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Goodbye Charlie Bright est un film Britannique de genre Drame réalisé par Nick Love avec Phil Daniels

Goodbye Charlie Bright (2001)

Goodbye Charlie Bright
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Durée 1h27
Réalisé par
Genres Drame
Note62% 3.1498453.1498453.1498453.1498453.149845

Goodbye Charlie Bright is a 2001 film directed by Nick Love and starring Paul Nicholls, Roland Manookian and Danny Dyer. The film is also known by the U.S. title Strong Boys.


Charlie drifts through life as he and his friends enjoy a lifestyle of house parties, casual sex and drugs. However, after breaking into a house to rob it, Charlie finds a gun (they found the keys and address in a handbag they had recently stolen). During the robbery, three of the friends (Charlie, Justin and Damien) accidentally awaken the owner, a hefty Jamaican man who promptly chases them into the street with a golf club. The trio escape, much to the amusement of Justin and Damien. However, despite Charlie promising to tell Justin everything, he decides to keep the gun a secret.


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Howard Marks est un trafiquant de cannabis britannique monté en puissance dans les années 1970.