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Hu Ge est un Acteur Chinois né le 20 septembre 1982 à Shanghai (Chine)

Hu Ge

Hu Ge
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Nom de naissance Hu Ke (for 1 month only)
Nationalité Chine
Naissance 20 septembre 1982 (37 ans) à Shanghai (Chine)

Hu Ge (hugh) (en chinois simplifié : 胡歌, en chinois traditionnel : 胡歌, en pinyin : hú gē) [ancien nom : Hu Ke (胡科)] (né le 20 septembre 1982 à Shanghai) est un acteur et chanteur chinois qui est très connu et très populaire en Chine pour les rôles qu'il a joués dans des séries télévisées (surtout dans les séries "Chinese Paladin") et dans le monde pour le rôle de Li Xiaoyao (littérairement "insouciant Lee" en français). En septembre 2012, il est proposé pour "Best Newcomer" au 31e Prix Cent Fleurs pour son rôle de Lin Juemin dans le film historique chinois 1911.


Il est né le 20, septembre 1982 à Shanghai. Son père était un professeur de tennis, tandis que sa mère était une enseignante. Il a étudié le théâtre dans l'Académie théâtre de Shanghai et il a fini ses études en juillet 2005. Pendant l'étude à l'Académie, Hu a rencontré son meilleur ami Justin Yuan et Cecilia Han, avec qui il a collaboré plusieurs fois dans différentes séries chinoises.

En 2004, Hu est devenu très célèbre grâce à son rôle de Li Xiaoyao dans la série chinoise Chinese Paladin, une adaptation d'un jeux vidéo RPG The Legend of Sword and Fairy. Hu a aussi chanté deux chansons pour cette série qui lui donne le commencement de sa vie musicales.

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Dragon Nest: Le réveil du dragon, 1h28
Genres Fantasy, Aventure, Animation, Romance
Thèmes Adaptation d'un jeu vidéo
Acteurs Hu Ge, Carrie-Anne Moss, Lucas Grabeel, Blythe Chestin Auffarth, Xu Jiao, Charlie Schlatter
Rôle Velskud.
Note63% 3.1540853.1540853.1540853.1540853.154085
Pendant près d’un demi siècle, le maléfique Dragon Noir a semé la terreur sur les terres d’Altera et causé souffrance et désespoir à toutes les créatures. Lambert est un petit garçon qui a assisté au meurtre de ses parents et à la destruction de son village natal. Quelques années plus tard, il rejoint la ligue des tueurs de dragons pour affronter le terrible Dragon Noir.
1911 : Révolution, 2h2
Réalisé par Jackie Chan
Origine Chine
Genres Drame, Guerre, Action, Aventure, Historique
Thèmes Sport, Arts martiaux, Kung-fu
Acteurs Jackie Chan, Li Bingbing (李冰冰), Winston Chao, Joan Chen, Jaycee Chan, Hu Ge
Rôle Lin Juemin
Note57% 2.8986852.8986852.8986852.8986852.898685
En 1911, la Chine impériale s'effondre et son dernier empereur, Pu Yi est destitué. Remplacé par Sun Yat Sen (Winston Chao) comme chef de l'État, le film raconte l'histoire de Huang Xing (Jackie Chan).
Mo hup leung juk
Origine Hong kong
Genres Action, Romance
Thèmes Sexualité, Sport, Homosexualité, Transsexuels et transgenres, Arts martiaux, Wu Xia Pian, LGBT, LGBT, Travestissement au cinéma
Acteurs Charlene Choi, Hu Ge, Ti Lung, Hung Yan-yan, Shao Bing, Louis Fan
Rôle Ma Chengen
Note51% 2.574622.574622.574622.574622.57462
The movie begins with an explanation of the legend of the Butterfly Lovers. Zhu Yanzhi disguises herself as a man to go to Soul Ease Clan, which she must do to learn fighting skills which will help protect her family. While there she meets Bro Shan who protects her and calls her Little Bro, unaware that she is a woman. She has a love of butterflies and decorates Bro Shan's sword with two butterflies. At first Bro Shan is angry at Yanzhi for drawing butterflies on his sword but eventually accepts it. The pair develop a close friendship. Bro Shan eventually realizes that Yanzhi is a woman and makes a butterfly pin for her. Eventually, Bro Ma, Yanzhi's childhood friend comes to pick her up and take her back to her family. Yanzhi is pleased that she will be going home but says she will miss Bro Shan, who she is now in love with. Before she leaves, Bro Shan takes her to Butterfly Valley, a beautiful grassy green field where hundreds of butterflies fly.
第601个电话, 1h30
Réalisé par Zhang Guoli
Genres Drame
Acteurs Hu Ge, Cecilia Cheung, Niu Ben, Zhang Guoli, Wei Zongwan
Rôle Xiaowen
Note43% 2.183872.183872.183872.183872.18387
A young woman named Yishu believes she has no luck at all and she blames her name for it. One day she starts receiving phone calls from people thinking that she is the popular singer Tianyou. It turns out that someone has leaked 600 phone numbers of famous people to the internet and Yishu's phone number got mixed up in the bunch.
疑神疑鬼, 1h40
Réalisé par Herman Yau
Genres Horreur
Acteurs Liu Ye, Barbie Hsu (徐熙媛), Hu Ge
Note56% 2.848222.848222.848222.848222.84822
The Ghost Inside tells the story of a young mother, Lin Xiaoyue, who flees an abusive husband, taking their young daughter with her. She rents an apartment in a new apartment block but soon regrets the move as a neighbor tells her the apartment is haunted by the spirit of a young mother who threw her daughter out of the window before jumping to her death herself. A series of strange occurrences convince Lin there really is a ghost before the spirit finally reveals herself to Lin. The ghost tells Lin she too will one day commit murder/suicide in the same fashion.
Just Another Margin, 1h31
Genres Comédie
Thèmes Mythologie
Acteurs Betty Sun, Ekin Cheng, Ada Choi, Ivy Chen, Patrick Tang, Julian Cheung

