrice Américaine née le 24 juin 1906 à New York (Etats-Unis)

Katherine Cassavetes

Katherine Cassavetes
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Nom de naissance Katherine Demetre
Nationalité Etats-Unis
Naissance 24 juin 1906 à New York (Etats-Unis)
Mort 29 mars 1983 (à 76 ans) à Los Angeles (Etats-Unis)

Katherine Cassavetes (born Katherine Demetre; June 24, 1906 – March 29, 1983) was a Greek American actress. She was the mother of actor-director John Cassavetes and mother-in-law of actress Gena Rowlands. Her grandchildren are actor-directors Nick Cassavetes, Zoe Cassavetes, and Alexandra Cassavetes. She appeared in four films, three of which were written and directed by her son, including Minnie and Moskowitz (1971).

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Opening Night, 2h24
Réalisé par John Cassavetes
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Comédie
Thèmes La télévision
Acteurs Gena Rowlands, Ben Gazzara, Joan Blondell, Paul Stewart, Peter Bogdanovich, Zohra Lampert
Rôle Vivian
Note79% 3.997043.997043.997043.997043.99704
Myrtle Gordon est une actrice de théâtre reconnue. À l'issue d'une répétition, elle assiste à la mort d'une admiratrice hystérique, renversée par une voiture alors qu'elle regardait son idole s'en aller. La comédienne est bouleversée par cet incident. La pièce qu'elle doit jouer prochainement dans laquelle elle interprète une femme qui a perdu sa jeunesse et ce décès, la plongent dans un terrible désarroi.
The Teacher, 1h38
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Thriller, Policier, Thriller érotique
Thèmes Sexualité, Erotique, Thriller érotique
Acteurs Angel Tompkins, Jay North, Anthony James, Marlene Schmidt, Barry Atwater, Sivi Aberg
Rôle Gossiping Lady 1
Note48% 2.4113352.4113352.4113352.4113352.411335
It's summer, and shy, obsessed student, Ralf Gordon (Anthony James) stalks his high school teacher, 28-year-old Diane Marshall (Angel Tompkins) to a boatyard where he watches her in her swimsuit while she's relaxing on one of the boats from an old warehouse. His friends and fellow classmates, 18-year-old Sean Roberts (Jay North), to whom Diane is a neighbor, and Ralf's brother Lou (Rudy Herrera Jr.) also drive to the junkyard and watch her strip naked and exercise. Angry, Ralf yells at them brandishing a bayonet. Shocked at this Lou falls over the railings to his death, for which, Ralf blames Sean. A disillusioned Ralf tries to kill Sean but he manages to flee unharmed. His parents ask him on why he's so late at getting home to which Sean claims he forgot. Later that night while dressing for bed, Ralf confronts Sean again telling him the Sherriff is on his way threatening to cut the boy's tongue out should he tell him anything. The Sherriff questions Sean however Sean lies due to seeing Ralf eyeing him. The next day Sean meets up with Diane who invites him with her to meet up and have tea with some friends where Diane reveals that she knows about Ralf stalking her. Afterwards, on their way back home, she and Sean see Ralf who says he'll be waiting to see Sean at the warehouse. Diane invites Sean into her house for a drink. This soon accumulates into a moment of passionate lovemaking while Ralf, unknown to them, watches jealously. Afterwards, Diane asks Sean if he wants to do it again but he refuses on the grounds that his father will be home soon. Understanding this, Diane invites Sean to join her on her boat the next day, to which Sean happily agrees. The event of an intimate kissing act between the couple occurs while they are out on one of the boats having lunch, only this time Ralf threatens Sean with a handheld harpoon. However upon seeing Diane, his shy nature takes over and he flees. Later, Diane asks Sean out to dinner which he eagerly accepts. On their way back Ralf demands that he speak to Sean. Ralf, still under the disillusion that Sean killed Lou, threatens him once again with the bayonet. Diane then tells Sean's parents about Ralf's threats. The next day, after driving her home and having a pool party together, they make love once again. Diane receives a phone call from her drifter husband telling her that he's coming back. However Diane tells him she's divorcing him. As Sean gets into his van to drive home he is held at bayonet point by Ralf and ordered to drive to the warehouse. Sean manages to get away and arms himself with a rifle. Ralf reveals that the bullet is a blank. While Sean tries to flee, Ralf gets him in a chokehold which ends up killing him. Diane arrives on the scene looking for Sean however she finds Ralf. Ralf tells her that he killed Sean so he can be with her. Horrified at what Ralf has done, Diane tearfully rejects his advances. Overcome with anger and jealousy at Diane's love for Sean over himself, Ralf forces her down and tries to strangle her. Diane manages to stab him in the side with his own bayonet and flees leaving Ralf to bleed to death. Diane then finds Sean's body at the top of the outside stairway. Diane breaks down and weeps, cradling the body of her deceased lover.
Une femme sous influence, 2h35
Réalisé par John Cassavetes
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Comédie, Romance
Thèmes La famille, Féminisme, Maladie, La violence conjugale, Folie
Acteurs Gena Rowlands, Peter Falk, Fred Draper, Katherine Cassavetes, Matthew Laborteaux, John P. Finnegan
Rôle Margaret Longhetti
Note81% 4.0980154.0980154.0980154.0980154.098015
Nick travaille sur les chantiers. À la suite d'une rupture de canalisation, il téléphone à sa femme, Mabel, pour lui annoncer qu'il ne pourra pas passer la soirée avec elle comme prévu. Mabel qui avait confié les enfants à sa mère, se retrouve seule et désemparée. Elle sort et erre dans les bars, tombe sur un inconnu qu'elle ramène à la maison.
Minnie et Moskowitz (Ainsi va l'amour), 1h54
Réalisé par John Cassavetes
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Comédie, Comédie dramatique, Romance
Acteurs Gena Rowlands, Seymour Cassel, Timothy Carey, Val Avery, Katherine Cassavetes, Judith Anna Roberts
Rôle Sheba Moskowitz
Note72% 3.645073.645073.645073.645073.64507
Seymour Moskowitz est gardien de parking à New York. Las de cette ville, il décide de partir pour Los Angeles afin d'y exercer le même travail. Il va y faire la connaissance de Minnie Moore, employée dans un musée d'art moderne, alors que celle-ci tente d'échapper à un prétendant.