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Tep Rindaro est un Acteur Cambodgien né le 1963 à Province de Battambang (Cambodge)

Tep Rindaro

Tep Rindaro
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Nationalité Cambodge
Naissance 1963 (58 ans) à Province de Battambang (Cambodge)

Tep Rindaro (Khmer: ទេព រិនដារ៉ូ),(born in 1963 in Samrong, Battambang province, Cambodia) is a Cambodian actor and singer, who started acting in 1987. With his career spanning more than two decades, he is one of the longest starring actors in Cambodia since the fall of Khmer Rouge.


Tep Rindaro got married in 1987, a marriage arranged by parents of both sides. They had one daughter, but the relationship lasted for only one year, before the couple got divorced in 1988. Shortly after that, his ex-wife and daughter left Cambodia and are now living abroad. He never got married again, but he has been taking care of two children of his deceased sister.

Le plus souvent avec

Ampor Tevi
Ampor Tevi
(6 films)
Pisith Pilika
Pisith Pilika
(4 films)
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งูเก็งกอง, 1h48
Genres Horreur
Thèmes Mise en scène d'un animal, Film d'horreur avec des animaux, Mise en scène d'un serpent
Acteurs Tep Rindaro, Ampor Tevi
Rôle The Snake God
Note58% 2.942172.942172.942172.942172.94217
Neang Nhi (Ampor Tevi), a woman neglected by her abusive husband, Manop, is working in the fields one day when she accidentally loses her hoe in some shrubbery and encounters a giant python. The snake speaks to Nhi, and says he will return her hoe if she agrees to have sex with him. That night, the snake transforms into a man (Tep Rindaro), brings back the hoe, and has sex with Nhi, a union that results in Nhi's pregnancy.
Miyea Satrey
Acteurs Tep Rindaro

The story occurs when a group of people are stranded out in the forest.