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Ted Donaldson est un Acteur Américain né le 20 aout 1933

Ted Donaldson

Ted Donaldson
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Nationalité Etats-Unis
Naissance 20 aout 1933 (89 ans)

Ted Donaldson (born August 20, 1933, in New York City, New York) is an American former child actor.

Ses meilleurs films

Le Lys de Brooklyn (1945)

Le plus souvent avec

Robert Paige
Robert Paige
(2 films)
Hugh Beaumont
Hugh Beaumont
(2 films)
Jack Norton
Jack Norton
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Karl Freund
Karl Freund
(1 films)
Art Baker
Art Baker
(2 films)
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Appel d'un inconnu, 1h45
Réalisé par Jean Negulesco
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame
Thèmes Transport, Aviation, Films pour enfants
Acteurs Gary Merrill, Shelley Winters, Michael Rennie, Keenan Wynn, Beatrice Straight, Evelyn Varden
Rôle Jerry Fortness
Note69% 3.4964253.4964253.4964253.4964253.496425
L'avocat David Trask quitte sa femme et ses deux filles (pour une raison qui ne sera dévoilée qu'à la fin du film). Il se rend à l'aéroport mais le vol pour Los Angeles est retardé en raison du mauvais temps. Au restaurant de l’aéroport, il fait la connaissance d'autres passagers du même vol : le docteur Robert Fortness, qui boit pour oublier qu'il a causé la mort de plusieurs personnes dans un accident de voiture ; Binky Gay, une femme qui espère devenir actrice et qui ne s'entend plus avec son mari, et Eddie Hoke, un commis voyageur blagueur et farceur qui exhibe fièrement la photo de sa pulpeuse femme.
The Green Promise, 1h33
Réalisé par William D. Russell
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame
Acteurs Marguerite Chapman, Walter Brennan, Robert Paige, Natalie Wood, Ted Donaldson, Robert Ellis
Rôle Phineas Matthews
Note63% 3.1959853.1959853.1959853.1959853.195985
It tells the story of a farmer, Matthews, his son and three daughters. Leaving behind a failing farm, the family travel to pastures new. Help is proffered by agricultural county agent, David Barkley, who is immediately attracted to Matthews's eldest daughter, Deborah. Needing Deborah to run his house, and fearing David may take her away, Matthews refuses David's advice and help. He is pig-headed and sleeps through the pastor's sermon on education, understanding and tolerance. It is Susan's (Matthews's youngest daughter) yearning ambition to raise lambs. Though only ten years old, she joins the 4-H club, secures a loan from the bank and buys two lambs. She cares for them like she is a mother. Barkley strongly advises Matthews against chopping down the forest atop a hill on his land. Matthews goes ahead and sells the land to a logging company. The forest gone, a great storm comes and washes the mud down the incline towards the homestead. Fearful for her beloved lambs, Susan braves the dangerous conditions to rescue the lambs. David returns and rescues both Susan and the lambs. Deborah is atop the hill trying to move rocks in order to build a dam to save their home from the torrent of water. David arrives and pulls her back just as the land falls away. Realizing how close to harm his daughters have come because of his ignorance and selfishness, Matthews apologizes to his family and welcomes David into their home. The community of 4-H members arrive to help them clean up the land following the storm damage.
L'Étalon rouge, 1h21
Réalisé par Lesley Selander
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Western
Thèmes Mise en scène d'un animal, Les chevaux, Mise en scène d'un mammifère
Acteurs Ted Donaldson, Robert Paige, Noreen Nash, Jane Darwell, Pierre Watkin, Ray Collins
Rôle Joel Curtis
Note61% 3.095673.095673.095673.095673.09567
Joel Curtis (Ted Donaldson) is a young orphan who is living with his grandmother, Aggie Curtis (Jane Darwell), on her ranch. Joel finds an orphaned colt in the nearby woods, and names the horse Red. Joel learns that Grandma Curtis has extensive debts, and will be forced to sell her ranch to pay them off. Joel is friends with Andy McBride (Robert Paige), a ranch hand at the nearby Moresby Farms. Joel convinces Andy to help him train Red as a racehorse, with the intention of selling his beloved horse to pay off his grandmother's debts.
