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W. Chrystie Miller est un Acteur Américain né le 10 aout 1843 à Dayton (Etats-Unis)

W. Chrystie Miller

W. Chrystie Miller
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Nom de naissance William Christy Miller
Nationalité Etats-Unis
Naissance 10 aout 1843 à Dayton (Etats-Unis)
Mort 23 septembre 1922 (à 79 ans) à Staten Island (Etats-Unis)

W. Chrystie Miller est un acteur américain du cinéma muet, né à Dayton (Ohio) le 10 août 1843, mort à Staten Island (État de New York), le 23 septembre 1922.

Il a tourné environ 130 films à l'American Mutoscope and Biograph Company, sous la direction de David W. Griffith.


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Le plus souvent avec

D. W. Griffith
D. W. Griffith
(59 films)
Alfred Paget
Alfred Paget
(40 films)
Charles West
Charles West
(34 films)
Blanche Sweet
Blanche Sweet
(30 films)
Kate Bruce
Kate Bruce
(29 films)
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Filmographie de W. Chrystie Miller (62 films)

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Judith de Béthulie, 1h1
Réalisé par D. W. Griffith, Christy Cabanne
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Historique
Thèmes Religion, La bible, Religion juive
Acteurs Blanche Sweet, Henry B. Walthall, Mae Marsh, Robert Harron, Lillian Gish, Mary Gish
Rôle Bethulian
Note72% 3.63553.63553.63553.63553.6355
The film is based on the biblical Book of Judith. During the siege of the Jewish city of Bethulia by the Assyrians, a widow named Judith (Blanche Sweet) has a plan to stop the war as her people suffer starvation and are ready to surrender.
Pendant la bataille, 29minutes
Réalisé par D. W. Griffith
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Action, Western
Acteurs Mae Marsh, Lillian Gish, Alfred Paget, Robert Harron, Charles Hill Mailes, Henry B. Walthall
Rôle Settler
Note62% 3.1461253.1461253.1461253.1461253.146125
Sally (Mae Marsh) and her little sister are sent to visit their three uncles in the west. Among other baggage they bring their two puppies. Melissa (Lillian Gish) is in the same stagecoach with husband and newborn baby. The uncles find the little girls amusing but tell them that the dogs must stay outside. Meanwhile, a nearby tribe of very very evil looking Indians is having a tribal dance. The puppies, left outside in a basket, run off. Sally, worried about the dogs goes outside and discovers they are gone. She follows their trail and runs into two hungry Indians who have captured them for food. There is a scuffle but her uncles arrive and intervene. Gunfire ensues and one of the Indians is left dead. The other Indian returns to the tribe to inform them and aroused by "savage hatred" they go into a war dance.
The Unwelcome Guest, 17minutes
Réalisé par D. W. Griffith
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame
Acteurs Mary Pickford, W. Chrystie Miller, Charles Hill Mailes, Claire McDowell, Jack Pickford, Elmer Booth
Rôle le père

Just before she dies, an elderly married woman stashes the horde of money she's secretly accumulated beneath the false bottom of an old shipping trunk. After her death, her husband, believing himself penniless, has to leave their old home and move in with his son's family, where he's treated with no respect or consideration. Also on the scene is a newly hired kindly young housekeeper (Mary Pickford); she and the old gentleman become close friends and eventually run away together (taking the old shipping trunk with them).
Blind Love
Blind Love (1912)
, 9minutes
Réalisé par D. W. Griffith
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame
Acteurs Blanche Sweet, Harry Hyde, Edward Dillon, Hector Sarno, W. Chrystie Miller, Kate Toncray
Rôle le père du jeune homme
Note43% 2.163892.163892.163892.163892.16389
A young woman tired of her boring life decided to leave her husband for another man who she find more exciting. Later, with a child and in disgrace she realizes that she made a huge mistake and tries to go back to her husband.
A Change of Spirit, 17minutes
Réalisé par D. W. Griffith
Origine Etats-Unis
Acteurs Blanche Sweet, William J. Butler, Kate Toncray, Henry B. Walthall, Charles Hill Mailes, Walter Miller
Note56% 2.8345752.8345752.8345752.8345752.834575
Denied by her narrow-minded father all associations except that of her chaperone, the girl, while strolling in the park, indulges in a little flirtation with a young man who is one of a couple of gentlemen thieves. A self-indroduction comes when he gallantly picks up a book she has dropped. In restoring the book, he cunningly takes her hand-bag in order that he may have an excuse to call on her later and return it, giving her the impression that she had lost it. When he calls, her father is away, and so, in the spirit of bravado, she invites him in. While there he surreptitiously secures the key to the house, intending to return later with his partner. However, upon accidentally meeting the girl the second time, he becomes deeply impressed and the thought of his promise to his chum to enter the house that night palls.