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Alma Prica est une Actrice Croate née le 17 septembre 1962 à Zagreb (Croatie)

Alma Prica

Alma Prica
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Nationalité Croatie
Naissance 17 septembre 1962 (58 ans) à Zagreb (Croatie)

Alma Prica (born 17 September 1962) is a Croatian actress. She graduated from the Zagreb Academy of Drama Arts in 1985 and then joined the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb (HNK Zagreb) in 1986. Although primarily a theatre actress, she also appeared in numerous film and television productions.

Prica received a number of awards throughout her career, including two Golden Arena for Best Actress awards - in 1993 for the portrayal of Dora Pejačević, alongside Rade Šerbedžija, in the biopic Kontesa Dora; and in 2003 for her role in Vinko Brešan's film Witnesses.

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Halima's Path, 1h33
Réalisé par Arsen Anton Ostojić
Origine Croatie
Genres Drame, Guerre, Thriller, Comédie
Thèmes Politique
Acteurs Alma Prica, Mustafa Nadarević, Rousy Chanev, Olga Pakalovic, Miraj Grbic, Samuel Finzi
Rôle Halima
Note80% 4.0429354.0429354.0429354.0429354.042935
En 1977, quinze ans avant que la guerre de Bosnie-Herzégovine ne ravage leurs vies, la nièce d'Halima, Safija, tombe enceinte de Slavomir, un Serbe. Attaquée et ostracisée par sa famille bosniaque, Safija donne son fils à sa tante Halima, incapable d'avoir des enfants.
Svjedoci (2003)
, 1h30
Réalisé par Vinko Brešan
Genres Drame, Guerre
Acteurs Leon Lučev, Alma Prica, Mirjana Karanović, Dražen Kühn, Krešimir Mikić, Krešimir Mikić
Rôle Novinarka
Note67% 3.394663.394663.394663.394663.39466
The plot of the movie is centered in the city of Karlovac in 1992, during the Croatian War of Independence. The front lines, where Croatian and Serbian forces fight each other, lie near the city. Meanwhile, in the city of Karlovac, a Serbian civilian Vasić is murdered. The story follows the local police officer Barbir (Dražen Kühn), who tries to solve the murder in spite of ethnic hatred and war revolving nearby.
A Rifle for Sleeping, 1h56
Réalisé par Hrvoje Hribar
Genres Thriller, Policier
Acteurs Rene Medvešek, Alma Prica, Mustafa Nadarević, Nina Violic, Relja Bašić, Filip Šovagović
Rôle Marta
Note63% 3.187023.187023.187023.187023.18702
Janko (Rene Medvešek), a police officer, meets Marta (Alma Prica), a widow of Karlo Štajner, a war profiteer who left his business in disarray. Janko can't decide between Marta and Nana (Nina Violić), his kleptomaniac wife. Janko's affair with Marta unwittingly gets him involved in a complex criminal plot...