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Tom Tyler est un Acteur et Cascadeur Américain né le 9 aout 1903

Tom Tyler

Tom Tyler
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Nom de naissance Vincent Markowski
Nationalité Etats-Unis
Naissance 9 aout 1903
Mort 3 mai 1954 (à 50 ans) à Hamtramck (Etats-Unis)

Tom Tyler est un acteur américain né à Port Henry (État de New York) le 9 août 1903 et mort à Hamtramck (Michigan) le 3 mai 1954.


Early life
Tyler was born Vincent Markowski on August 9, 1903 in Port Henry, New York to Lithuanian-American parents, Helen (née Montvilos) and Frank Markowski. He had two brothers, Frank Jr. and Joe (who changed his last name to Marko), and two sisters, Katherine (Mrs. Slepski) and Maliane "Molly" (Mrs. Redge). He made his First Communion in a small church in Mineville around 1910. His father and older brother worked in the mines for the Witherbee Sherman Company. In 1913, his family moved to Hamtramck, Michigan where he attended St. Florian Elementary School and Hamtramck High School. After graduating high school, he left home and made his way west, finding work as a seaman on a merchant steamer in the United States Merchant Marine, a coal miner in Pennsylvania, a lumberjack in the Northwest, and even a prizefighter.

Tyler was an amateur weightlifter sponsored by the Los Angeles Athletic Club during the late 1920s. He set a new world's amateur record for the right-hand clean and jerk by lifting 213 pounds. In 1928, he won the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) heavyweight weightlifting championship, lifting 760 pounds—a record that stood for fourteen years.

Early film career
Around 1924, Tyler arrived in California and found work in the film industry as a prop man and extra. His first screen appearances as an extra included Three Weeks (1924), Leatherstocking (1924), and Wild Horse Mesa (1925). In 1925, Tyler was signed to a contract with Film Booking Offices of America (FBO) to star in a series of Western adventures with a starting salary of about $75 per week. His first starring role was in Let's Go Gallagher (1925). In the next four years, he starred in 28 additional Westerns for FBO, including The Masquerade Bandit (1926), The Sonora Kid (1927), The Texas Tornado (1928), The Avenging Rider (1928), and Pride of the Pawnee (1929). While romance was generally underplayed in these early Westerns, a number of up-and-coming heroines—including Doris Hill, Jean Arthur, and Nora Lane—contributed to the overall appeal of Tyler's films, which enjoyed critical praise and were popular with Saturday matinee audiences. His four years with FBO gave him valuable riding and acting experience, and made him a popular cowboy hero in the latter years of the silent film era.

In 1929, Tyler was signed with Syndicate Pictures, where he made his last eight silent films in 1929 and 1930, which included The Man from Nevada (1929), Pioneers of the West (1929), The Canyon of Missing Men (1930), and Call of the Desert (1930). In 1930, Tyler was loaned out to Mascot Pictures for his first "all talking" sound film, The Phantom of the West, a typical ten-chapter Saturday matinee cowboy cliffhanger featuring a mysterious secret villain and numerous stunts and action sequences. Kermit Maynard, the brother of Ken Maynard, was Tyler's stunt double in the more dangerous sequences. In 1931, Tyler made his first Syndicate sound film, West of Cheyenne, which showcased an excellent voice for Westerns, despite his awkward delivery of lines. Tyler concluded his contract with Syndicate Pictures with Rider of the Plains (1931) and God's Country and the Man (1931). He was also strongly considered for the role of Tarzan by MGM in their Tarzan the Ape Man (1932)

Monogram Pictures
In 1931, the fledgling Monogram Pictures signed Tyler to an eight-picture contract as part of the company's sagebrush series. These typical low-budget "quickies" included Man from Death Valley (1931), Single-Handed Saunders (1932), The Man from New Mexico (1932), and Honor of the Mounted (1932)—each made for about $8000. All of his Monogram films received critical and popular support. When Monogram chose Bob Steele to star in the next season's series, Tyler moved over to Universal to do three chapter plays—a safari yarn called Jungle Mystery (1932), Clancy of the Mounted (1933), and Phantom of the Air (1933)—while managing to fit in four low-budget Westerns for Freuler Monarch Pictures, including The Forty-Niners (1932), When a Man Rides Alone (1933), Deadwood Pass (1933), and War on the Range (1933).

