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Bhanupriya est une Actrice Indienne née le 16 janvier 1963 à Rajahmundry (Inde)


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Nom de naissance Manga Bhama
Nationalité Inde
Naissance 16 janvier 1963 (61 ans) à Rajahmundry (Inde)
Récompenses Nandi Awards

Manga Bhama, known by her stage name Bhanupriya, is a main stream Indian actress who has predominately appeared in Telugu and Tamil films. She has also acted in Malayalam, Kannada and Bollywood films.

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Avatharam (2014)
, 2h45
Réalisé par Joshiy
Genres Drame, Action, Policier
Acteurs Dileep, Harisree Ashok, Lakshmi Menon, Bhanupriya, Lakshmi Menon, Richard Rishi
Rôle Goddesss Akkamma
Note43% 2.1842752.1842752.1842752.1842752.184275
Madhavan (Dileep), an educated youth from a small village of Idukki, comes to Kochi to stay with his brother's family after his brother's sudden death. His brother Sudhakaran (Ganesh Kumar) was a customs officer. He was found dead in a mysterious circumstance and Madhavan doubts that it is a cold-blooded murder. In the mean time, he befriends an insurance agent Manimekala (Lakshmi Menon) and falls in love with her. Madhavan tries to find the mystery behind his brother's death.
Dhammu (2012)
, 2h35
Genres Drame, Thriller, Action
Acteurs Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, Trisha Krishnan, Karthika Nair, Venu Thottempudi, Suman, Abhinaya
Rôle NTR's Mother
Note50% 2.503472.503472.503472.503472.50347
Rama Chandra (NTR Jr) is an orphan who leads a simple life along with his friend (played by Ali). He falls in love with Sathya (Trisha Krishnan), who is a very rich girl. Sathya imposes a condition that Rama Chandra's family history and pedigree are very important. At this very moment, Rama Chandra comes to know that a rich and powerful royal family is on the lookout to adopt an heir and Rama Chandra seizes the chance. But once he goes there, he realises that things are not as simple as they seem. The family has a violent past and a bitter dispute with another powerful family (headed by Nassar). He also realises that thousands of people in the area are now dependent on him for their very survival. He also discovers that he is the real heir to the family. Rama Chandra does not like violence and he tries his best to solve the problems peacefully. But the rival gang does not give him a chance. Vexed with the violence Rama Chandra kills Nasser's two sons and opens eyes of Nasser by placing a sword on Nasser's third son. In climax, Nasser realises that he was wrong and apologizes to all. Rama Chandra becomes the hero of the village.
Theekuchi (2008)

Genres Action
Acteurs Vadivelu, Santhanam, Ashish Vidyarthi, Bhanupriya, Thambi Ramaiah, Cochin Haneefa

Sakthi (Jaivarma) is on a mission to take revenge on those who usurped government land and killed his mother (Bhanupriya) who wanted to construct a school there. Instead a local illicit arrack seller and rowdy Pasupathy Pandian (Ashish Vidhyarti) with the help of the Education Minister (Kadhal Dhandapani) builds a self-financing private engineering college and strikes gold.
Pellaindi Kaani
Réalisé par E. V. V. Satyanarayana
Acteurs Allari Naresh, Kamalinee Mukherjee, Krishna Bhagavan, Sunil, Bhanupriya, Kota Srinivasa Rao
Note49% 2.4895352.4895352.4895352.4895352.489535
Pellaindi Kani portrays what happens between two bumps to the head of the protagonist Attchi Babu (Allari Naresh). With the first bump, at the age of 10, he loses his mental balance. Twelve years later he regains his sanity with another bump to his head.
பொல்லாதவன், 2h30
Réalisé par Vetrimaaran
Genres Drame, Action
Acteurs Dhanush, Ramya, Kishore, Daniel Balaji, Karunas Sethu, Murali
Rôle Thilaga
Note76% 3.843363.843363.843363.843363.84336
Prabhu est abattu lorsqu'il apprend que son vélo a été volé. Il décide de retrouver les personnes qui ont volé le vélo, mais a des ennuis lorsqu'il se rend compte que son vélo a été utilisé pour transporter de la drogue.
Oru Ponnu Oru Paiyan
Acteurs Madhu, Shubha Poonja, Sarath Babu, Bhanupriya, Charan Raj