This movie takes place in an unspecified time period of China, but it is one where the famous heroes of Liangshan Marsh, the 108 Bandits, are currently active. A strange girl named Xu Jin Ling (Betty Sun) possessing a powerful yueqin, which doubles as a weapon for self-defense, offends the prominent businessman, Mr. Zhao (Guo Degang), by humiliating his niece using said musical instrument. As punishment for this act of insolence, Mr. Zhao arranges the marriage between Jin Ling and their home village's ugliest resident, Mao Dai Long (Suet Lam). However, Mr. Zhao's lecherous and conniving cousin, Shi Wen Sheng (Ronald Cheng), takes notice of the beautiful girl, and plots with Mr. Zhao to be rid of Mao Dai Long so that Jin Ling will become Wen Sheng's wife. An unexpected turn of events occur, however, because when Dai Long introduces Jin Ling to his little stepbrother, Mao Song (Cheng Yee Kin), they immediately recognize each other, as they have met each other a long time ago when they were but children. Another series of unexpected events start happening in this seemingly uneventful village, as when Mao Song is helpless to save Dai Long from the crime he was framed by Wen Sheng for and is unable to save Jin Ling from becoming Wen Sheng's wife, he runs into two oddly dressed men, to whom the audience is introduced to as two space aliens named Tranzor and Shakespeare of Planet B16, but introduce themselves to the destitute and somewhat suicidal man as two immortal fairies who will help him address his grievances. For the moment, it seemed as if everything was going the way Mao Song wanted, but things then take a turn for the worse when Jin Ling runs away from home since she refuses adamantly to acknowledge the hideous-looking Dai Long as her husband, though Dai Long didn't really care about that, Mr. Zhao and Wen Sheng hire the 108 Bandits, who are portrayed in this movie not as valiant heroes, but as money-grubbing mercenaries, to kill Jin Ling, and an alien martial artist (Hu Ge) who has been living undercover among humanity for decades and serves a powerful warlord of Planet B16 named the Black Emperor, is finally activated and deployed to assassinate Mao Song, for Mao Song is, in reality, a B16 Alien who's the legitimate heir to the leadership of B16, but was abandoned on Earth by his family under the guise of a human child so that the Black Emperor won't be able to find him.