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Wendy Richard est une Actrice Britannique née le 20 juillet 1943 à Middlesbrough (Royaume-uni)

Wendy Richard

Wendy Richard
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Nom de naissance Wendy Emerton
Nationalité Royaume-uni
Naissance 20 juillet 1943 à Middlesbrough (Royaume-uni)
Mort 26 février 2009 (à 65 ans)
Récompenses Membre de l'ordre de l'Empire britannique

Wendy Richard, MBE (born Wendy Emerton, 20 July 1943 – 26 February 2009) was an English actress best known for playing the roles of Miss Shirley Brahms on Are You Being Served? and Pauline Fowler on EastEnders, the latter for nearly 22 years. Until her character's onscreen death in December 2006, she was one of only two original cast members to appear continuously from the first episode in 1985, along with Adam Woodyatt, who played her screen nephew Ian Beale. Richard was first educated at St George's Primary School in Mount Street, Mayfair, west London, before attending the Royal Masonic School for Girls in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, and then the Italia Conti Academy stage school in London.

She died on 26 February 2009 at the Harley Street clinic where she was being treated for breast cancer.


Richard was married four times. Her first marriage was to a music publisher, Len Black, in 1972, which lasted just five months. For six years she lived with an advertising director, Will Thorpe; though her co-stars on Are You Being Served? were aware that he physically beat her, she married Thorpe in 1980, finally leaving him after 18 months of marriage. Her third marriage, to Paul Glorney, a carpet fitter, took place in Westminster, London, in 1990. That marriage ended in divorce four years later. Richard later lived with John Burns, a painter and decorator 20 years her junior, in the Marylebone area of London. They lived together from 1996 until her death and married on 10 October 2008 at a hotel in London's Mayfair. She had no children.

Richard was a supporter of the Conservative Party. During the premiership of Margaret Thatcher, Richard was a frequent and conspicuous supporter of Thatcher's policies and accomplishments. At one point the EastEnders scriptwriters gave Richard a script in which Pauline Fowler launched into a tirade against Thatcher, and Richard refused to perform it.

Richard was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1996; she had an operation and apparently recovered. She had a recurrence of the disease in 2002. Her cancer went into remission after years of treatment and she was given a clean bill of health in 2005. Articles about her departure from EastEnders suggest her health problems did not play any role in her decision to leave the series and that it was because her character in the soap remarried, to Richard's displeasure.

Richard later said she left because of stress and that she had been stress-free since leaving the show. She kept in touch with co-stars Natalie Cassidy, Todd Carty, and James Alexandrou after leaving.

It was reported in the Sunday Express on 5 October 2008 that Richard had been diagnosed with breast cancer again. In January 2008, cancer cells were found in her left armpit. Further investigation showed that this had metastasised to her left kidney and bones, including her spine and left ribs.

She made a half-hour programme called Wendy Richard: To Tell You the Truth, documenting the last three months of her life; it was broadcast on BBC1 on 19 March 2009.

Richard's agent, Kevin Francis, reported she had died on 26 February 2009 of breast cancer, aged 65, at a clinic, Harley Street, London. Her husband, John Burns, was at her bedside. Francis said: "She was incredibly brave and retained her sense of humour right to the end." On the day of her death, that evening's episode of EastEnders and a memorial programme, both dedicated to Richard, were broadcast on BBC One. Actor Bill Treacher, Richard's on-screen husband Arthur Fowler in EastEnders, said the actress was a "true professional." Richard's funeral, on 9 March 2009 at St Marylebone Parish Church, was attended by many in the media industry and many fans. She was later cremated at a private service at Golders Green Crematorium. It was reported the actress had already planned her funeral and written her will.

In July 2009, David Croft, the creator of Are You Being Served?, unveiled a Heritage Foundation commemorative plaque at The Shepherds Tavern in London, which Richard's parents had run. A number of entertainers were there to pay their respects on the occasion.

