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Niu Ben est un Acteur Chinois né le 1 janvier 1935 à Tianjin (Chine)

Niu Ben

Niu Ben
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Nationalité Chine
Naissance 1 janvier 1935 (84 ans) à Tianjin (Chine)

Zhang Xuejing (张学景, Tianjin, 1935-), stagename Niu Ben (牛犇) is a Chinese film actor.


He lost both of his parents at the age of six, then lived with his oldest brother, who worked as a driver at the third film factory in Beijing. In 1946, 11-year-old Ben was chosen to act as a village boy "little ox" and became a child star. His stage name Niu Ben is composed of Niu the Chinese character of "牛" (ox, a common surname) and Ben "犇" (three oxen together, a less common personal name). He later played child roles in old Chinese films, and went to Hongkong.

After the foundation of People's Republic of China, he returned to mainland China and became an actor of the Shanghai Film Studio, and one of the members of the 5th China Film Association. In his 60 year career, he has been in hundreds of films and TV plays, and is still active in Chinese film.

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Filmographie de Niu Ben (12 films)

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Gone with the Bullets, 2h20
Réalisé par Jiang Wen
Origine Chine
Genres Drame, Comédie, Comédie dramatique, Action, Aventure, Romance
Acteurs Jiang Wen, Shu Qi, Zhou Yun, Wen Zhang, Niu Ben, Tao Hong
Note58% 2.908652.908652.908652.908652.90865
L'action se déroule dans le Shanghai des années 1920, dans le contexte d'un concours de beauté.
Five Minutes To Tomorrow, 2h7
Réalisé par Isao Yukisada
Genres Drame, Romance
Acteurs Haruma Miura, Niu Ben
Note59% 2.9666652.9666652.9666652.9666652.966665
Ryo est un jeune horloger japonais vivant en Chine. Un jour, il rencontre et tombe amoureux d'une jeune femme nommée Ruo Lan. Ruo Lan a une sœur jumelle, Ru Mei, qui est mariée à Tian Lun. Lors d'un voyage à l'étranger, une des jumelles meurt dans un accident. Est-ce Ruo lan ou Ru Mei qui a survécu ? Tia Lun et Ryo commencent à avoir des doutes sur l'identité de la personne qu'ils ont devant eux...
Little Big Soldier : La Guerre des maîtres, 1h36
Origine Chine
Genres Comédie, Action, Aventure
Acteurs Jackie Chan, Lin Peng, Ken Lo, Yu Rongguang, Yuen Woo-ping, Niu Ben
Rôle Scholar
Note68% 3.449113.449113.449113.449113.44911
Au temps de la Chine ancienne, les clans Wei et Liang se livrent une guerre incessante.
The longest night in Shanghai, 1h50
Genres Drame, Romance
Acteurs Zhao Wei, Masahiro Motoki, Niu Ben, Sam Lee, Naomi Nishida, Naoto Takenaka
Note68% 3.4403753.4403753.4403753.4403753.440375
Au cours de son séjour à Shanghaï, le coiffeur star de ses dames, Mizushima, se perd au cours d’une déambulation nocturne après une dispute avec son amie. Il est pris en charge par la chauffeur de taxi, Linxi, véritable garçon manqué et désespérée d’apprendre que son amour secret se marie le lendemain. Tous deux vont entamer dès lors, une longue balade nocturne…
心中有鬼, 1h30
Genres Drame, Thriller, Horreur
Thèmes Fantômes
Acteurs Leon Lai, Fàn Bīngbīng (范冰冰), Rene Liu, Niu Ben, Li Qian
Rôle Gatekeeper
Note56% 2.812682.812682.812682.812682.81268
Set during the 1930s, The Matrimony follows Shen Junchu(Leon Lai), a cinematographer that's deeply in love with his girlfriend Xu Manli (Fan Bingbing). Due to his extremely introverted character, Junchu was unable to confess to her how deeply he cared for her. When Manli dies in a freak car accident on the way to their date, Junchu mourns her deeply. Junchu's mother manages to convince him to marry Sansan (Rene Liu), but he is unwilling to allow her to take Manli's place in his heart. When Sansan discovers a mysterious attic room, she's forbidden to enter by Junchu. She eventually enters the room, only to find the ghost of Manli. Manli offers to help Sansan's unhappy relationship with Junchu, only for the ghost to grow dangerously jealous when Junchu begins to show an attraction for Sansan.
