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Karthika Menon est une Actrice Indienne née le 6 juin 1986 à Thrissur (Inde)

Karthika Menon

Karthika Menon
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Nom de naissance Karthika Menon
Nationalité Inde
Naissance 6 juin 1986 (35 ans) à Thrissur (Inde)
Récompenses Filmfare Awards South

Karthika Menon (née le 6 juin 1986), plus connue sous son nom de scène Bhavana, est une actrice indienne qui travaille dans l’industrie du cinéma du sud de l’Inde. Elle fait ses débuts dans le film Nammal réalisé par Kamal Malayalam en 2002, qui lui a apporté plusieurs critiques ainsi que divers honneurs. Dans une carrière s'étendant sur plus d'une décennie, elle a joué dans plus de 75 films et remporté deux Awards de l'État du Kerala Film.

Le plus souvent avec

Salim Kumar
Salim Kumar
(19 films)
Cochin Haneefa
Cochin Haneefa
(13 films)
(9 films)
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ಮೈತ್ರಿ, 2h17
Genres Drame
Thèmes L'enfance
Acteurs Mohanlal, Puneeth Rajkumar, Archana / Veda Sastry, Archana, Karthika Menon, Atul Kulkarni
Rôle Special appearance
Note73% 3.679993.679993.679993.679993.67999
Siddarama (Aditya) is a slum dweller yet an very intelligent guy. He lives with his mother who works in an agarbatti (incense sticks) factory to make ends meet. One of the pranks lead him into police lock up and his mother requests help from Gooli Prathapa, a philandering person who runs human trafficking business and also has political ambitions. Once, siddarama is released Gooli sets his eyes on Siddarama's mother.
ഇവിടെ, 2h39
Réalisé par Shyamaprasad
Genres Drame, Thriller, Policier
Acteurs Nivin Pauly, Prithviraj Sukumaran, Karthika Menon, Dhanish Karthik, Prakash Bare
Rôle Roshni
Note57% 2.855162.855162.855162.855162.85516
Varun Blake is an Indian-born Atlanta police detective that is deeply affected by various incidents in his life like the loss of his biological family in India, the move to a predominantly white school in The States, and the death of his partner. He develops into a temperamental and disturbed man, forcing his Indian wife, Roshni to divorce him and move out of their home with their daughter. Varun then gets into a complicated rebound relationship with a local news reporter, Kate. After gaining American citizenship, Roshni gets a job at a newly outsourced Indian company based in Atlanta called InfoTech. She soon discovers that the company's young but successful director is her childhood friend, Krish Hebbar. The two start seeing each other outside the office, much to Varun's dismay since he still has feelings for his ex-wife. Things take a turn for the worst when several Indian-born young men working for outsourced companies have been found murdered by a professional serial killer. The only link is that all the murder victims knew Krish. Varun brings him in for questioning but does not have enough evidence to arrest him. At around the same time, Krish's true colours are revealed when he blackmails his boss into giving him a promotion, forcing Roshni to leave him on the night he plans to propose. After more investigation, Varun learns that the real murderer is a former soldier who was fired from several jobs who were then taken by Indian immigrants. The soldier comes for Krish, who took over his job several years ago.He is finally saved by Varun. In the end, Krish marries Roshni and they move back to India to work for the Indian branch of their company to be closer to family.
Angry Babies in Love
Réalisé par Saji Surendran
Genres Comédie, Comédie romantique, Romance
Acteurs Anoop Menon, Karthika Menon, Padmanabhan Balachandran Nair, Parvathy Nair, Nishanth Sagar, Anusree
Rôle Sara
Note47% 2.3617552.3617552.3617552.3617552.361755
Jeevan Paul is a still photographer, who runs a studio in a village in Idukki. By accident, he meets Sarah Thomas, a girl who is from a good family and they fall in love. Sarah's family oppose her relationship with Jeevan, so they elope and move away, settling in Mumbai. A year later they appear in court seeking a divorce. The court orders them to stay together for another six months. The plot is notable for its lack of originality.
Bachchan (2013)

