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Tom Alter est un Acteur Indien né le 22 juin 1950 à Mussoorie (Inde)

Tom Alter

Tom Alter
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Nationalité Inde
Naissance 22 juin 1950 à Mussoorie (Inde)
Mort 29 septembre 2017 (à 67 ans)
Récompenses Padma Shri

Tom Beach Alter, né le 22 juin 1950 à Mussoorie et mort le 29 septembre 2017 à Bombay, est un acteur indien d'origine américaine.

Il a collaboré à Bollywood à côté de grands noms comme Nasserundin Shah ou Shashi Kapoor, mais aussi pris part au théâtre et à certaines productions américaines.

Il reçoit, en 2008, le Padma Shri du gouvernement indien.


Né dans l'Uttarakhand (Inde), Tom Alter est le fils d'un presbytérien américain originaire de l'Ohio, et issue d'une famille installée aux Indes britanniques depuis 1916. Enfant, il étudie l'hindi et s'éprend pour la poésie ourdoue, si bien qu'on l'appelle le saheb aux yeux bleus.

Après avoir vu le film Aradhana (1969) de Rajesh Khanna, il se met en tête de devenir acteur aussi. On lui donne au départ des rôles d'Occidentaux en raison de son apparence physique notamment Lord Mountbatten. Mais, peu à peu, des rôles plus variés lui sont proposés comme celui de Hussain Baba, un illustre poète de langue ourdou.

Passionné de cricket, Tom Alter réalise la première interview de Sachin Tendulkar.

Il est marié et a deux enfants : un garçon, Jamie, et une fille, Afshaan.

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Redrum (2018)

Genres Thriller
Acteurs Tom Alter
Rôle Eric Fernandez
Note46% 2.317382.317382.317382.317382.31738
Redrum is a psychological thriller centring around the turbulent relationship between Daksh and Aarika, a relationship which is affected by Daksh’s issues with drug abuse and temperament. An upcoming singer, Daksh is still finding his foothold in the music industry when he meets Aarika, a young media professional. They instantly fall in love. As the lovers’ fondness for each other grows so does Daksh’s obsession and consequent anger with Aarika. With Fernandez, a renowned detective determined to end the drug racket in the city, meticulously working on Daksh’s case, it is only a matter of time till Daksh’s complexities and insecurities get the better of him.
M Cream
M Cream (2016)
, 1h54
Genres Drame, Comédie, Aventure
Acteurs Imaad Shah, Ira Dubey, Tom Alter, Barry John, Lushin Dubey, Auritra Ghosh
Rôle Arun Bhardwaj
Note55% 2.7576852.7576852.7576852.7576852.757685
Figs is the typical cynic one finds lurking in the expansive lawns of Delhi University. Entangled in a web of drugged out delirium, he’s the quintessential rebel. His world is thrown into disarray when his conservative parents begin to chalk out a strategy for his future. Things only become worse when a sudden scarcity of hash deprives Figs of his favourite pastime. Unable to cope with the situation, Figs joins forces with his best friend Maggie on a quest to attain M Cream, a mythical form of hash. They hastily devise a plan to trek to the far reaches of the Himalayas in pursuit of this goal. Maggie ropes in her boyfriend Niz, who’s purportedly headed to the hills on a photo assignment. Unbeknownst to Figs, the trio is joined by Jay, a close friend of Niz. Chaos ensues as the reckless travelers journey across the Himalayan expanse. The road trip results in a series of unexpected encounters that begin to unravel the myriad realities of rebellion. Difficult choices are made and uncomfortable sides are taken as Figs and the others begin to comprehend the mysterious ways of the world we live in.
Bangistan (2015)