Reliable Pictures and Victory Pictures
In 1934, Tyler signed a two-year contract with Harry S. Webb's Reliable Pictures for eighteen low-budget Western films, tailored as second features on double bills for second and third tier movie houses. These films included Mystery Ranch (1934), Silver Bullet (1935), Born to Battle (1935), Silent Valley (1935), Fast Bullets (1936), and Santa Fe Bound (1936). Despite a few well-done scenes and some good performances by supporting players like Slim Whitaker, Charles King, and Earl Dwire, most of these films were of average quality with production shortcomings that restricted the effectiveness of Tyler's performances. By 1936, companies such as Republic Pictures and Paramount Pictures were producing larger budget better-quality Western films with impressive exterior locations that overshadowed the type of Poverty Row low-budget offerings that brought Tyler to fame.

In 1936, Tyler signed a two-year contract with Sam Katzman's new Victory Pictures for eight Western films, each budgeted at about $6000. The first five of these films were directed by Bob Hill and included Cheyenne Rides Again (1937) with Lucile Brown and The Feud of the Trail (1937) in which Tyler played a dual role. Of lesser quality, the final three included two co-starring his wife, Jeanne Martel: Orphan of the Pecos (1937) and Lost Ranch (1937), the latter containing a rare scene in which Tyler lip syncs two songs: "Tucson Mary" and "Home on the Range". Following Brothers of the West (1937), Katzman did not renew Tyler's contract with Victory, replacing him with Tim McCoy as the company's top Western star.

With no starring roles being offered to him, Tyler took a job with the Wallace Brothers Circus in 1938. He returned to Hollywood and appeared in supporting roles and bit parts in several feature films, including John Ford's Stagecoach (1939) with John Wayne, Drums Along the Mohawk (1939) with Henry Fonda, Gone With the Wind (1940) with Clark Gable, The Westerner (1940) with Gary Cooper, and John Ford's The Grapes of Wrath (1940) also with Henry Fonda. His most unusual role was that of Kharis the mummy in Universal's The Mummy's Hand (1940), in which he was cast because the studio felt he resembled a younger Boris Karloff well enough to match stock footage of Karloff from The Mummy (1932).

Republic Pictures and popular serials
In 1941, Tyler signed a two-year contract with Republic Pictures to star in 13 films in the popular The Three Mesquiteers series in the role of Stony Brooke opposite Bob Steele playing Tucson Smith, Rufe Davis playing Lullaby Joslin, and Jimmie Dodd playing Lullaby Joslin. His $150 per week salary during the first year was increased to $200 per week for the second year. These final 13 films in The Three Mesquiteers series (39 through 51) represent some of Tyler's best work, and his last leading roles: Outlaws of Cherokee Trail (1941), Gauchos of El Dorado (1941), West of Cimarron (1941), Code of the Outlaw (1942), Raiders of the Range (1942), Westward Ho (1942), The Phantom Plainsmen (1942), Shadows on the Sage (1942), Valley of Hunted Men (1942), Thundering Trails (1943), The Blocked Trail (1943), Santa Fe Scouts (1943), and Riders of the Rio Grande (1943), the last film in the series.

During this period, Republic Pictures, which failed to secure the rights to Superman, purchased the rights to another comic superhero, Captain Marvel. In his late thirties at the time, Tyler was still in good shape and physique and was offered the title role at $250 per week for four weeks work. In the title role in The Adventures of Captain Marvel (1941), Tyler portrayed the first film adaptation of a comic-strip superhero.

Tyler also starred in The Phantom (1943), based on Lee Falk's famous comic strip. Tyler personified the role, looking especially striking in the character's familiar costume, and much of the serial's great success was due to Tyler himself. It was Tyler's last major screen role. Columbia Pictures intended to make a sequel to The Phantom for years, but the studio's rights to the Phantom property eventually lapsed. The story was hastily rewritten as The Adventures of Captain Africa, starring John Hart, and footage of Tyler's Phantom appears in some of the long shots.

Later years
In 1943, the forty-year-old Tyler was diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis. He was physically limited to occasional supporting roles in Western films, including San Antonio (1945) with Errol Flynn; They Were Expendable (1945), Red River (1948), and She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (1949) with John Wayne; Badman's Territory (1946) with Randolph Scott; Masked Raiders (1949), Riders of the Range (1950), Rio Grande Patrol (1951), and Road Agent (1952) with Tim Holt; West of the Brazos (1950) and several other films with James Ellison; Trail of Robin Hood (1950) with Roy Rogers; and Best of the Badmen (1951) with Robert Ryan. Tyler was one of John Ford Stock Company appearing in six of the director's films.

