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Tissa Abeysekera est un Scénariste né le 7 mai 1939 à Maharagama (Sri Lanka)

Tissa Abeysekera

Tissa Abeysekera
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Naissance 7 mai 1939 à Maharagama (Sri Lanka)
Mort 18 avril 2009 (à 69 ans) à Colombo (Sri Lanka)

Tissa Ananda Abeysekara (7 May 1939 – 18 April 2009) was a Sri Lankan filmmaker, writer, and director.


Tissa Ananda Abeysekera Guneratne de Fonseka was born in Maharagama, a railroad town 12 miles southeast of Colombo to Sir Arthur Solomn de Fonseka and lady Agnus de Fonseka. Tissa is also the grandson of Sir Carolis de Fonseka, who was a Mudliar to the British and is the great-grandson of Sir Solomn de Fonseka, who was a Gate Mudliar, although Tissa hails from the House of Greenlands in Havlock town, his father and mother happened to be middle-class folk. Due to loss of wealth, Tissa's father declared bankruptcy in 1949; however, it was after this that Tissa said he found himself..[1] He was not sent to school until age 11 due to poor health, and was tutored at home, after which he was educated at Dharmapala Vidyalaya; as a result of his father's loss he was unable to be tutored at home.[2] In school Tissa excelled as an outstanding marksman both as a junior and senior cadet, and also as a brilliant soccer player all the way to first fifteen. Tissa eventually held duties as Head Prefect. Tissa was to go to university to gain an L.L.B. and become a practicing lawyer, as did most members in his father's family; however, a liking to cinema developed in him, which caused curiosity, which eventually led to him being a critic, and a chance meeting with Dr. Lester James peries led him to find his inner film maker. Greatly disapprovingly his father allowed him to go on this endeavor, which today is looked on by more than 20 million people as a life worth living.

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Acteurs Sangeetha Weeraratne
Note69% 3.457793.457793.457793.457793.45779
Set during the 1987-89 JVP Insurrection, Ratnapala (Jagath Chaminda), a student at the University of Colombo and former member of the JVP, comes to visit his mother in Anuradhapura. He is killed by a former comrade (Roshan Ravindra) on the basis of leaking JVP secrets to the Sri Lankan government. The comrade sustains serious injuries from this encounter.
Ganga Addara
Réalisé par Sumitra Peries
Origine Sri Lanka
Acteurs Henry Jayasena, Vijaya Kumaranatunga, Vasanthi Chathurani
Note79% 3.957843.957843.957843.957843.95784
England educated Dr. Sarath Pathirana (Vijaya Kumaratunga), who is willing to try out new methods to treat his patients, is directed towards a special patient by the Head Doctor (Henry Jayasena) at the mental hospital. This patient is a beautiful girl named Nirmala (Vasanthi Chathurani), who does not speak a single word nor trouble anyone excessively unlike any other patient at the hospital.
White Flowers for the Dead, 1h30
Réalisé par Lester James Peries
Acteurs Tony Ranasinghe, Vasanthi Chathurani

Sarath (Tony Ranasinghe) domineers over his timid wife Vineetha (Sriyani Amarasena). When she is to have a Caesarean delivery of their baby, Sarth refuses to be present even though he himself is a doctor. She dies during surgery and Sarath is forced to live with the spectre of his wife hanging over him.
Le Trésor
Le Trésor (1973)

Réalisé par Lester James Peries
Origine Sri Lanka
Genres Drame, Thriller
Acteurs Gamini Fonseka, Wijeratne Warakagoda
Note75% 3.7984453.7984453.7984453.7984453.798445
A man known as Willy Abenayake (Gamini Fonseka) who belongs to a wealthy family in a village in Sri Lanka, is interested in superstitious things. One day he finds an old Ola Leaf manuscript, which states the where-abouts of a treasure in a rock cave that belongs to an ancient king. However, according to the manuscript, he has to sacrifice the life of a virgin woman who has four black birth marks in her neck, in order to gain access to the treasure.
Welikathara, 1h58
Origine Sri Lanka
Genres Drame, Thriller
Acteurs Joe Abeywickrama, Gamini Fonseka
Note25% 1.2573051.2573051.2573051.2573051.257305
The film is about the clash between Goring Mudalali (Joe Abeywickrema) and ASP Randeniya (Gamini Fonseka).
Akkara Paha, 2h8
Réalisé par Lester James Peries
Origine Sri Lanka

Sena (Milton Jayawardena) of weak character is sent to a boarding school at a well-to-do city university by his family who mortgage everything they own to pay for his education. Their future well-being is thus in the hands of Sena. Sena however succumbs to the temptations of city life and fails in his venture.
Devolak Athara, 1h43
Réalisé par Lester James Peries
Origine Sri Lanka
Genres Drame
Acteurs Tony Ranasinghe, Iranganie Roxanna Serasinghe
Note63% 3.171543.171543.171543.171543.17154
At the onset of the film, Nissanka (Tony Ranasinghe) is engaged to marry Shiranee (Jeevarani Kurukulasuriya), a woman of the same social class.