Genres Drame, Comédie
Acteurs Ritesh Deshmukh, Pulkit Samrat, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Rajesh Sharma, Cezary Pazura, Tom Alter
Rôle Imam
Note45% 2.262362.262362.262362.262362.26236
Deux hommes sont chargés d'une même mission meurtrière internationale par leurs groupes religieux rivaux, mais des déboires hilarants viennent perturber leurs plans.
The Path of Zarathustra
Acteurs Tom Alter, Rushad Rana, Shishir Sharma
Rôle Mamwaji
Note68% 3.4370653.4370653.4370653.4370653.437065
The film tells the journey of a young woman born into Zoroastrianism, the religion of her forefathers. Her journey starts with a remote village where she sees her grandfather die, to Mumbai, where she is welcomed by her aunt's adpoted son who confesses that he still loves her. The film also in a unique manner brings back characters from the historical and philosophical past of Zoroastrianism such as Mani,executed by Parsi priests, Mazdak, executed for his radical communistic ideas and Zurvan, a theological avatar 'Time'
Kevi Rite Jaish, 2h8
Genres Drame, Comédie
Acteurs Tom Alter, Rakesh Bedi, Rita Bhaduri, Anang Desai
Rôle Uncle Sam / Derek Thomas
Note79% 3.9872453.9872453.9872453.9872453.987245
In a flashback, Bachu (Kenneth Desai) and Ishwar (Anang Desai) are close friends, who dream of going USA together illegally, though Bachu doesn't have enough money yet. One day Bachu receives a telephone call from Ishwar saying he has managed to reach USA. Bachu feels betrayed and starts resenting his friend.
With Love, Delhi!, 1h40
Acteurs Tom Alter, Pariva Pranati, Seema Biswas, Kiran Kumar
Note73% 3.697963.697963.697963.697963.69796
Khanna (Kiran Kumar), the biggest real estate developer in Delhi, is kidnapped by Ajay (Tom Alter), who claims to be a historian. To rescue Khanna, his daughter Priyanka (Pariva Pranati) has to solve cryptic historical clues pointing to monuments of Delhi. It gets impossible for her to solve these clues. There comes Ashish (Ashish Lal), her friend and a history student, and the entire game takes a wild turn!
The Hangman, 2h42
Acteurs Shreyas Talpade, Om Puri, Gulshan Grover, Smita Jaykar, Tom Alter, Anita Kanwar
Rôle Father Mathew
Note68% 3.4398253.4398253.4398253.4398253.439825
The Hangman, starring internationally acclaimed actor Om Puri (East is East, Jewel in the Crown, City of Joy and Gandhi), is a story about one man's quest to attain redemption. Puri, who gives a compelling performance as the aged and tired executioner Shiva, has been forced into his forefathers' profession.
Dashavatar (2008)

Origine Inde
Genres Aventure, Musical, Animation
Thèmes La musique, Mythologie, Religion, Musique, Mythologie hindoue
Acteurs Tom Alter, Sachin Khedekar, Shreya Ghoshal, Shreyas Talpade, Ashish Vidyarthi, Shankar Mahadevan
Rôle Parshuram (voice)
Note63% 3.194633.194633.194633.194633.19463
Deux enfants, Aarti et Ajay, sont poursuivis par des kidnappeurs. Ils se réfugient dans un temple abandonné, auquel l'un des kidnappeurs finit par mettre le feu. La jeune fille adresse une prière à l'idole de Krishna présente dans le temple. Le dieu répond à ses prières et les deux enfants voient une série d'apparitions en rapport avec les dix avatars de Vishnu.
Bheja Fry
Bheja Fry (2007)

Réalisé par Sagar Ballary
Genres Drame, Comédie
Acteurs Vinay Pathak, Rajat Kapoor, Sarika, Ranvir Shorey, Tom Alter, Milind Soman
Rôle Dr. Shepherd
Note75% 3.7978353.7978353.7978353.7978353.797835
Ranjeet Thadani (Rajat Kapoor) is a music producer married to Sheetal (Sarika) a singer. Ranjeet and his friends get together every Friday for a party. This is a different kind of party where they invite idiots to ridicule them behind the scenes and calling them "talent". They enjoy doing it so much that they don't even mind missing out on family appointments.
Kailashey Kelenkari
Réalisé par Sandip Ray
Genres Thriller
Thèmes Films pour enfants
Acteurs Sabyasachi Chakrabarty, Parambrata Chatterjee, Bibhu Bhattacharya, Deepankar De, Biplab Chatterjee, Haradhan Bandopadhyay
Note69% 3.4919953.4919953.4919953.4919953.491995
The story revolves around the blatant smuggling and illegal trading in ancient sculptures across the country. Detective Feluda steps in to solve the crime and nab the culprits. His cousin Topshe, and Lalmohanbabu, the writer of detective novels who goes by the name of Jatayu, assist him in his work. The story revolves around the theft of the head of Yakshi from the Bhuvaneshwar temple. The novel depicts how Feluda uses Topshe and Jatayu as baits in the fifteenth cave and manages to catch the main villain of the piece − Mr Rakshit, alias Chattaraj in a series of scenes filled with action and high dramatics.