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Surendra est un Acteur né le 10 novembre 1910


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Nom de naissance Surendranath
Naissance 10 novembre 1910
Mort 11 septembre 1987 (à 76 ans)

Surendra (November 11, 1910 - 1987) was an Indian singer-actor of Hindi films. Known by his mononym, Surendra was educated in Punjab to be a lawyer by profession. He came to Bombay to become a singer on the recommendation of a Delhi distributor and his friends. He was "picked" by Mehboob Khan whom he met at Sagar Movietone, to sing and act in films as an alternative to the then Calcutta-based singer-actor, K. L. Saigal. Surendra started his career with his debut starring role in Deccan Queen (1936) directed by Mehboob Khan. He soon became a part of Sagar Movietone when his song "Birha Ki Aag Lagi More Man Mein" from the film became an "instant hit".

Referred to as "Bombay's Saigal", or "the other Saigal", Surendra formed a popular singer-acting pair with his heroine Bibbo who was one of the 'most important female star of the 1930s and 1940s', following their successful films like Manmohan (1936) and Gramaphone Singer (1938). He worked with acclaimed music directors like Anil Biswas, Khemchand Prakash, Ram Ganguly and Naushad. With composer Naushad, Surendra gave a musical success with the film Anmol Ghadi (1946). Cited as one of the "most popular films of the 1940s" with "evergreen (i.e. classic) hit" songs, it had Surendra singing the famous duet with actress-singer Noor Jehan, "Awaaz De, Kahan Hai" (Call Out To Me, Where Are You?) in rāga Pahādi.

Surendra acted in about 74 films from 1936-1977, nine of which were to be with his mentor Mehboob Khan. Stated to be an "immediate precursor" to Dilip Kumar, Surendra continued to enjoy immense popularity in the 1940s, giving way to character roles with rare singing from the 1950s onwards. His last role as a lead actor was in Ram Bhakt Vibhishan (1958), a devotional film.

Le plus souvent avec

Mehboob Khan
Mehboob Khan
(8 films)
Naushad Ali
Naushad Ali
(5 films)
(5 films)
(3 films)
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Filmographie de Surendra (17 films)

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Waqt (1965)
, 3h26
Réalisé par Yash Chopra
Genres Drame, Policier, Romance
Acteurs Balraj Sahni, Achala Sachdev, Sunil Dutt, Sadhana Shivdasani, Sadhana, Raaj Kumar
Rôle Mr. Khanna
Note77% 3.8896053.8896053.8896053.8896053.889605
Lala Kedarnath Prasanta (Balraj Sahni) has three sons whose birthdays are on the same day. On the occasion of their birthday celebration, they are visited by a well-known astrologer, who advises Lala Kedarnath not to be proud for his past achievements and to not be too optimistic about the future as fate (kismat) plays a key role in life. Lala Kedarnath ignores the prediction and is busy making plans for an even wealthier future. Later that night as he is proclaiming his grand plans for the future to his wife, Laxmi (Achala Sachdev), there is a sudden earthquake and the whole town crumbles. When Lala Kedarnath regains consciousness, his house has been destroyed and his family is gone.
Dil Deke Dekho
Réalisé par Nasir Husain
Acteurs Shammi Kapoor, Asha Parekh, Sulochana, Rajendra Nath, Raj Mehra, Surendra
Rôle Harichand
Note69% 3.472463.472463.472463.472463.47246
Neeta is an heiress, the only daughter of U.K. based Industrialist, Jagat Narayan. She is of marriageable age, and is being wooed by Kailash, Chandra, and Raja. She prefers Chandra over Kailash and Raja, but subsequently changes her mind and falls in love with Raja. Things take a dramatic turn when Jagat and Neeta find out that Raja is not who is claims he is. When Raja defends himself, and calls himself Roop, his very own mother denies this claim, and instead states that Chandra is Roop, her only son. Raja alias Roop must now make attempts to prove himself, and realizes that this is indeed an uphill task.
Baiju Bawra
Réalisé par Vijay Bhatt
Genres Drame, Musical, Romance
Thèmes La musique, Lié à la musique classique, Musique, Politique
Acteurs Meena Kumari, Bharat Bhushan, Surendra, Kuldip Kaur, Bipin Gupta, Manmohan Krishna Chadha
Rôle Sangeet Samrat Tansen
Note72% 3.627613.627613.627613.627613.62761
Tansen is known to be the greatest classical vocalist ever to have existed in India, and was one of the nine jewels (Navaratnas) of Emperor Akbar's court. Nobody could sing in the city unless he or she could sing better than Tansen. If this was not the case, he or she was executed. Baiju Bawra is the story of an unknown singer, Baiju, who is on a mission to defeat Tansen in a musical duel to avenge the death of his father.
Anokhi Ada
Anokhi Ada (1948)

