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Warner Baxter est un Acteur Américain né le 29 mars 1889 à Columbus (Etats-Unis)

Warner Baxter

Warner Baxter
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Nom de naissance Warner Leroy Baxter
Nationalité Etats-Unis
Naissance 29 mars 1889 à Columbus (Etats-Unis)
Mort 7 mai 1951 (à 62 ans) à Beverly Hills (Etats-Unis)
Récompenses Oscar du meilleur acteur

Warner Baxter est un acteur américain né à Columbus, dans l'Ohio, le 29 mars 1889 et mort des suites d'une pneumonie à Beverly Hills, le 7 mai 1951.


Warner Baxter commence sa carrière d'acteur au théâtre en 1910 en jouant dans des Vaudevilles.
Il a obtenu l'Oscar du meilleur acteur en 1929 pour le rôle de Cisco Kid dans In Old Arizona de Irving Cummings et Raoul Walsh.

Ses meilleurs films

42ème rue (1933)
In Old Arizona (1928)

Le plus souvent avec

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La Sarabande des pantins, 1h57
Réalisé par Henry King, Henry Hathaway, Howard Hawks, Jean Negulesco, Henry Koster
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Comédie
Thèmes Noël, Films pour enfants
Acteurs Anne Baxter, Jeanne Crain, Farley Granger, Charles Laughton, Oscar Levant, Marilyn Monroe
Note71% 3.5943753.5943753.5943753.5943753.594375
Voir ci-dessous les sections détaillées, les sketches n'ayant aucun rapport entre eux.
State Penitentiary, 1h6
Réalisé par Lew Landers
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Aventure, Policier
Acteurs Warner Baxter, Onslow Stevens, Karin Booth, Robert Shayne, Richard Benedict, Brett King
Rôle Rodger Manners
Note61% 3.0500653.0500653.0500653.0500653.050065
Roger Manners (Warner Baxter), a former aircraft manufacturer is wrongly accused and convicted of embezzlement of $400,000 and is given a long prison sentence. His wife, Shirley (Karin Booth), tries to prove his innocence. Manners escapes, hoping to track down the real culprit, his ex-partner Stanley Brown (Robert Shayne).
The Devil's Henchman, 1h8
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Policier
Acteurs Warner Baxter, Mary Beth Hughes, Mike Mazurki, Regis Toomey, Harry Shannon, James Flavin
Rôle Jess Arno
Note64% 3.2287453.2287453.2287453.2287453.228745
The daytime insurance agent Jess Arno (Warner Baxter), moonlights as an undercover salvager at night. He sells the loot he finds to a seedy man named Tip Banning. Arno has long time suspected that Tip is in fact the leader of a gang of waterfront smugglers.
The Gentleman from Nowhere, 1h5
Réalisé par William Castle
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Thriller, Policier
Acteurs Warner Baxter, Fay Baker, Luis van Rooten, Charles Lane, Wilton Graff, Grandon Rhodes
Rôle Earl Donovan / Robert Ashton
Note60% 3.007293.007293.007293.007293.00729
Warner Baxter plays a security guard, wounded in a robbery of furs, who arouses the suspicions of an insurance investigator. The guard may or may not be a chemist who's been missing for seven years, declared dead, and whose widow collected $200,000 on his insurance policy.
The Millerson Case, 1h12
Réalisé par George Archainbaud
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Policier
Acteurs Warner Baxter, Nancy Saunders, Clem Bevans, Griff Barnett, Paul Guilfoyle (acteur, 1902-1961), James Bell
Rôle Dr. Robert Ordway
Note60% 3.0495653.0495653.0495653.0495653.049565
The Crime Doctor, Dr. Robert Ordway (Warner Baxter), an amnesiac ex-crook, takes on yet another intriguing psychological murder case. This time he is on vacation, but the kindly fellow cannot help but look into a murder to help a troubled soul.
Just Before Dawn, 1h5
Réalisé par William Castle
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Policier
Acteurs Warner Baxter, Martin Kosleck, Thomas E. Jackson, Charles Arnt, Mona Barrie, Wilton Graff
Rôle Dr. Robert Ordway
Note62% 3.145463.145463.145463.145463.14546
Renowned psychiatrist and criminologist Dr. Robert Ordway, the "Crime Doctor" is called on an emergency to a party at his next door neighbor, where a man, Walter Foster, suffers from a diabetic seizure and has collapsed on the floor. Robert administers insulin to the man, using the man's own case, but a short while after the injection is made the man dies.
The Crime Doctor's Warning, 1h10
Réalisé par William Castle
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Policier
Acteurs Warner Baxter, John Litel, Dusty Anderson, Miles Mander, John Abbott, Arthur Aylesworth
Rôle Dr. Robert Ordway
Note60% 3.049683.049683.049683.049683.04968
In this entry Coulter Irwin plays a returning World War II veteran with a few problems: psychological problems that include blackouts, a dominating mother, and a beautiful girlfriend who turns up murdered. The police are quick to pin the killing on him, but the Crime Doctor (Warner Baxter) is not so sure.
Les Nuits ensorcelées, 1h40
Réalisé par Mitchell Leisen
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Comédie musicale, Musical, Romance
Thèmes Danse, La musique, Théâtre, Musique, Adaptation d'une pièce de théâtre, Adaptation d'une comédie musicale
Acteurs Ginger Rogers, Ray Milland, Warner Baxter, Jon Hall, Barry Sullivan, Mischa Auer
Rôle Kendall Nesbitt