Réalisé par Shashank
Genres Drame, Thriller, Comédie, Action, Romance
Acteurs Sudeep, Karthika Menon, Tulip Joshi, Jagapati Babu, Parul Yadav, Nassar
Rôle Ashwini
Note65% 3.2957653.2957653.2957653.2957653.295765
Bachchan is a simple revenge drama, but it has interesting twists and turns, which make you watch it sitting on the edge of the seat. The story has also made brief references to the current political developments, the issue of alleged mining in Bellary and its adverse effects on the common man.
ഏഴാമത്തെ വരവ്
Genres Drame, Thriller
Acteurs Indrajith Sukumaran, Karthika Menon, Vineeth, Vinu Mohan, Suresh Krishna, Nandalal Krishnamurthy
Rôle Bhanu
Note60% 3.016073.016073.016073.016073.01607
Set in the forests of Wayanad, Ezhamathe Varavu is a multilayered story that delineates the link between man and nature. It revolves around three principal characters — a planter, his wife and his friend. Gopi, a wealthy planter is an Alpha male, a hunter who assumes he knows the jungle and its creatures. Bhavana plays his long-suffering wife, who craves for his company and affection. Into their turbulent marriage comes Vineeth, an archaeologist on a dig in Wayanad. He turns out to be her college beau. Kavitha plays a tribal who introduces Vineeth to the forests and its inhabitants.
Honey Bee
Honey Bee (2013)
, 2h18
Réalisé par Jean Paul Lal
Thèmes Transport, Road movie, Film de poursuite
Acteurs Asif Ali, Karthika Menon, Baburaj, Archana Kavi, Sreenath Bhasi, Balu Varghese
Rôle Angel

Sebastian (a.k.a. Seban) (Asif Ali), Abu(Sreenath Bhasi), Ambrose Perera(Balu), Fernandez de Silva (a.k.a. Ferno)(Baburaj), Angel(Bhavana) and Sara(Archana Kavi) are close friends and members of a music band based in Fort Kochi. Angel's brothers HC Michael(Lal), Martin(Amith Chackalakal), Father Collin(Suresh Krishna) and Antony(Assim Jamal) nicknamed "Punyalanmar" by people, are dangerous businessmen. Angel's family brings in a proposal for her from the city SI George. On the night before her marriage,a drunk Sebastian (Seban) breaks into Angel's house with his friends and proposes his love to her. He elopes with her that night with his friends' help. Ambrose, drunk and senseless writes a letter and leaves it in Angel's room to inform the Punyalanmar, that they helped Seban and Angel to elope. The next day Sebastian wakes up to see Angel with him. He is shocked to see her since he doesn't remember the previous night's events.Punyalanmar go in search of them, and they are on the run. Punyalanmar destroys Sebastian's house and burns Ferno's house. Seban and Angel decide to escape through the harbor. Abu, Ambrose and Ferno planned to confront and surrender to buy Seban and Angel time to escape. Punyalanmar captures Abu but Ferno and Ambrose threaten to kill their wives. Ferno calls Seban(who is on a boat) and says they're going to sacrifice themselves, and Ferno is stabbed by Michael's goon. seeing Angels brothers coming after them they decide to suicide. Seban and angel kiss each other passionately. then it is revealed in the flashback that her brothers did not kill seban's friends and that they were also there with her brothers in the boat they were coming after. But without knowing this Seban and Angel jump into the sea after kissing each other. Seban's friends jump into the sea to save them. The film has a happy ending in which all are praying together at Punyalanmar's father's tomb. and then heading for Seban's and Angels wedding.
Polytechnic, 2h30
Acteurs Kunchacko Boban, Karthika Menon, Aju Varghese, Kochu Preman, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Narayanan Kutty
Rôle Aswathi