Beginning in 1950, Tyler transitioned to television work, finding minor roles on The Lone Ranger (1950), Dick Tracy (1950), The Cisco Kid (1950–1951), The Range Rider (1951–1952), and The Roy Rogers Show (1952). His final television appearances were in four episodes of The Gene Autry Show in 1952 and 1953.

Le plus souvent avec

Bob Steele
Bob Steele
(17 films)
Bud Osborne
Bud Osborne
(10 films)
Yakima Canutt
Yakima Canutt
(8 films)
Sam Katzman
Sam Katzman
(7 films)
John Ford
John Ford
(7 films)
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Road Agent
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Acteurs Tim Holt, Robert J. Wilke, Dorothy Patrick, Noreen Nash, Mauritz Hugo, Tom Tyler
Rôle Henchman Larkin
Note59% 2.957942.957942.957942.957942.95794
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Crossroad Avenger: The Adventures of the Tucson Kid
Réalisé par Ed Wood
Genres Western
Acteurs Tom Keene, Tom Tyler, Lyle Talbot, Harvey B. Dunn, Kenne Duncan, Bud Osborne
Rôle Deputy Ed
Note46% 2.321632.321632.321632.321632.32163
Keene plays the "Tucson Kid", an insurance investigator who travels to any town where a suspicious insurance claim has appeared. The career description would allow the proposed series to adopt an anthology format, with a different location and storyline in each episode. The other hero of the story is a sheriff's deputy called Ed (Tom Tyler). Both are middle aged men.
Mysterious Island
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Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Science-fiction, Fantasy, Action, Aventure
Thèmes La mer, Transport, Pirates, Adaptation d'une œuvre littéraire de science-fiction, Politique
Acteurs Richard Crane, Marshall Reed, Gene Roth, Leonard Penn, Rusty Wescoatt, Bernie Hamilton
Rôle Union Dispatch Rider
Note60% 3.0018853.0018853.0018853.0018853.001885
During the siege of Richmond, Virginia, in the American Civil War, POW Capt. Cyrus Harding escapes from his Confederate captors in a rather unusual way – by hijacking an observation balloon. In his escape, Harding is accompanied by sailor Pencroft, his nephew Bert, writer Gideon, loyal soldier Neb, and a dog. A hurricane blows the balloon off course, and the group eventually crash-lands on a cliff-bound, volcanic, uncharted (and fictitious) island, located in the South Pacific, with very unusual inhabitants. They name it "Lincoln Island" in honour of American President Abraham Lincoln.
Plus Fort Que La Loi, 1h24
Réalisé par William D. Russell
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Aventure, Western
Acteurs Robert Ryan, Claire Trevor, Jack Buetel, Walter Brennan, Robert Preston, Bruce Cabot
Rôle Frank James
Note60% 3.0033853.0033853.0033853.0033853.003385
Après la guerre de sécession, le major unioniste Jeff Clanton capture des survivants du gang de Quantrill, et leur laisse la vie sauve. Matthew Fowler, qui traquait lui-aussi les bandits, et qui en veut à Clanton, l'accuse d'un meurtre, et le fait condamner à mort. Clanton est sauvé par Lily Fowler, qui hait son mari pour sa traîtrise. Traqué, Clanton trouve refuge auprès des hors la loi.
Plus Fort Que La Loi, 1h24
Réalisé par William D. Russell
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Western
Acteurs Robert Ryan, Claire Trevor, Jack Buetel, Robert Preston, Walter Brennan, Bruce Cabot
Rôle Frank James
Note60% 3.0033853.0033853.0033853.0033853.003385
À la fin de la guerre de Sécession, Jeff Clinton sauve la vie aux membres de la bande des frères James et Younger, traqués par Matthew Fowler. Pour se venger, Fowler accuse Clinton d’un meurtre et le fait condamner à mort. Clinton s’évade de prison avec l’aide de Lily Fowler, la femme de Fowler, qui déteste son mari. Traqué, Clinton trouve refuge auprès des hors-la–loi qui lui doivent la vie sauve. L’un des bandits, Bob Younger, tombe amoureux de Lily…
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Rôle The Ringo Kid
Note62% 3.1432653.1432653.1432653.1432653.143265
Two cowboys are hired by a rancher to save her brother from a gambler.