Note59% 2.951192.951192.951192.951192.95119
Life has become a series of headaches and bad dreams for Liza Elliott, the successful editor-in-chief of Allure fashion magazine. She is being romanced by publisher Kendall Nesbitt, but he is married and slow in obtaining a divorce. And her second-in-command, Charley Johnson, is a cut-up who drives her so crazy with his jokes, Liza ends up seeing him in her craziest dreams at night.
Crime Doctor, 1h6
Réalisé par Michael Gordon
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Policier
Thèmes Maladie, Folie, Le handicap
Acteurs Warner Baxter, Margaret Lindsay, John Litel, Ray Collins, Leon Ames, Harold Huber
Rôle Dr. Robert Ordway / Phillip Morgan
Note62% 3.1468853.1468853.1468853.1468853.146885
Victime d'une amnésie, le docteur Robert Ordway se souvient brusquement de son passé de criminel.
La Famille Stoddard, 1h21
Réalisé par Gregory Ratoff
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Romance
Thèmes La famille
Acteurs Ingrid Bergman, Warner Baxter, Susan Hayward, Fay Wray, Richard Denning, Johnny Downs
Rôle Adam Stoddard
Note65% 3.2959053.2959053.2959053.2959053.295905
Adam Stoddard (Warner Baxter) is a wealthy, easy-going family patriarch who falls on hard times after the death of his wife, Molly and a stock market crash in 1907, that wipes out his wealth. Recently arrived governess Emilie (Ingrid Bergman) works to keep the family together. But with the loss of Adam's fortune the boys are sent off to boarding school, their schooling paid for by wealthy, aged Cousin Phillipa. Emilie must return to France until Adam can afford to repurchase the family estate and recall her to look after it. Reversing his fortunes takes Adam several years. By then, the three older boys are fighting in World War I. Then, just as the family is getting back to its former way of life.
Earthbound (1940)
, 1h7
Réalisé par Irving Pichel
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Fantasy
Acteurs Warner Baxter, Andrea Leeds, Lynn Bari, Charley Grapewin, Henry Wilcoxon, Elizabeth Patterson
Rôle Nick Desborough
Note55% 2.7715252.7715252.7715252.7715252.771525
Nick (Warner Baxter) and Ellen (Andrea Leeds) are celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary by going mountain climbing in Switzerland when Nick receives a telegram asking him to go back to Paris to assist friend Jeffrey Reynolds (Henry Wilcoxon) in setting up a new laboratory. After telling Ellen that he will return in a couple of days, he goes. On the train, Nick encounters an elderly stranger named Whimser (Charley Grapewin) who warns him that he will not live much longer. In Paris, Nick goes to the laboratory, where he discovers that it was Linda Reynolds (Lynn Bari), Jeff's wife, who sent the telegram, as the two are in a secret relationship and Linda has decided to leave her husband for Nick. Nick tells Linda he wishes to end their affair because he loves his wife Ellen, not Linda.
Barricade (1939)
, 1h11
Réalisé par Gregory Ratoff
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Guerre, Aventure, Romance
Thèmes Politique
Acteurs Alice Faye, Warner Baxter, Charles Winninger, Arthur Treacher, Keye Luke, Willie Fung
Rôle Hank Topping
Note57% 2.8629752.8629752.8629752.8629752.862975
A singer named Emmy (Faye) meets broken-down journalist Hank Topping (Baxter) while travelling across Mongolia by train. A romance sparks, but is soon interrupted by a fierce group of murderous bandits. Fleeing, Emmy and Hank team up with others, eventually culminating in a fierce shootout with the marauders. If I recall correctly as a youngster of ten years, the Emmy and Hank team seek safety in a small fort or an antiquated country home located on barren lands. As the bandits approach, they hide in a basement level, protected only by a floorboard cover. As the bandits enter the building, the baby of Emmy and Hank begins to cry, thereby revealing the location of the couple and their team. As the bandits begin to chop their way through the floorboards, a rescue squad on motorcycles speeds over a nearby hill towards the building, then succeeding to rescue those trapped below the floor.
Wife, Husband and Friend, 1h15
Réalisé par Gregory Ratoff
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Comédie
Thèmes La musique, Musique
Acteurs Loretta Young, Warner Baxter, Binnie Barnes, Cesar Romero, J. Edward Bromberg, Eugene Pallette
Rôle Leonard Borland aka Logan Bennett
Note61% 3.0977253.0977253.0977253.0977253.097725
The opera season has opened in New York City, and building contractor Leonard Borland (Baxter), who comes from a working class background, is coping with the musical ambitions of his wife Doris (Young), who is from a socially prominent family. Despite his misgivings that she has no talent, she is being trained for a career in singing by the voice teacher Hugo (Cesar Romero). Doris prepares for a recital that Leonard supports, hoping that will get singing "out of her system." The performance is witnessed by opera singer Cecil Carver (Barnes), who is attracted to Leonard and believes that Doris lacks sufficient talent to become a pro. Cecil accidentally discovers that Leonard ironically does have a great operatic voice, and offers to train him.