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Tadepalli Lakshmi Kanta Rao est un Acteur et Producteur Indien né le 16 novembre 1923 à Kodad (Inde)

Tadepalli Lakshmi Kanta Rao

Tadepalli Lakshmi Kanta Rao
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Nationalité Inde
Naissance 16 novembre 1923 à Kodad (Inde)
Mort 22 mars 2009 (à 85 ans) à Hyderabad (Inde)

Tadepalli Lakshmi Kanta Rao (Telugu: తాడేపల్లి లక్ష్మీ కాంతారావు) (16 November 1923 – 22 March 2009), was an Indian film actor and producer from Telugu cinema.
He was starred in more than 400 Telugu mythological, social and folklore films. He has also acted in a few Hindi, Kannada and Tamil movies. He has produced about five films under the Hyma Films.
In the 1960s he was one of the primary actors in Telugu cinema, along with N. T. Rama Rao and Akkineni Nageswara Rao. Kanta Rao was known for portraying the roles of Narada, Lord Krishna, Arjuna. He played Lakshmana in the blockbuster film Lava Kusha for which he has won the
Rashtrapati Award for best actor in 1963.

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Paandurangadu, 2h36
Réalisé par K. Raghavendra Rao
Acteurs Nandamuri Balakrishna, Sneha, Mohan Babu, Tabu, K. Viswanath, Suhasini Maniratnam
Note52% 2.604292.604292.604292.604292.60429
Pundarika Ranganathudu (Nandamuri Balakrishna) is a follower of Lord Krishna (Nandamuri Balakrishna) but for the wrong reasons and does not listen to his father (K.Vishwanath) and his mother. He does all the mischievous things that Lord Krishna did in his reign. Once when his family members ask him to marry he leaves his village and runs away. After his family members perform a yagnam he comes back to his village. In the neighboring village Lakshmi (Sneha) is a big devotee of Lord Krishna. One night Lord Krishna appears in her dreams and asks her to marry Pundarika. So Lakshmi's father approaches Pundarika but he refuses. Later, after some persuasion from Lakshmi, Pundarika accepts the marriage. Meanwhile a dancer Amrutha (Tabu) comes to their village. Pundarika is mesmerized by her beauty and gets into a relationship with her. He offers all the gold in his house to her. But, after the marriage, he stops visiting Amrutha. Knowing this Amrutha's mother calls Pundarika for a meal and serves kala kuta rasayanam, which makes him violent at a small sound and grabs all his wealth. Then he lands in an unknown place where he kicks a saint (Mohan Babu) and is cursed. The rest of the film is about how Pundarika returns backs to his family and becomes a devotee of Lord Krishna.
శంకర్ దాదా జిందాబాద్, 2h32
Réalisé par Prabhu Deva
Genres Drame, Comédie
Acteurs Dilip Prabhavalkar, Sayaji Shinde, Sadha, Pawan Kalyan, Brahmanandam, Venu Madhav
Note53% 2.6556452.6556452.6556452.6556452.655645
Shankar Dada (Chiranjeevi) is a local goon and ATM (Any Time Murder) (Srikanth) is like his brother. Shankar is in love with Jahnavi (Karishma Kotak) who works at a radio station. She also owns the second innings house. The only problem is that she does not know that Shankar is a goon and believes that he is a professor. When Rajalingam (Sayaji Shinde) takes the second innings house, Jahnavi, Shankar and the residents of the second innings decide to camp in front of his house. What happens when Jahnavi finds out who Shankar really is?
