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Tatyana Pelttser est une Actrice Russe née le 6 juin 1904 à Moscou (Russie)

Tatyana Pelttser

Tatyana Pelttser
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Nom de naissance Tatyana Ivanovna Pelttser
Nationalité Russie
Naissance 6 juin 1904 à Moscou (Russie)
Mort 16 juillet 1992 (à 88 ans) à Moscou (Russie)
Récompenses Artiste du peuple de l'URSS, Ordre de Lénine, Prix Staline

Tatyana Ivanovna Pelttser (Russian: Татья́на Ива́новна Пе́льтцер; June 6, 1904 in Moscow – July 16, 1992 in Moscow), was a Soviet theatre and film actress, People’s Artist of the RSFSR (1960), and People's Artist of the USSR (1972).

Tatyana Ivanovna Pelttser born into the family of the well-known actor Ivan Pelttser first took the stage at the age of nine. Initially she played in provincial theatres, and then was engaged in MGSPS Theatre (Moscow) and in Moscow Theatre of Miniatures subsequently. From 1947 she was a leading actress of the Satire Theatre.

Tatyana Pelttser made her film debut in the satirical comedy Marriage (Svadba) (1944), and then appeared in the drama film She Defends the Motherland (Ona zashchishchayet rodinu) (1943). Her first remarkable film role was that of Plaksina in Grigori Kozintsev and Leonid Trauberg’s Simple People (1945). The actress gained enormous popularity with her role of Lukerya in the stage play Bride with a Dowry (Svadba s pridanym) (1953), which was filmed and demonstrated in the country’s cinemas on a large scale. It was followed by another successful film, namely Soldier Ivan Brovkin (Soldat Ivan Brovkin) (1955), where she played the main character’s mother.
Her first role in the Satire Theatre was that of Mrs. Jacobs in Evgeny Petrov’s pamphlet “Island of Peace”. In her benefit role of Aunt Tonia in the play Wake Up and Sing Tatyana Pelttser would sing, dance and fly upstairs with the sprite of a young girl, though she was already nearly seventy. In the same manner she performed Marselina in the play Crazy Day, or Marriage of Figaro. Among the great number of her roles in Satire Theatre there stood out her lead in Mother Courage and Her Children: it was an aged woman worn out by war and deprived of her children.

In 1972 Tatyana Ivanovna Pelttser became the People’s Artist of the USSR, the first one in the 48 years of the Satire Theatre’s existence.

Later the actress followed the stage director Mark Zakharov who shifted to the Lenkom Theatre.
In the late years of her life Tatyana Ivanovna Pelttser started losing her memory. Specially for her Mark Zakharov staged the play A Funeral Prayer after the scenario by Grigori Gorin, who made up the character of the old Jewish woman Berta for Tatyana Pelttser.

In 1992 after a nervous breakdown Tatyana Ivanovna found herself in a hospital and died on 16 July 1992. Tatyana Pelttser was buried at Vvedenskoe Cemetery nearby her father’s grave.

Le plus souvent avec

Mark Zakharov
Mark Zakharov
(3 films)
Vera Orlova
Vera Orlova
(2 films)
Georgy  Vitsin
Georgy Vitsin
(2 films)
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Filmographie de Tatyana Pelttser (12 films)

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Oslinaya shkura, 1h25
Genres Science-fiction, Fantasy
Thèmes Films pour enfants
Acteurs Vladimir Etouch, Svetlana Nemoliaïeva, Tatyana Pelttser
Rôle Witch Gravidana
Note67% 3.360943.360943.360943.360943.36094
A bunch of paintings come to life and one of them proceeds to tell the story. A princess ran away from her courtly life, disguising herself in the skin of a donkey that excreted gold coins. When a prince sees her dressed like a princess, he tries to find out who she is.
Двенадцать месяцев, 2h15
Genres Fantasy
Acteurs Tatyana Pelttser, Lev Lemke, Leonid Kouravliov
Rôle Gofmejsterina
Note70% 3.5198653.5198653.5198653.5198653.519865
A young beautiful orphan Girl lives with her uncaring Stepmother, who treats her like a servant, and her spoiled foolish Stepsister. The two of them send her to gather firewood on New Year's Eve. While in the forest, the Girl discovers that odd things are happening: animals begin to talk and play like humans. An elderly Soldier, whom she befriends, tells her that on that day miracles always happen. He mentions that an ancestor of his was lucky enough to meet the Twelve Months in person on New Year's Day.
Le Père Frimas, 1h24
Réalisé par Alexandre Rou
Origine Russie
Genres Comédie, Fantasy, Romance
Thèmes La musique, Musique
Acteurs Inna Tchourikova, Eduard Izotov, Pavel Pavlenko, Vera Altayskaya, Tatyana Barysheva, Tatyana Pelttser
Rôle Eligible Bachelor's Mother
Note64% 3.2474353.2474353.2474353.2474353.247435
Une belle histoire hivernale tirée de contes russes où se croisent les personnages traditionnels du folklore slave . La belle et gentille Nastienka est chassée de sa maison par sa méchante marâtre. Mais elle sera hébergée et récompensée de sa bonté par Morozko. L’amour, l’amitié, la paresse, l’égoïsme… autant de thèmes universels évoqués dans ce film.
Ключ (1961)
, 57minutes
Réalisé par Lev Atamanov
Genres Comédie, Animation
Acteurs Georgy Vitsin, Rina Zelionaïa, Sergey Martinson, Tatyana Pelttser, Vera Orlova
Rôle fairy Tulipina (voice)
Note63% 3.177423.177423.177423.177423.17742
The film is a cautionary tale about the need to develop good work habits, personal responsibility and conscience in life.
Deux capitaines, 1h31
Réalisé par Vladimir Venguerov
Genres Aventure
Acteurs Evgueni Lebedev, Tatyana Pelttser
Rôle Nina Kapitonovna
Note67% 3.3675953.3675953.3675953.3675953.367595
Une grande famille, 1h48
Réalisé par Iossif Kheifitz
Genres Drame
Acteurs Boris Andreyev, Vera Kouznetsova, Alexeï Batalov, Ekaterina Savinova, Iya Arepina, Klara Loutchko
Rôle aunt Liza (uncredited)
Note69% 3.4752153.4752153.4752153.4752153.475215
Le film raconte l'histoire d'une famille russe de travailleurs de chantiers navals. Quand un membre de la famille - Antoine - revient de Moscou, ce dernier rapporte des nouveaux procédés dans la construction des bateaux; les travailleurs doivent alors s'adapter à ces nouvelles techniques de travail et, bien que l'adaptation est difficile, ils parviennent à la surmonter.