For the Love of Rusty, 1h8
Réalisé par John Sturges
Genres Drame
Acteurs Tom Powers, Ann Doran, Ted Donaldson, Aubrey Mather, Ralph Dunn, Dick Elliott
Rôle Danny Mitchell
Note55% 2.773082.773082.773082.773082.77308
Busy attorney Hugh Mitchell wants to become closer to his son, Danny, whom he knows little. He starts arranging a luncheon, but soon finds out that Danny prefers going to the carnival. Still he attends the luncheon, and brings along his dog Rusty, a German Shepherd. All the other boys attending with their fathers are quite amused when Rusty starts fighting with another dog, and the luncheon is abruptly interrupted.
Adventures of Rusty, 1h7
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Aventure
Acteurs Ted Donaldson, Margaret Lindsay, Conrad Nagel, Gloria Holden, Robert B. Williams, Addison Richards
Rôle Danny Mitchell
Note57% 2.861952.861952.861952.861952.86195
The film's plot involves Danny Mitchell (Ted Donaldson), a young kid in the American town of Lawtonville, who is grieving over the loss of his dog. He is also struggling to adjust to his new stepmother, Ann (Margaret Lindsay), and has a difficult relationship with his father (Conrad Nagel) - causing him to call on a psychiatrist (Addison Richards) for assistance. However, Danny befriends Rusty, a ferocious German shepherd who was brought to America from Germany during World War II. Having worked a police dog for the Gestapo, however, Rusty is ill-tempered and Danny struggles to train him. A subplot involves two Nazi saboteurs (Arno Frey and Eddie Parker) who arrive in Lawtonville, attempting to evade the Coast Guard and blow up an installation. They ultimately try to take Rusty by speaking to him in German.
Le Lys de Brooklyn, 2h9
Réalisé par Elia Kazan
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame
Thèmes Alcoolisme, Maladie, Psychotrope, Films pour enfants
Acteurs Dorothy McGuire, Peggy Ann Garner, Joan Blondell, James Dunn, Lloyd Nolan, Ted Donaldson
Rôle Neeley Nolan
Note79% 3.996653.996653.996653.996653.99665
Les Nolan vivent pauvrement dans un quartier de Brooklyn, se serrant les coudes face à l'adversité. La mort de Johnny, le père, plonge la famille dans le besoin. Pour survivre, il leur faudra du courage et de la volonté, à l'exemple de cet arbre qui parvient à s'épanouir dans la cour de leur immeuble…
A Guy, a Gal and a Pal, 1h2
Réalisé par Budd Boetticher
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Comédie dramatique
Acteurs Ross Hunter, Lynn Merrick, Ted Donaldson, George Meeker, Jack Norton, Will Stanton
Rôle Butch
Note64% 3.241223.241223.241223.241223.24122
Helen hésite entre la sécurité financière que lui offre Granville Breckinridge et l'amour qu'elle ressent pour Jimmy Jones.
Mr. Winkle Goes to War, 1h20
Réalisé par Alfred E. Green
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Guerre, Comédie
Thèmes Bidasses, Politique
Acteurs Edward G. Robinson, Ruth Warrick, Bob Haymes, Ted Donaldson, Robert Armstrong, Hugh Beaumont
Rôle Barry
Note66% 3.340153.340153.340153.340153.34015
On June 1, 1942, after fourteen years, mild-mannered 44-year-old Wilbert G. Winkle (Edward G. Robinson) quits his boring bank job to follow his dream, to open a repair shop. Everyone is shocked, particularly his status-conscious wife Amy (Ruth Warrick), who demands he chose between her and his new career. The only exception is Barry (Ted Donaldson), a young orphan Mr. Winkle has befriended.
Il était une fois, 1h29
Réalisé par Alexander Hall
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Science-fiction, Comédie, Fantasy
Thèmes L'enfance, Théâtre, Adaptation d'une pièce de théâtre
Acteurs Cary Grant, Janet Blair, James Gleason, Ted Donaldson, William Demarest, John Abbott
Rôle Arthur "Pinky" Thompson
Note60% 3.0497253.0497253.0497253.0497253.049725
Un producteur de Broadway au bord de la faillite après trois échecs retentissants trouve une solution auprès de deux gamins et de leur chenille dansante.