Pauly(Kunchako Boban) belongs to a well off family in a rural village of Kerala. A politician by profession, he does many helpful activities for the benefit of poor people in the village.
സാഗർ എലിയാസ് ജാക്കി റീലോഡഡ്, 2h24
Réalisé par Amal Neerad
Genres Thriller, Action
Acteurs Mohanlal, Shobana, Karthika Menon, Manoj K. Jayan, Suman, Sampath Raj
Rôle Arati Menon
Note53% 2.655652.655652.655652.655652.65565
Sagar Alias Jacky (Mohanlal) is a gangster who is known for solving problems among big gangs. The Chief Minister's(Nedumudi Venu) son-in-law, Manu(Manoj K Jayan) is kidnapped and the police are unable to find a clue. Manu's wife Indu(Shobhana) realises that the police have been influenced by her brother Hari(Ganesh) who seems to know the kidnappers. Indu decides to call her best friend Sagar to help find her husband. Sagar calls his best henchmen from all over Kerala for the job. The gang then travels to Goa where Sagar's contact tells him that the kidnappers are the Rosario brothers(Sampath Raj,Sherveer Vakil) who run the most powerful gang in the Goa underworld. After considerable difficulties, Sagar and his gang locate the night club where Manu is held hostage and helps him to escape. This audacity does not sit well with the Rosarios who swear vengeance against Sagar. They kidnap one of Sagar's favourite gangsters and demand ransom. Sagar responds by kidnapping two of the three Rosario brothers and demands that his man be released at once. Realising that they would never be able to defeat Sagar in a heads-on battle, the Rosario brothers make a deal with Manu and Hari to deliver Sagar's current location. The Rosarios then try to assassinate Sagar but fail. Frustrated with repeated defeats, the Rosarios then approach Sagar's rival, Nanthakrishna Naina(Suman). Naina supplies them with a sniper, Sheikh Imran(Rahul Dev), who is also an internationally infamous assassin. Imran is asked to assassinate Manu so that the Sagar can be framed for the murder. But the Rosarios' plan backfires as Indu gives witness that Sagar was not responsible for her husband's murder.
Chingari (2012)

Réalisé par A. Harsha
Genres Thriller, Action
Acteurs Darshan, Bhavana, Karthika Menon, Deepika Kamaiah, Sumithra, Pradeep
Note57% 2.856612.856612.856612.856612.85661
The movie revolves around a Super cop C.C.B. officer Dhanush (Darshan) as he sets out to rescue his kidnapped girlfriend in Switzerland who is about to be sold into prostitution.
Nippu (2012)
, 2h37
Genres Drame, Comédie
Acteurs Ravi Teja, Deeksha Seth, Srikanth, Karthika Menon, Mukul Dev, Pradeep Rawat
Rôle Vaishnavi
Note39% 1.9928551.9928551.9928551.9928551.992855
The story begins with Surya (Ravi Teja) who owns a gym centre and he also has a good friend Sriram (Srikanth). Surya is in love with his friend’s sister Meghna (Deeksha Seth) and after some cat and mouse games, she also falls in love. After a while, Sri goes to Saudi for a job and there he falls in love with Vaishnavi (Bhavana).
Ozhimuri (2012)

Genres Drame
Acteurs Paul Michael, Lal, Asif Ali, Karthika Menon, Mallika, Shweta Menon
Rôle Balamani
Note75% 3.775963.775963.775963.775963.77596
'Ozhimuri' is based on the story of the book 'Uravidangal' by veteran bilingual writer Jeyamohan, which is, the matrilineal system that prevailed in the Nair community in the erstwhile southern Travancore. The advantage of the matrilineal system was that the property was enjoyed by successors of the women in the family. The women were educated and bold. They enjoyed freedom in all respects. The mother in the family was stronger than the father. But by the end of this system, in the 1940s, women lost all their powers and soon became 'slaves' in the hands of a feudal male-dominated society. The movie exposes the complexities of a period of transition from matrilineal to patrilineal.
Romeo (2012)

Genres Drame, Comédie, Comédie romantique, Romance
Acteurs Karthika Menon, Ganesh, Avinash, Rangayana Raghu, Ravi Teja, Ramesh Bhat
Rôle Shruti
Note69% 3.451283.451283.451283.451283.45128
Ganesh (Ganesh) comes to the world by peeing on his father Kashinath's (Rangayana Raghu) face. Despite being mischievous, he manages to reach the graduation level but with poor English speaking skills. However, he gets a job in a bank where he meets Shruti (Bhavana) and Sadhu Kokila.