Nijam (2003)
, 3h8
Réalisé par Teja
Genres Action
Acteurs Mahesh Babu, Rakshita, Raasi, Tottempudi Gopichand, Duvvasi Mohan, Talluri Rameshwari
Rôle Narayana Rao
Note66% 3.3482153.3482153.3482153.3482153.348215
Sidda Reddy (Jaya Prakash Reddy) is a powerful mafia leader whose right hand is Devudu (Gopichand). Devudu has a lover called Malli (Raasi). Reddy - who also like Malli - takes her to the bed, which is not liked by Devudu. In the process, Devudu kills Reddy and he becomes the leader of the mafia gang. Venkateswarlu (Ranganath) is a fire officer. In an incident, Devudu sets a marketplace a fire and Venkateswarlu rescues it with his firefighting and at the same time Venkateswarlu slaps Devudu, as he continues throwing Kerosene at the marketplace. Devudu holds a grudge against Venkateswarlu and sends him to jail on a framed charge of murder. Seetaram (Mahesh Babu) who is the son of Venkateswarlu tries to rescue his father from the jaws of police. But in the process, everybody starts asking him for money to do the work. At the end of the day, the police officer kills Venkateswarlu. The rest of the story is about how Seetaram's mother (Talluri Rameswari) takes revenge on the people responsible for the death of her husband with the help of her son Seetaram. The criminals involved in the crime of his father's death are killed one after the other by the mother and the son in a planned and scientific manner. This film tells about an innocent boy, who along with his mother undergoes injustice and also loses his father in this process. The mother in this situation plays the role of a trainer and a guide to her son, making him strong physically and emotionally, to fight back.
Mugguru Monagallu
Réalisé par K. Raghavendra Rao
Thèmes La famille
Acteurs Nagma, Roja, Sreevidya, Palli Babu Mohan, Ramya Krishnan, Ranganath
Note61% 3.051933.051933.051933.051933.05193
Prithvi, Vikram and Dattatreya (Chiranjeevi in a triple role) are the sons of Ranganath and Srividya living in a village. Ranganath goes against Sarath Saxena in an incident and is killed by him. Srividya, who is pregnant with twins, is separated from Prithvi. She thinks that he is killed while escaping from the goons and delivers the twins in a temple. The pujari (priest) who is childless adopts one son and srividya is left with Vikram, who becomes an Assistant Commissioner of Police. Dattatreya is a Dance master. The story revolves on how the brothers unite with one another and also with their mother and take revenge on the villains.
Viswanatha Nayakudu
Réalisé par Dasari Narayana Rao
Genres Biographie
Acteurs Krishna, Krishnam Raju, Sivaji Ganesan, K. R. Vijaya, Mohan Babu, Dr. Prabhakar Reddy
Note75% 3.756113.756113.756113.756113.75611
The story is based on the Indian historical event during 16th century. It narrates the victory of Viswanatha Nayak on his father to express his Rajabhakti towards Srikrishnadevaraya.
Réalisé par Krishna
Genres Drame, Aventure
Acteurs Krishna, Radha, Tadepalli Lakshmi Kanta Rao, Mandakini, M. Balayya, Kaikala Satyanarayana
Rôle Maharajah of Dasarna
Note74% 3.7392353.7392353.7392353.7392353.739235
The kingdom of Dasharna’s has a brave and able army chief by the name Vikrama Simha (Krishna). Princess Alaknanda Devi (Jayapradha) is in love with him. The chief minister contrives to dethrone the king and procure the throne for his son. But as long as Vikrama Singha is present, his plans cannot bear fruit. So he traps Vikrama Singha by getting false witnesses to testify that he has tried to kill the princess. Vikrama Simha is exiled. Meanwhile, the neighbouring kingdom of Avanti has the crown prince Aditya Vardhana (Krishna) who looks exactly like Vikrama Singha is very jovial and tries to spend his time with Jaswanthi (Radha), a dancer who dances in the kingdom. The Queen of Avanti is not happy with this behavior of Aditya Vardhana and she tries to change his behavior and she succeeds in that. She always wanted Aditya Vardhana to get married to Alakananda Devi. But when Aditya Vardhana went to hunt in the forest, he finds Chandana or Vishakanya ( Mandakini) and falls in love with her. Chandana also loves him. Later after some incidents Chandana learns that she is a Vishakanya. She tries to commit Suicide but later is saved by Vikrama Simha. He changes Chandana. Aditya Vardhana convinces Vikrama Simha to rule his kingdom till some problems in the kingdom are solved. Vikrama Simha accepts to that and later returns the throne to Aditya Vardhana. The Raja Guru of Avanti contrives to procure the throne for his son. Aditya Vardhana marries Chandana. Vikrama Simha finally foils the chief minister’s plans to acquire the throne of Dasharna. Vikrama Simha marries Alakananda Devi.
