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Valsø Holm est un Acteur Danois né le 30 janvier 1906 à Copenhague (Danemark)

Valsø Holm

Valsø Holm
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Nationalité Danemark
Naissance 30 janvier 1906 à Copenhague (Danemark)
Mort 19 janvier 1987 (à 80 ans)

Valsø Holm (31 December 1906 – 19 December 1987) was a Danish film actor. He appeared in 80 films between 1937 and 1982. He was born in Copenhagen, Denmark and died in Denmark.

Le plus souvent avec

Karl Stegger
Karl Stegger
(16 films)
Ove Sprogøe
Ove Sprogøe
(16 films)
Erik Balling
Erik Balling
(10 films)
Poul Reichhardt
Poul Reichhardt
(14 films)
Dirch Passer
Dirch Passer
(12 films)
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Olsen-bandens sidste bedrifter
Réalisé par Erik Balling
Origine Danemark
Genres Comédie, Policier
Thèmes Hold up
Acteurs Ove Sprogøe, Morten Grunwald, Kirsten Walther, Poul Arne Bundgaard, Axel Strøbye, Jes Holtsø
Rôle Police Officer
Note70% 3.545453.545453.545453.545453.54545
After last robbery, Olsen Gang went to Majorca, but without any money, as Benny and Kjeld accidentally threw loot to the garbage bin. Egon breaks to the local restaurant to get back on track with the finances, unfortunately he's caught and whole gang returns to Denmark. After some time Egon is released; Kjeld and Benny are waiting for him but Egon abandons them: He has been hired by Stock Broker Holm Hansen to open a safe in Switzerland belonging to his deceased associate. Egon demands 25% of the value equivalent of the contents of the safe as payment for his work. Holm Hansen agree, but has his Swiss henchman double-cross Egon once the safe is open and leave him at the mercy of the Swiss police. Egon escapes though, and makes it back to Denmark, where he reunites with Benny and Kjeld with a new plan to exact revenge and claim his payment.
Olsen-banden, 1h20
Réalisé par Erik Balling
Origine Danemark
Genres Comédie, Policier
Thèmes Hold up
Acteurs Ove Sprogøe, Ebba Amfeldt, Morten Grunwald, Poul Arne Bundgaard, Peter Steen, Poul Reichhardt
Rôle Mann mit defektem Mercedes
Note66% 3.301813.301813.301813.301813.30181
The plot involves the Olsen Gang as they plan to become millionaires. The movie starts by Egon being arrested for trying to rob a store, while the others run away. After Egon is set free, the gang plan on stealing a golden statue which is worth 12 million. After some planning, the gang sets the plan in action and steal the golden statue. On their way to the airport, their car runs out of gas and the police come take the car (with the statue in it). Constantly chased by Mortensen, they manage to get the statue back and hide it in Kjeld's pram. Unfortunately, Kjeld's wife Yvonne is mad at Kjeld for leaving the pram outside on the sidewalk and takes it away and plans on going back to her mother. The gang now chases after Yvonne (with Mortensen on their tail) and finally succeed on getting the pram back. After almost getting caught, Egon makes a little speech, just before he realizes that the statue is not in the pram. Egon goes mad and leaves Benny and Kjeld behind while he chases after Yvonne. Kjeld and Benny however walk back home with the pram. Turns out that Yvonne didn't go to her mother and came back to Kjeld while Benny is driven home by Ulla. Egon is caught by the police on the boat where Yvonne was supposed to be.
Sytten (1965)
, 1h27
Origine Danemark
Genres Comédie, Romance
Acteurs Ghita Nørby, Emil Hass Christensen, Ole Monty, Bodil Steen, Lily Broberg, Arthur Jensen
Note49% 2.4866852.4866852.4866852.4866852.486685
In the summer of 1913, 17-year-old Jacob (Ole Soltoft), a Danish high school student, lives in the frustrating limbo between boyhood and manhood. He worries about his excessive focus on masturbation and, although he is aware of the sexual overtures by the housemaid Sophie (Lise Rosendahl), Jacob doesn't know how to respond to her. Jacob is invited to spend his vacation at the summer house of his wealthy uncle (Ole Monty). At the summer house in an idyllic coastal town, Jacob meets his uncle, aunt (Bodil Steen), free-spirited housemaid Hansigne (Susanne Heinrich), virginal housekeeper Rosegod (Lily Broberg), and his dream-girl cousin Vibeke (Ghita Nørby). He is also pursued by his Uncle's employee (Ingolf David), who tries to seduce Jacob. While the Uncle is off on a fishing trip and the Aunt spends the night in town with her lover, Jacob has his first sexual experience with Vibeke—an awkward encounter. Afterwards, when Vibeke leaves for school, Jacob spends his nights with Hansigne—a joyful, uncomplicated and liberated woman. She guides him through his awkwardness and teaches him erotic techniques. One night, Hansigne's boyfriend Knud (Hugo Herrestrup) catches them together and attacks and threatens Jacob. Jacob discovers he finally feels like a man. In great spirits, he returns home after vacation and prepares to accept the advances of Sophie.
Gertrud (1964)
, 1h59
Réalisé par Carl Theodor Dreyer
Origine Danemark
Genres Drame, Romance
Thèmes Maladie, Sexualité, Théâtre, Folie, Adaptation d'une pièce de théâtre
Acteurs Nina Pens Rode, Bendt Rothe, Ebbe Rode, Baard Owe, Axel Strøbye, Karl Gustav Ahlefeldt
Note72% 3.647973.647973.647973.647973.64797
Gertrud, femme belle, ardente et éprise d'absolu, ex-diva, quitte son mari Gustav, avocat éminent, parce que leur relation ne lui convient plus (ils s'étaient mutuellement promis, avant leur mariage, de se séparer si leur amour ne convenait plus à l'un d'eux, ce qui est maintenant le cas pour Gertrud : la relation est devenue trop tiède à son gré) et parce qu'elle aime passionnément Erland Jansson, jeune et très talentueux compositeur.
Bussen (1963)
, 1h30
Réalisé par Finn Henriksen, Arne Skouen
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Dirch Passer, Leif Juster, Karl Stegger, Paul Hagen, Ove Sprogøe, Lone Hertz
Note68% 3.41833.41833.41833.41833.4183
The protagonist is a jovial bus driver, well beloved by his passengers, essentially the whole community around him. The bus, however, is old, and needs to be replaced. The bus driver himself is also needed as a handyman for all the people around him, assisting with stray cattle, household machines, children's homework, errands of all kinds, and at one occasion, assisting birth. Progress is however leaving him behind, and the local county council plots on a solution, involving a new bus and driver. The community revolts, and the local midwife (married to the mayor) intervenes with all the locals to keep the bus driver, who ends up keeping his job in a new bus.