Réalisé par Mehboob Khan
Acteurs Surendra, Naseem Banu, Prem Adib
Note64% 3.228623.228623.228623.228623.22862
Prakash and his older sister (Naseem Banu) live a poor life, and are unable to pay their rent. Laatsaab (Prem Adib) is from a rich family, but having left home lives as a poor homeless man. He tries to help the brother and sister get something to eat. He ventures out during curfew time and is caught by the police but is able to hand the food to the brother and sister. The sister develops a soft spot for Laat Saheb. However the neighbours insist that she be put out of her house as is having a clandestine affair with Latt Saheb. When Prakash dies due to an accident, his sister thinks of moving from their rented accommodation. Travelling by train she again meets up with Laatsaheb, who is going to see his unwell mother. During the journey he lets her know that he loves her, much to her joy. The train they are in meets with an accident and she is presumed dead. She ends up in a hospital where she meets Professor Nath (Surendra) who takes her home as she has lost her memory. He renames her Kamini and blocks any means of her regaining her memory since he's fallen in love with her, and does not want to lose her. Laatsaheb re-enters her life and tries to help her remember her past. Finally she regains her memory and goes off with Lattsaheb, leaving the Professor behind.
Anmol Ghadi, 2h2
Réalisé par Mehboob Khan
Genres Drame, Musical, Romance
Acteurs Suraiya, Noor Jehan, Surendra, Leela Mishra, Ghulam Mohammed
Rôle Chandrabhan 'Chander'
Note70% 3.522743.522743.522743.522743.52274
Chander and Lata were good kid friends in Jahanabad, Lata being the daughter of a rich family whereas Chander was the son of a poor, widow mother. Lata's parents didn't like Renu being friends with Chander. Renu's family gets transferred to Bombay. At the time of departure Renu gifts her watch to Chander as a memento.
Lal Haveli
Lal Haveli (1944)
, 1h51
Acteurs Noor Jehan, Surendra, Yakub, Meena Kumari
Rôle Anand
Note64% 3.237823.237823.237823.237823.23782
The aristrocratic Thakur (Badri Prasad), lives in the Lal Haveli (Red Mansion) with his younger daughter Mukta (Noor Jehan). The Thakur's honour has taken a tragic hit when his older daughter, Lal Kunwar elopes with a common soldier. Though the house is run in the old lavish manner, there is shortage of funds, with the mansion being mortgaged to an old Rajput friend, Lacchman Singh.
Aurat (1940)
, 2h34
Réalisé par Mehboob Khan
Genres Drame
Acteurs Surendra, Sardar Akhtar, Yakub, Arun, Prem Nath
Rôle Ramu
Note66% 3.320673.320673.320673.320673.32067
Radha (Sardar Akhtar) is an indomitable woman, toiling away to feed her three sons and to pay off Sukhilala, the village's rapacious moneylender. When she learns that she is pregnant again, her husband, Shamu (Arun), runs far away, leaving her to fend for herself against poverty and the lecherous advances of Sukhilala. Later, the two eldest children die, leaving her with only two sons: the straight-laced Ramu (Surendra) and the wild Birju (Yakub). The latter of the two becomes a bandit, who kills Sukhilala and kidnaps his childhood sweetheart. As a result, Radha and Ramu are cast out of the village. Eventually, Radha kills Birju for dishonoring her.
Ladies Only, 2h38
Acteurs Sabita Devi, Surendra, Bibbo

Three girls from different regions of India, Sabita Devi (Gujarat), Bibbo (Punjab) and Prabha (Bengal) meet at a railway station. With no place to stay they decide to find accommodation together. A cook (Bhudo Advani) joins them speaking the language from each state. A young crook (Surendra) enters their life and trouble starts brewing between the girls when they all fall in love with him.
Alibaba (1937)
, 2h36
Réalisé par Mehboob Khan
Genres Fantasy
Acteurs Surendra, Sardar Akhtar

Alibaba and his son live with his rich brother Cassim. Marjina and Zabba are two slave girls who work in Cassim’s house. Marjina and Alibaba’s son are in love with each other. Zabba is in league with Abu Hassan, who is the leader of a gang of thieves. Alibaba finds the thieves’ cave and becomes rich. Cassim’s wife insists on knowing the secret of his wealth. Alibaba tells his brother who goes to the cave but can’t get out as he’s forgotten the magic words. The thieves find him and kill him. Alibaba and his son find Cassim and bring his body back for burial. Abu Hassan finds out about Alibaba, and the story then follows Marjina outsmarting Abu Hassan who comes visiting as a merchant.
Jagirdar (1936)
, 2h46
Réalisé par Mehboob Khan
Acteurs Yakub, Bibbo, Surendra, Motilal, Ramchandra Purushottam Marathe
Rôle Jagirdar

Neela (Bibbo) and Jagirdar (Surendra) marry each other without anyone’s knowledge. However, Jagirdar goes missing at sea presumed dead. Neela realises she’s pregnant and when the child is born he’s called illegitimate. Shripat (Pande), a poor farmer marries her and helps take care of her son Ramesh. On his return Jagirdar is angry to find Neela married to Shripat and a fight ensues. When Shripat is killed by Banwarilal everyone assumes Jagirdar is the murderer. Soon with Ramesh’s help they fight the villains with the truth revealed. Ramesh finally accepts Jagirdar as his father.
Manmohan (1935)
, 2h27
Réalisé par Mehboob Khan
Acteurs Yakub, Bibbo, Surendra
Rôle Ashok

Ashok (Surendra) is an artist in love with Vimala (Bibbo). On learning that she is to marry Jagdish (Yakub) he is devastated and paints her portraits which become popular. He starts drinking and finds comfort with another woman. Soon his family wealth starts dwindling. Vimala, who is married by now, tries to help him with her husband’s efforts. However Ashok misunderstands the overture leading to tragedy for him.