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Tatyana Vedeneyeva est une Actrice Russe née le 10 juillet 1953 à Volgograd (Russie)

Tatyana Vedeneyeva

Tatyana Vedeneyeva
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Nationalité Russie
Naissance 10 juillet 1953 (68 ans) à Volgograd (Russie)

Tatyana Beniaminovna Vedeneyeva (Russian: Татьяна Вениаминовна Веденеева; 10 July 1953) is a widely known Soviet and Russian actress and an anchor lady for the Soviet children program Good Night, Little Ones!


She was born in Stalingrad, on July 10, 1953.

In 1972, she moved to Moscow and enrolled into Russian Academy of Theatre Arts (locally, GITIS). While being the student in the Theater academy she debuted in several motion pictures such as Hello, I'm Your Aunt! (1975) among the few. Upon graduation Vedeneyeva was invited to the Mayakovsky Theater, but soon was fired for not having a residential permission (propiska). She became well known amongst the Soviet children of 70s and 80s for her leading role in children programs Good Night, Little Ones!, and Visiting a Fairy Land (V gostiakh u skazki) as "Aunt Tania". She was also a presenter on the BBC's televised Russian language course for beginners, Russian Language and People. Later Vedeneyeva led various other TV shows and concert events and was amongst the most popular in the Union. In 1993 was forced to resign.

She moved to France with her husband where she lived until 1999. Since 2000 Vedeneyeva returned to TV.

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Bonjour, je suis votre tante !, 1h38
Origine Russie
Genres Comédie, Musical
Thèmes La musique, Sexualité, Théâtre, Homosexualité, Transsexuels et transgenres, Musique, Adaptation d'une pièce de théâtre, Téléfilm musical, LGBT, LGBT, Travestissement au cinéma
Acteurs Aleksandr Kaliaguine, Valentin Gaft, Mikhaïl Kozakov, Tamara Nossova, Tatyana Vedeneyeva, Armen Djigarkhanian
Rôle Ela Delahay
Note75% 3.7892653.7892653.7892653.7892653.789265
The action takes place at the beginning of 20th century. Unemployed and homeless Babbs Baberley (Alexander Kalyagin) is being chased by the police who attempt to arrest him for vagrancy. Babbs finds himself in a rich house, where he encounters Charlie and Jackie. Babbs' unsuccessful attempt to disguise himself as a woman gives Charlie and Jackie an idea. By threatening to surrender Babbs to the (successfully bribed) police, they force their unexpected visitor to dress once again as a woman and pass himself for Donna Rosa d'Alvadorez, Charlie's millionaire aunt who is expected to arrive with a visit from Brazil. Charlie and Jackie want Babbs to seduce Judge Criggs (Armen Dzhigarkhanyan) with the irresistible charms of a millionaire widow and to trick the Judge into giving his nieces, Annie and Betty, a permission to marry Charlie and Jackie.