Sri Shirdi Saibaba Mahathyam
Genres Biographie
Acteurs Vijayachander, Chandra Mohan, J. V. Somayajulu, Anjali Devi, Tadepalli Lakshmi Kanta Rao, Sarath Babu
Note75% 3.775973.775973.775973.775973.77597
Bhagwan Shri Sai Baba lived in British India. He was initially shunned by both Hindus and Muslims, especially by Hindu Bal Bhate. Sai was a Muslim and Bal Bhate forbade him to enter any Temple. Rohila, a Muslim, who thought Sai was desecrating the local Masjid by performing Hindu prayers and incantations and attempted to kill Sai. Then he saw both the Allah and Bhagwan in Sai and became a devotee. When Sai was ready to give up his body and resurrect himself after 3 days, just like Lord Jesus, a disbelieving Bal had wanted Sai's body to be cremated within 24 hours - only to find out that Sai had indeed risen, and also became his devotee. Bhagoti, a leper, who was cured by Sai became his follower. Though Sai had no relations, he did call Tatya's mother his sister; Tatya his maternal nephew; a devotee named Laxmi as his daughter, and an elderly woman as his mother. Sai displayed his true form and opulence to another devotee, Nana Chandorkar. Sai lived in a rebuilt Masjid and urged his devotees to pray God, as the Creator and to love and respect all living beings. He begged for alms daily so that he could collect sins and wash them away. He always uttered 'Allah Bhala Kare' and 'Bhagwan Bhala Kare' to both Muslims and Hindus alike. He appeared in a multitude forms to his deities (Lord Jesus, Guru Nanak Devji, Allah, Bhagwan Shri Ganesh) to cater to the various tastes of devotees. Sai was also fond of Nanavli, a mentally challenged devotee, who often challenged Sai. He was one of the few who really understood and accepted Sai as Vishnu's Avatar. Sai appeared simultaneously in a wealthy man's and Nana's dreams and called upon them to construct a Mandir of Bhagwan Shri Krishna. While the construction was under way, Sai prophesied the death of Tatya. Shortly thereafter while bequeathing the nine coins symbolizing nine virtues to Laxmi (which depict Sravan, Kirtan, Smaran, Padaseva, Archana, Namaskar, Dastan, Samveta, & Atmanivrdan) Sai was ready to demonstrate to his devotees why they should not worry about Tatya's impending demise.
Vikram (1986)
, 2h53
Genres Action
Acteurs Akkineni Nagarjuna, Shobana, Annapoorna, Chandra Mohan, Gautami, Kaikala Satyanarayana
Rôle Goppaiah
Note68% 3.444093.444093.444093.444093.44409
The film starts off with Sardar being taken to prison. To get out of the situation, he writes to his best man, Vikram. Vikram goes to Ananda Rao and warns him. He then kidnaps Ananda Rao's daughter Radha. He tells her that he is a police officer and they fall in love; however, she finds out that he is a goon. Nevertheless, she does not leave him but urges him to surrender. Transformed by true love, Vikram surrenders himself to the police and is imprisoned for two years. Back home, Radha tells her brother Rambabu the whole truth. To keep Radha from getting married to somebody else, he calls his friend Tommy to put on a show that Radha and Tommy love each other. Tommy misunderstands the situations and actually falls in love with Radha. When Vikram comes back, he starts working in a garage and tries to reform himself. Despite everything, Ananda Rao kicks him out of his life. After many days and events that follow, Rambabu finds out that Tommy is a smuggler. After getting released from prison, Sardar desires revenge against both Ananda Rao and Vikram, so he kidnaps Radha, Ananda Rao and Rambabu. Vikram comes at the last moment and frees all of them. As a happy ending, Ananda Rao lets Radha marry Vikram.