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Dawn Wells est une Actrice Américaine née le 18 octobre 1938 à Reno (Etats-Unis)

Dawn Wells

Dawn Wells
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Nom de naissance Dawn Elberta Wells
Nationalité Etats-Unis
Naissance 18 octobre 1938 à Reno (Etats-Unis)
Mort 30 décembre 2020 (à 82 ans)

Dawn Wells est une actrice et productrice américaine née le 18 octobre 1938 à Reno, Nevada (États-Unis).


She married Larry Rosen, a talent agent, in 1962. The couple had no children and were divorced in 1967.

Community involvement
In Idaho, Wells runs a successful business, Wishing Wells Collections, making clothing for people with limited mobility. She is the founder of the Idaho Film and Television Institute, a not-for-profit (501c3) educational organization with "a vision of education, technical training and economic development in Southeastern Idaho." She organized SpudFest, a regional annual family movie festival, and has been a spokeswoman for Idaho Potatoes.

Wells continues to lend her support to the Denver Foundation, a charity chaired by Dreama Denver, widow of Wells' Gilligan’s Island co-star Bob Denver. In November 2009, she appeared at the Denver Foundation's Christmas Wish Celebrity Auction, helping to raise funds for the disabled and disadvantaged in West Virginia.

Reckless driving incident
While driving home from her birthday party celebration on October 18, 2007, Wells was observed swerving across the roadway, was found in possession of marijuana and was arrested by Idaho police. A third party, who had been in possession of Wells' car that day and had left the joints behind, came forward and claimed full responsibility for the marijuana. Wells pled guilty to one count of reckless driving, was fined and served six months' unsupervised probation.

In a statement, Wells admitted swerving, saying she was reaching for her car heater controls. Wells lost a speaking engagement because of the incident. After the fact, she made light of the situation, saying "I think it is so hysterical that people went nuts over it. I am what, now, 102 years old? I get booked for the first time in my life and suddenly I am a drug-using bum? I have told people the facts, but facts don't interest people or the media. They only trust headlines. The only reason I even cared was because it negatively affected my film festival and film school, and my sponsors were concerned.

Le plus souvent avec

Bob Denver
Bob Denver
(5 films)
Alan Hale Jr.
Alan Hale Jr.
(4 films)
Jim Backus
Jim Backus
(4 films)
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Super Sucker, 1h35
Réalisé par Jeff Daniels
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Comédie
Thèmes Sexualité, Erotique
Acteurs Dawn Wells, Harve Presnell, Jeff Daniels, Matt Letscher, Will Young
Rôle Super Sucker Celebrity Spokesperson
Note44% 2.214712.214712.214712.214712.21471
Mauvaise graine, 1h32
Réalisé par Rodney Amateau, Jack Bender, Rod Amateau
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Comédie, Romance
Thèmes Le thème de l'éducation
Acteurs Michael J. Fox, Crispin Glover, Melody Anderson, Nancy McKeon, Todd Bridges, Frank Bank
Rôle MIss Lorilee Lee
Note55% 2.754112.754112.754112.754112.75411
Jay-Jay veut conquérir le cœur de Beth, engagée auprès de Beau, arrogant play-boy et fils à papa qui domine le collège. Avec ses amis, il va tenter de lui donner une bonne leçon.
The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan's Island, 1h30
Réalisé par Peter Baldwin, Peter Baldwin
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Comédie, Aventure
Thèmes La mer, Sport, Transport, Basket-ball, Film catastrophe, Catastrophe navale
Acteurs Bob Denver, Alan Hale Jr., Dawn Wells, Jim Backus, Natalie Schafer, David Ruprecht
Rôle Mary Ann
Note42% 2.1186852.1186852.1186852.1186852.118685
The former castaways own and operate a vacation resort on the formerly-deserted island, called "The Castaways", which was introduced in the previous film, The Castaways on Gilligan's Island. The Harlem Globetrotters, a traveling troupe of merry basketball players, are on a plane ride over the Pacific Ocean when it has engine trouble and they are forced into an emergency landing onto Gilligan's Island. After a brief time struggling in the jungle, they are discovered by Gilligan and Skipper and welcomed to "The Castaways." Meanwhile, J.J. Pierson, a corporate raider and the worst business rival of Thurston Howell III, has a plan to bamboozle the owners of The Castaways (Gilligan and his friends) into signing over ownership to him, as the island contains "supremium", an ore which provides large sources of energy. Eventually Gilligan and the Skipper uncover the conspiracy, with Pierson agreeing to tear up the fraudulent contracts if the Globetrotters play his team, the New Invincibles, which is a team of robot players. Notable sports broadcasters Chick Hearn and Stu Nahan appear as part of the basketball game scene, with Hearn calling the play-by-play action of the climactic showdown. The Globetrotters have no idea how to defeat a team of robots, until Gilligan unknowingly says they have not done any of their fancy tricks, causing the Professor to give a halftime pep talk to the Globetrotters that the New Invincibles would be caught off-guard. The Globetrotters start scoring against the New Invincibles, but when injuries sideline a couple of the players, Gilligan and Skipper must serve as substitute Globetrotters.
The Castaways on Gilligan's Island, 1h30
Réalisé par Earl Bellamy
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Comédie
Thèmes La mer, Transport, Film catastrophe, Catastrophe navale
Acteurs Bob Denver, Alan Hale Jr., Dawn Wells, Jim Backus, Natalie Schafer, Russell Johnson
Rôle Mary Ann
Note54% 2.712022.712022.712022.712022.71202
The movie picks up directly after the end of Rescue from Gilligan's Island. The castaways are once again stranded on the same island that they had been on for so many years. The storm has contaminated all of the underground springs, and they are desperately searching for fresh water. Gilligan stumbles upon a couple of planes that are hidden in the jungle that they had somehow never noticed before during their fifteen years on the island. It is revealed that the island was a base of operations for the Army Air Corps during World War II, and the hangar was abandoned and overgrown by jungle brush. The tidal wave destroyed the foliage and exposed the hangar. The Professor believes that he can combine the two planes into one and fly them all back to civilization. He succeeds in cobbling together an airworthy plane and, dubbing it Minnow III, they head back. This occurs despite the fact that in two different episodes of the original series, it was established that the Professor cannot fly a plane.
Rescue From Gilligan's Island, 1h35
Réalisé par Leslie H. Martinson
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Comédie, Aventure
Thèmes La mer, Transport, Film catastrophe, Catastrophe navale
Acteurs Bob Denver, Alan Hale Jr., Vincent Schiavelli, Dawn Wells, Jim Backus, Art LaFleur
Rôle Mary Ann Summers
Note53% 2.6503452.6503452.6503452.6503452.650345
Lorsqu'un satellite russe en décomposition s'écrase sur l'île, le professeur utilise un élément clé pour un baromètre. Avec cet appareil, il apprend qu'une vague massive va submerger l'île. En désespoir de cause, les naufragés rassemblent leurs huttes en une seule structure afin d'avoir une chance de surmonter la catastrophe.
Terreur sur la ville, 1h30
Réalisé par Charles B. Pierce
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Thriller, Horreur, Policier, Slasher
Thèmes Tueur en série
Acteurs Ben Johnson, Andrew Prine, Dawn Wells, Charles B. Pierce
Rôle Helen Reed
Note59% 2.9983852.9983852.9983852.9983852.998385
The Town That Dreaded Sundown est basé sur une histoire vraie s'étant déroulée à Texarkana, une petite banlieue du Texas.