Sakthi (played by Sandeep) is the only son of Sharath Babu and Bhanupriya. Having tired of urban living, the elderly couple takes up residence in a village along with their son. Viswanathan (Madhu) is the head of the village. He is highly respected for his fairness and for his love and compassion for the poor. His granddaughter (played by Roopa) is a village belle. She catches Sakthi's attention as she flits around the village like a butterfly. The two are drawn towards each other and eventually fall in love. Their affair has the tacit blessings of Viswanathan. But it is not going to be a bed of roses for the two as trouble brews up in the person of Sakthi's ex-flame, city-bred glamour girl played by Shubha Punja.
Chatrapathi, 2h45
Réalisé par S. S. Rajamouli
Genres Drame, Action
Acteurs Prabhas, Shriya Saran, Bhanupriya, Pradeep Rawat, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Mumait Khan
Rôle Sivaji's mother
Note75% 3.796383.796383.796383.796383.79638
Shivaji (Prabhas) and Ashok (Shafi) are the sons of Parvati (Bhanupriya). Shivaji is her stepson, but Parvati showers equal affection on both of them and this is not liked by Ashok, who is her biological son. They are one of the families living on the coast of Sri Lanka. One day, these villagers are forced to evacuate and Shivaji is separated from the family. He ends up in a different boat and lands in Vizag port. He is brought up in the port itself But his search for his mother never ceases. In that process he comes across Neelu (Shriya).
Hridayathil Sookshikkan
Réalisé par Rajesh Pillai
Genres Drame, Romance
Acteurs Kunchacko Boban, Karthika Menon, Harisree Ashok, Nithya Arvind, Bhanupriya, Shamna Kasim
Note41% 2.060422.060422.060422.060422.06042
Sreenath (Kunchacko Boban) works in an advertising firm in Bangalore. He meets a model Amritha (Bhavana) and falls in love with her. He tries to win her over but she says that her father (Siddique) has to approve him. Sreenath and Amritha go to their village in Kerala to influence him and win over her parents. But things go awry after Amritha’s father starts hating Sreenath due to his hyperactive and overenthusiastic nature. After all his efforts to win him over.
Gowtham SSC
Réalisé par P. A. Arun Prasad
Acteurs Navdeep, Sindhu Tolani, Bhanupriya, K. Viswanath, Brahmanandam, Chinna
Note60% 3.005153.005153.005153.005153.00515
Gowtam (Navdeep) is youngest of three sons of Collector Shambhu Prasad (Nassar). His wife Chaya Rani is a professor, eldest son (Manoj) is a doctor, second one (Neeraj) is a businessman, and his daughters-in-law are also in a well-to-do status. But his last son fails to go beyond S.S.C.. Gowtam is more close to his neighbors Dr. Bhanu (Bhanupriya) and Kondal Rao (Prithvi) than his family. He is not respected in the family and doesn't have a clear goal in life. He also builds a strong friendship with tutor Janaki (Sindhu), who teaches his brother's kids. Though Mr. Prasad ignores his son's small gaffes, he doesn't spare him when he comes to know that Gowtam forged his signature. He throws him out of house. Now homeless, Gowtam is taken by Janaki to her house. There, he starts working as a mechanic repairing vehicles. He gets inspired by the words of Bhanu (Bhanu Priya) and plunges himself into automobile repairing. He invents a carburettor that gives a mileage of 120 km per liter and makes his brother as the patentee for his apparatus. He saves his eldest brother from a conspiracy of hospital management and also fixes marriage of his sister with her lover. In spite of doing all good to his family he never lets his father to know about these things as his father always wishes to see his third son as an I.A.S. officer. He strives for that and his love is also not informed of his efforts. Movie ends with sharing his triumph with his father.
Jore (2004)
, 2h20
Acteurs Sathyaraj, Sibiraj, Gajala, Bhanupriya, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Vadivelu
Rôle Meenakshi
Note10% 0.541570.541570.541570.541570.54157
Sabapathy (Sathyaraj) is a widower cinema theatre owner and a school owner, he treats his son Sakthi (Sibiraj) like his friend. Sakthi falls in love with Shalini (Gajala) the daughter of, a corrupt politician, Lingam (Kota Srinivasa Rao). Vijay (Ramana) clashes against Sakthi at the college election and Sakthi wins it. Lingam, Vijay's father, enters in the conflict. After some fights, Sakthi kills Lingam and Vijay.
Manjupoloru Penkutti
Réalisé par Kamal
Genres Drame, Romance
Acteurs Amrita Prakash, Lalu Alex, Bhanupriya, Suresh Krishna, Sanusha, Shamna Kasim
Rôle Arundhathi
Note51% 2.5865752.5865752.5865752.5865752.586575
Nidhi is a sixteen-year-old girl who lives with her mother, Arundhathi, her stepfather, Mohan, and her 10-year-old sister, Kani. Later she meets a neighour, Manuel, who treats her as his own daughter. She is friends with Sandeep, who has a crush on her. Nidhi had been abused by Mohan three years earlier, and plans to kill her stepfather.
செல்லமே, 2h36
Genres Thriller, Romance
Acteurs Vishal, Reema Sen, Bharath, Bhanupriya, Vivek, Girish Karnad
Rôle Special Appearance
Note60% 3.0478853.0478853.0478853.0478853.047885
Mythili (Reema Sen) showers love and affection on Viswa (Bharath), her neighbor, since childhood. Viswa happens to be the only son of a rich business tycoon Rajasekhar (Girish Karnad), who loses his mother at a young age. Mythili treats Viswa as her younger brother and spends all her time with him. Meanwhile, Ragunandan(Vishal), an income tax officer, turns up at Rajasekhar's house for an IT raid and happens to meet Mythili there. They eventually fall in love and after a series of incidents they get wed locked. They settle in Goa then. The trouble begins when Viswa reaches Goa in search of Mythili. He manages to kidnap Mythili and bring her to Chennai. The reasons for Viswa's obsession and possessiveness towards Mythili unfolds as the movie progresses. Ragunandan who comes back to Goa finds the house deserted. The next door neighbor tells him that Mythili eloped with Viswa. He then begins to track her down and finds that the duo had left to Chennai. Ragunandan reaches Chennai, but is unable to tell his parents the real plight. With the help of Harichandra(Vivek), his colleague, he tries to trace her out. A chance look at the video of their marriage throws light on Viswa’s hatred towards Ragunandan. Now Ragunanthan is convinced that Mythili did not go on her own will. He confronts Viswa’s father but he is of no help. Finally he traces out the location of Viswa’s hideout. Mythili on the other hand pleads with Viswa to release her. She explains that she cannot be his wife and can see him only as a son or a little brother. The plea falls on deaf ears. In a racy climax on high seas, the three protagonists fight it out and Mythili hits Viswa with the boat oars. He plunges in to the sea in an unconscious condition taking Mythili along. Ragunanthan comes at the nick of the time to save her. Even though she had killed him because of her attack on him, she is filled with remorse.