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Sreedhar Surapaneni est un Acteur

Sreedhar Surapaneni

Sreedhar Surapaneni
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Sreedhar Surapaneni was an Indian film actor known for his works predominantly in Telugu cinema. He was starred in around 150 films in lead, supporting and cameo roles. His most notable works include in films like Alluri Seetharama Raju (1974), Mutyala Muggu (1975), America Ammayi (1976), Bhakta Kannappa (1976), Gorantha Deepam (1978), Seetamalakshmi (1978), and Justice Chowdhary (1982).

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Kirayi Dada, 2h55
Réalisé par A. Kodanda Rami Reddy
Genres Action
Acteurs Akkineni Nagarjuna, Amala Akkineni, Jayasudha Kapoor, Krishnam Raju, Kushboo Sundar, Gollapudi Maruti Rao
Rôle Koti
Note65% 3.2566853.2566853.2566853.2566853.256685
Vijay (Nagarjuna), an unemployed guy suffering with family problems, Rani Malini alias Arunabai (Jaya Sudha) a kothi dancer appoints him as a spy against Naga Raja Varma (Rao Gopala Rao) a Zamindar of an estate. Vijay goes to his estate and gets a job, Naga Raja Varma's daughter Rekha (Khusboo) and Naga Raja Varma's henchman Koti's (Sreedhar) daughter Lata (Amala Akkineni) loves Vijay but Vijay loves Lata. One day Vijay comes to know the truth that Naga Raja Varma's younger brother Krishna Raja Varma (Krishnam Raju) is Malini's husband who was killed by Naga Raja Varma and Vijay's father Satyam (Murali Mohan) is trapped in the case and Lata is Malini's daughter and rest of the story goes on how Vijay defeats Naga Raja Varma in the climax.
Adavi Ramudu
Réalisé par K. Raghavendra Rao
Genres Drame, Romance
Acteurs Jayasudha Kapoor, Sreedhar Surapaneni, Nagabhushanam, Kaikala Satyanarayana, Raja Babu, Harish Kumar
Note70% 3.546423.546423.546423.546423.54642
Nagabhushanam and his son Nagaraju (Satyanarayana) runs smuggling and Illegal transport of forest produce in the Forest. Ramu (NTR) opposes and raises the villagers to fight against him. Padma (Jayaprada) Daughter of Forest officer (Jaggayya) loves him. One tribal lady Chilakamma (Jayasudha) also loves him as a brother. Nagabhushanam takes the help of Jaggu (Sridhar) to sent Ramu away from the forest. Later half reveals that Ramu was in fact a Forest officer in secret mission to investigate the case of Forest affairs. The story finally leads to the arrest of criminals.
America Ammayi
Réalisé par Srinivasa Rao Singeetham
Acteurs Ranganath, Deepa Unnimary, Pandari Bai, Sreedhar Surapaneni

Sridhar is an Indian youth staying in America. He marries an American woman Debora and brings her to India. His parents refuse to accept her into their house. Debora learns the Indian culture including language, dance and singing and impresses them. They finally accepts her as her daughter-in-law.
Muthyala Muggu, 2h45
Réalisé par Bapu
Acteurs Sreedhar Surapaneni, Sangeetha, Mukkamala Krishnamurthy, Allu Rama Lingiah, Tadepalli Lakshmi Kanta Rao, Nutan Prasad
Note72% 3.640033.640033.640033.640033.64003
Raja Rao Bahadur (Kanta Rao) is the head of a wealthy and charitable landlord family who has a young son Sreedhar. At his son's request, Rao helps his college friend (Hari) with the costs of higher education abroad. Hari is grateful and invites Sreedhar to his sister Laxmi's (Sangeeta) wedding in the village. Due to unusual circumstances, Sreedhar ends up marrying Lakshmi. This enrages Mukkamala who is the Raja's brother-in-law, who was hopeful of getting his daughter (Jaya Malini) married to Sreedhar.
Alluri Seetha Ramaraju, 3h7
Genres Biographie, Action
Acteurs Krishna, Vijaya Nirmala, Kongara Jaggaiah, Sreedhar Surapaneni, Ashish Vidyarthi, Chandra Mohan
Note75% 3.779843.779843.779843.779843.77984
Cinematic version of the life of the legendary freedom fighter, Alluri Sitaramaraju who raised voice against the cruelity of British rulers and fought for the tribals.