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Are You Being Served?, 1h35
Origine Royaume-uni
Genres Comédie
Thèmes Adaptation d'une pièce de théâtre
Acteurs John Inman, Mollie Sugden, Frank Thornton, Trevor Bannister, Wendy Richard, Arthur Brough
Rôle Miss Shirley Brahms
Note62% 3.136833.136833.136833.136833.13683
The clothing department's floor requires renovation; rather than let the staff sit idle while the area is closed off, the management sends them on a paid holiday in Costa Plonka, a fictional city in Spain. Their hotel and its surroundings prove to be dismal, and the group tries to pass the time by acting on the crushes they have developed for one another in the workplace. This results in disaster, as multiple amorous notes reach the wrong recipients and everyone gets wrong ideas about who fancies whom.
Carry On Girls, 1h28
Réalisé par Gerald Thomas
Origine Royaume-uni
Genres Comédie
Thèmes Sexualité, Erotique
Acteurs Barbara Windsor, Sid James, Joan Sims, Kenneth Connor, Bernard Bresslaw, June Whitfield
Rôle Ida Downs
Note57% 2.853962.853962.853962.853962.85396
The seaside town of Fircombe is facing a crisis – it's always raining and there's nothing for the tourists to do. Councillor Sidney Fiddler (Sid James) hits on the notion of holding a beauty contest. The mayor, Frederick Bumble (Kenneth Connor) is taken with the idea but feminist councillor, Augusta Prodworthy (June Whitfield) is outraged and storms out of the meeting. The motion is carried in Augusta's absence and Sidney contacts publicist Peter Potter (Bernard Bresslaw) to help with the organization. Sidney's girlfriend, Connie Philpotts (Joan Sims) runs a local hotel and soon her residents, including the eccentric Mrs Dukes (Joan Hickson) and the Admiral (Peter Butterworth) are outnumbered by dolly birds, including the feuding biker babe, Hope Springs (Barbara Windsor) and the bountiful Dawn Brakes (Margaret Nolan). A catfight orchestrated by Hope provides better newspaper copy than bringing a donkey off the beach which, despite the bucket and spade of hotel employee William (Jack Douglas), ruins the plush carpets. Augusta's son, press photographer Larry (Robin Askwith), is hired to document the donkey stunt and snaps the catfight that has the Mayor losing his trousers, then gulps his way through a nude photo shoot with Dawn. The Mayor's wife, Mildred (Patsy Rowlands) joins Prodworthy's bra-burning movement and plots the downfall of the Miss Fircombe contest on the pier. Peter Potter reluctantly becomes a man in a frock for another publicity gimmick for the television show, Women's Things, presented by Cecil Gaybody (Jimmy Logan) and produced by Debra (Sally Geeson). Prodworthy and butch feminist Rosemary (Patricia Franklin) call in the police (David Lodge and Billy Cornelius) to investigate the male pageant contestant but Peter's previously prim girlfriend, Paula (Valerie Leon), has a makeover and steps into the breach as the mysterious girl. Prodworthy's gang put "Operation Spoilsport" into action, sabotaging the final contest with water, mud and itching powder. With an angry mob after his blood, Sidney makes his escape with Hope on her motorcycle.
Bless This House, 1h27
Réalisé par Gerald Thomas
Origine Royaume-uni
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Diana Coupland, Sid James, Terry Scott, June Whitfield, Peter Butterworth, Sally Geeson
Rôle Carol
Note62% 3.101413.101413.101413.101413.10141
1970s English suburbia: middle-aged homeowner Sid Abbot just wants to get on with building his illegal whisky still, but is frustrated by his workshy son, and otherworldly daughter. Then the rude and arrogant Ronald Baines and his family move in next door.
Carry On Matron, 1h27
Réalisé par Gerald Thomas
Origine Royaume-uni
Genres Comédie
Thèmes Maladie, Sexualité, Erotique
Acteurs Sid James, Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey, Joan Sims, Hattie Jacques, Bernard Bresslaw
Note62% 3.101763.101763.101763.101763.10176
Sid Carter (Sid James) is the cunning head of a criminal gang that includes the longhaired drip Ernie Bragg (Bernard Bresslaw), the cheeky Freddy (Bill Maynard) and Sid's honest son, Cyril (Kenneth Cope), who does not want to live a life of crime, but is emotionally blackmailed by his father into going along with his scheme to rob Finisham Maternity Hospital for its stock of contraceptive pills. Cyril reluctantly disguises himself as a new nurse to case the hospital and the booty, however he is assumed to be one of a batch of new student nurses who have just arrived, and is assigned the same room as the shapely, blonde nurse, Susan Ball (Barbara Windsor). Unfortunately for Cyril, he also catches the eye of the hospital Lothario, Dr. Prodd (Terry Scott.
On the Buses, 1h28
Origine Royaume-uni
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Reg Varney, Doris Hare, Anna Karen, Bob Grant, Stephen Lewis, Michael Robbins
Rôle Housewife
Note62% 3.1011053.1011053.1011053.1011053.101105
Bus driver Stan (Reg Varney) cannot afford the payments on a new washing machine or other expensive items his Mum and sister have bought on hire purchase. His overtime earnings have been cut because the bus company has decided to revoke a long-standing rule and employ women bus drivers. Worried at the thought of no overtime, and therefore less wages, he joins forces with his longtime colleague Jack (Bob Grant) to sabotage the new female employees. Meanwhile, just as his sister Olive (Anna Karen) starts working in the canteen, she discovers that she's expecting a baby. A sub plot explores Olive's journey to hospital while in labour in a motorcycle side car and the domestic disturbance the baby brings. Another sub plot explores Stan and Jack's amorous adventures. Stan flees a jealous husband in his bus and demolishes a telephone kiosk and bus shelter in the process. As a result, he is forced to undertake a driving test on a bus skid pan.
Terre Brûlée, 1h34
Réalisé par Cornel Wilde
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Science-fiction
Thèmes Maladie, Film post-apocalyptique, Religion, Adaptation d'une œuvre littéraire de science-fiction, Le futur, Épidémie, Politique, Dystopique, Film catastrophe
Acteurs Nigel Davenport, Jean Wallace, John Hamill, Lynne Frederick, Patrick Holt, Ruth Kettlewell
Rôle Clara Pirrie
Note60% 3.048713.048713.048713.048713.04871
Un nouveau et étrange virus qui attaque les plantes apparaît. Il entraîne le monde dans la famine et le chaos. L'architecte John, accompagné de sa famille et de ses amis, s'échappe de Londres dans l'espoir de trouver refuge dans la ferme de son frère. Commence alors un voyage des plus dangereux et éprouvants.