Trail of Robin Hood
Réalisé par William Witney
Origine Etats-Unis
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Acteurs Roy Rogers, William Farnum, Tom Tyler, Gordon Jones, Tom Keene, Jack Holt
Rôle Lui-même
Note60% 3.0011753.0011753.0011753.0011753.001175
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Rio Grande Patrol
Réalisé par Lesley Selander
Origine Etats-Unis
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Acteurs Tim Holt, Tom Tyler, Jane Nigh, Douglas Fowley, Cleo Moore, Rick Vallin
Rôle Henchman Chet Yance
Note59% 2.9563652.9563652.9563652.9563652.956365
Fowler fait de la contrebande d'armes à travers la frontière du Mexique. Son acheteur, le hors-la-loi et propriétaire de saloon Bragg Orcutt, fait transiter les armes dans les bagages des filles qui viennent travailler dans son établissement. Les gardes-frontières Kansas et Chito, épaulés par le capitaine des rurales mexicain Alberto Trevino, attendent de le coincer en flagrant délit.
La Charge héroïque, 1h43
Réalisé par John Ford
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Action, Western
Acteurs John Wayne, Victor McLaglen, Joanne Dru, John Agar, Ben Johnson, Harry Carey, Jr.
Rôle Cpl. Mike Quayne
Note71% 3.597743.597743.597743.597743.59774
1876. Après la défaite de Custer à Little Big Horn, la tension s’intensifie sur les frontières de l’Ouest où les tribus indiennes commencent à se regrouper pour partir en guerre contre les « visages pâles » qu'ils veulent chasser de leurs terres. Dans un poste isolé, le capitaine Nathan Brittles (John Wayne), à la veille de prendre sa retraite, doit faire face à ce soulèvement. Ami d’un vieux chef indien, il fera tout pour éviter que le sang ne soit versé et, à cette fin, effectuera en dernier ressort un raid audacieux mais pensé pour ne coûter la vie à personne. Entre-temps, nous assistons au déroulement de la vie quotidienne au Fort où notamment deux jeunes lieutenants se disputent les faveurs de la nièce du commandant (Joanne Dru). Celle-ci arbore un ruban jaune (le yellow ribbon du titre original) signifiant, dans la tradition de la cavalerie américaine, que son cœur est pris.
J'ai tué Jesse James, 1h21
Réalisé par Samuel Fuller
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Historique, Western
Thèmes La famille, Jesse James, Gangsters
Acteurs Preston Foster, Barbara Britton, John Ireland, Tom Tyler, Reed Hadley, J. Edward Bromberg
Rôle Frank James
Note67% 3.393883.393883.393883.393883.39388
Robert Ford, longtemps associé de Jesse James, assassine lâchement celui-ci. Jesse l'avait pourtant sauvé d'une opération manquée, puis hébergé à Saint Joseph, au Missouri, dans sa propre demeure, où il vivait avec sa femme sous une identité d'emprunt. Amoureux de la comédienne Cynthy Waters, Robert Ford prétexte avoir commis ce meurtre afin de vivre librement et de pouvoir l'épouser. Horrifiée, Cynthy refuse cette alliance. La renommée de Robert Ford est telle que les jeunes tireurs, assoiffés de gloire, cherchent à l'abattre. Il participe plus tard à la ruée vers l'or au Colorado. Il s'associe avec un vieux chercheur qui a découvert un filon. Robert fait fortune et invite Cynthy à le rejoindre. Mais, Frank James arrive à Creede, où loge Robert Ford, avec la ferme intention de le tuer.
Samson et Dalila, 2h11
Réalisé par Cecil B. DeMille
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Aventure, Péplum, Romance
Thèmes Religion, La bible, Religion juive
Acteurs Hedy Lamarr, Victor Mature, George Sanders, Angela Lansbury, Henry Wilcoxon, Fay Holden
Note67% 3.396493.396493.396493.396493.39649
Samson, un hébreu d'une force colossale, lutte pour l'indépendance de son peuple soumis aux Philistins, malmenant à lui tout seul l'armée des occupants. Mais Samson s'éprend de la sculpturale princesse Dalila à la beauté troublante, qui découvre que le secret de sa force réside dans ses cheveux. Celle-ci les lui coupe dans son sommeil et le livre aux Philistins. Désormais rendu aveugle, Il périt en faisant s'écrouler le temple sur la foule lors de son jugement.