第601个电话, 1h30
Réalisé par Zhang Guoli
Genres Drame
Acteurs Hu Ge, Cecilia Cheung, Niu Ben, Zhang Guoli, Wei Zongwan
Rôle Old Man Li
Note43% 2.183772.183772.183772.183772.18377
A young woman named Yishu believes she has no luck at all and she blames her name for it. One day she starts receiving phone calls from people thinking that she is the popular singer Tianyou. It turns out that someone has leaked 600 phone numbers of famous people to the internet and Yishu's phone number got mixed up in the bunch.
Happy times, 1h35
Réalisé par Zhang Yimou
Genres Drame, Comédie, Comédie dramatique
Thèmes Maladie, Le handicap, La cécité
Acteurs Zhao Benshan, Sun Honglei, Fu Biao, Tao Hong, Niu Ben
Note73% 3.697213.697213.697213.697213.69721
Zhao aime les femmes bien en chair. Après de multiples déconvenues, il rencontre enfin l'âme sœur, une veuve fort plantureuse qui consent à l'épouser à condition qu'il réunisse une importante somme d'argent pour le jour de la cérémonie. Ce modeste retraité fait alors appel à la générosité de ses amis pour réunir le montant exigé, mais celui-ci est bien trop élevé. Avec la complicité de son ancien apprenti Li, Zhao va s'improviser directeur d'hôtel…
Vivre !
Vivre ! (1994)
, 2h5
Réalisé par Zhang Yimou
Origine Hong kong
Genres Drame, Guerre, Romance
Thèmes La famille, Politique
Acteurs Gong Li, Niu Ben, Guo Tao
Rôle Town Chief
Note82% 4.147414.147414.147414.147414.14741
Le film retrace la vie de Xu Fugui, un chef de famille, tout au long du XX siècle, à travers les différents événements qu'a connus la Chine : la création de la République de Chine, la guerre civile qui précède la République populaire de Chine, le Grand Bond en avant, la Révolution culturelle… À travers l'épopée d'une famille ordinaire et de Fugui, c'est l'histoire de la Chine profonde des années 1900 aux années 1970 qui se dessine.
Mu Ma Ren
Mu Ma Ren (1982)
, 1h46
Réalisé par Xie Jin
Acteurs Niu Ben
Note71% 3.5688553.5688553.5688553.5688553.568855
In autumn of 1980, an elderly Chinese American entrepreneur, Xu Jingyou ( Liu Qiong), returns to China, and finds his son, Xu Lingjun ( Zhu Shimao), a herdsman working in Chilechuan Ranch in northwestern China. The father wants to take his son to the United States to inherit his assets. However, the junior Xu is very distant with his father. More than 30 years ago, the father had abandoned his wife and son to do business in America. His mother died of disease and Xu becomes an orphan. After graduating from high school, Xu became a teacher. In 1957, he was classified as a "rightist" and sent to work in a ranch in the underdeveloped northwest. In 1962, when the labor penalty was terminated, Xu stayed at the ranch as a herdsman. Due to despair, Xu even attempted to commit suicide. But his fellow ranchers, especially Grandpa and Grandma Dong and Guo Zi, give him the courage and strength to carry on. During Cultural Revolution, Guo Zi and other ranchers protect him from political persecution. In 1972, Xu marries Li Xiuzhi, a village girl who had fled the famine in Sichuan. They give birth to a son, Little Qingqing, and the family lived a carefree life. Xu was rehabilitated in 1979 and returned to his post as a teacher. In the evening when Xu meets his father at the Peking Restaurant, his heart is uneasy. He recalls his past at the ranch and his wife's trust in his returning, which consolidates his decision to stay in China. The senior Xu finally understands his son, and the two resume their kinship. After sending his father home, Xu returns to the ranch and to his friends and family.