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Sture Lagerwall est un Acteur et Réalisateur Suédois né le 13 décembre 1908 à Stockholm (Suede)

Sture Lagerwall

Sture Lagerwall
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Nationalité Suede
Naissance 13 décembre 1908 à Stockholm (Suede)
Mort 1 novembre 1964 (à 55 ans)

Sture Lagerwall (13 December 1908 – 1 November 1964) was a Swedish actor and film director. He appeared in 75 films between 1931 and 1963.

He was born in Stockholm, Sweden and died in Limhamn, Sweden.

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Filmographie de Sture Lagerwall (16 films)

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L'Œil du diable, 1h27
Réalisé par Ingmar Bergman
Genres Drame, Science-fiction, Comédie, Comédie dramatique, Fantasy
Thèmes Religion, Diable
Acteurs Jarl Kulle, Bibi Andersson, Stig Järrel, Nils Poppe, Gunnar Björnstrand, Gertrud Fridh
Rôle Pablo
Note70% 3.547883.547883.547883.547883.54788
En Enfer, le Diable réveille Don Juan pour aller, à la surface terrestre, séduire une belle Scandinave de vingt ans encore vierge, affront de vertu qu'il ne souffre pas.
Med glorian på sned, 1h33
Réalisé par Hasse Ekman
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Sickan Carlsson, Hasse Ekman, Sture Lagerwall, Holger Löwenadler, Siv Ericks, Stig Järrel
Rôle Sixten Löfgren
Note57% 2.8836052.8836052.8836052.8836052.883605
Birgitta Lövgren works as a secretary for the publisher Per-Axel Dahlander. Under the pseudonym Eurydice, she writes a romance novel, which she sends to Anders Dahls publishing house anonymously. The story circles around a nurse who has increasingly drifted away from her husband and is harbouring warm feelings towards her boss. To twist everything around Birgittas husbands mistress, Vera Alm, claims that she has written the novel. Birgitta can't expose her lies since she does not want anyone to know that she has written it, especially her boss...
Dårskapens hus, 1h17
Réalisé par Hasse Ekman
Genres Drame, Comédie
Acteurs Hasse Ekman, Lars Hanson, Gunnar Sjöberg, Douglas Håge, Eva Henning, Åke Fridell
Rôle Jocke Grip
Note47% 2.3690752.3690752.3690752.3690752.369075
During excavations in Stockholm in the year 2248 45,000 feet film from the 1940s by master director Hasse Ekman is found. The material is in disarray but the Society for Ancient Film Research compiles material that is believed to master his artistic intentions.
Un chat blanc, 1h33
Réalisé par Hasse Ekman
Genres Drame
Acteurs Alf Kjellin, Eva Henning, Sture Lagerwall, Gertrud Fridh, Gunnar Björnstrand, Doris Svedlund
Rôle Elias Sörbrunn
Note62% 3.1397753.1397753.1397753.1397753.139775
À Stockholm, un amnésique à la recherche de son identité et aidé d'une serveuse bienveillante craint d'être un fugitif en cavale.
Banketten (1948)
, 1h46
Réalisé par Hasse Ekman
Genres Drame
Acteurs Ernst Eklund, Sture Lagerwall, Hasse Ekman, Eva Henning, Sven Lindberg, Birger Malmsten
Rôle Pierre Cotten
Note68% 3.4194453.4194453.4194453.4194453.419445
Jacob Cotten is just about to turn 60 years old and his prominent family will hold a banquet in his honour to celebrate the occasion. At this time his youngest son announce that he will not inherit his fathers business and money, because he is a communist and want to make it on his own.
Love Goes Up and Down, 1h31
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Sture Lagerwall, Eva Dahlbeck, Thor Modéen, Sigge Fürst, Hjördis Petterson, John Botvid
Rôle Sixten Kennebeck
Note58% 2.9242452.9242452.9242452.9242452.924245
Sixten is a screenwriter who reluctantly travels to a ski resort in Åre to prepare a love story in a ski environment for a film.
The Storholmen Brothers, 1h33
Réalisé par Sigurd Wallén
Acteurs Fridolf Rhudin, Sigurd Wallén, Bengt Djurberg, Sture Lagerwall, Birgit Tengroth
Rôle Ivar Andersson (the widow’s son and Sixten’s cousin)
Note67% 3.3917653.3917653.3917653.3917653.391765
The Sjölund family at Lillholmen Island in the Stockholm archipelago is quite religious and has therefore been regarded as a suitable place for the care of "odd young people adrift" who are to be placed there by the "Municipal Protection Society for Young Girls". One day, the fashionable Sonja Waller, a woman with a "questionable reputation", is expected at the island and the Sjölunds are waiting anxiously. Unfortunately, the young handsome Gunnar Andersson of the neighboring Storholmen Island has been sent to get her at a local steamboat bridge. Sonja, who is a pretty girl, immediately makes a great impression on Gunnar, who soon forgets that he is actually engaged to Aina, Sjölund's daughter. As Gunnar wants to show off for the new guest, the boat trip back to the Lillholmen is delayed for more than an hour. Back at the Storholmen Island, the general mood gets tense as all the locals are anxious to have a glimpse of the woman from the big city. After a short while, Ivar (Gunnar's brother) and Sixten (his cousin), along with the farmhand Snor-August, take off to the Lillholmen under false pretences. This angers Aina who herself maintains that she is actually engaged to Sixten, the heir of half the islet. Sixten is, for the solemn occasion, dressed in a seaman's sweater with the text "Waxholm I" (a famous archipelago steamer) across the chess. When Sonja arrives at the Lillholmen, Aina is horrified to discover that Gunnar and Sixten are almost obsessed by the new woman.