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Spencer Gordon Bennet est un Acteur, Réalisateur et Producteur Américain né le 5 janvier 1893 à Brooklyn (Etats-Unis)

Spencer Gordon Bennet

Spencer Gordon Bennet
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Nationalité Etats-Unis
Naissance 5 janvier 1893 à Brooklyn (Etats-Unis)
Mort 8 octobre 1987 (à 94 ans) à Santa Monica (Etats-Unis)

Spencer Gordon Bennet (January 5, 1893 – October 8, 1987) was an American film producer and director. Known as the "King of Serial Directors", he directed more film serials than any other director.


Born in Brooklyn, New York, Bennet first entered show business as a stunt man, when he answered a newspaper ad to jump from the Palisades of the Hudson River while wearing a suit for the serial film Hurricane Hutch (1921). The gig at that time paid $1 per foot he had to fall.

He made his directorial debut in 1921's Behold the Man but made his serial directorial debut in 1925 with Sunken Silver. He would keep making serials, as well as B-Western features, until the very end of the genre, directing the very last two serials made in the United States, Blazing the Overland Trail (1956) and Perils of the Wilderness (1956). After the serials ended he directed a handful of features, his final directorial credit being 1965's The Bounty Killer, which was also the final film to feature pioneering cowboy star Broncho Billy Anderson. When he died in 1987, his tombstone was engraved "His Final Chapter".

Over his long career Bennet directed over 100 serials, including both Superman serials, The Adventures of Sir Galahad, Batman and Robin, The Tiger Woman, Captain Video, and numerous western serials. Among his western "B" features were his long-running Red Ryder series, featuring Red Barry.

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Les Rôdeurs de l'air
Réalisé par George B. Seitz
Origine Etats-Unis
Thèmes Transport, Aviation
Acteurs George B. Seitz, June Caprice, Harry Semels, Spencer Gordon Bennet, Marguerite Courtot

George Rockwell (Seitz) is young and adventurous. He meets June (Elliott), a beautiful young girl on the road and decides she will be his wife. But Professor Elliott (Redman), June's father, has him thrown out the door. George does not give up and saves the Professor from his cousin Murdock (Cuny), who was trying to kill him.


Le sous-marin atomique, 1h12
Réalisé par Spencer Gordon Bennet
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Science-fiction, Thriller
Thèmes La mer, Transport, Guerre en milieu sous-marin
Acteurs Dick Foran, Arthur Franz, Brett Halsey, Tom Conway, Bob Steele, Victor Varconi
Note52% 2.6076952.6076952.6076952.6076952.607695
Les navires disparaissent sur la route à travers la mer de l'Arctique, et un sous-marin spécial est envoyé pour enquêter.
Submarine Seahawk, 1h23
Réalisé par Spencer Gordon Bennet
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Guerre
Thèmes La mer, Transport, Guerre en milieu sous-marin, Politique, Forces armées des États-Unis
Acteurs John Bentley, Brett Halsey, Paul Maxwell
Note48% 2.440522.440522.440522.440522.44052
Captain Turner (John Bentley) and his crew patrol the Pacific for enemy ships. An expert on Japanese naval ships, Turner is assigned to gather reconnaissance information. As his crew grows restless for battle, the captain must convince the men their mission will ultimately lead to defeating the enemy.
Blazing the Overland Trail
Réalisé par Spencer Gordon Bennet
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Western
Acteurs Dennis Moore, Lee Roberts, Gregg Barton, Don C. Harvey, Reed Howes, Al Ferguson

Rance Devlin intends to build his own empire in the American west using his Black Raiders and allied Indians to do so. Only US Army scout Tom Bridger, allied with Pony Express rider Ed Marr and U.S. Army cavalry Capt. Frank Carter, can stop him.
Perils of the Wilderness
Réalisé par Spencer Gordon Bennet
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Western
Acteurs Dennis Moore, Kenneth MacDonald, Evelyn Finley, Rick Vallin, John Elliott, Don C. Harvey
Note58% 2.93572.93572.93572.93572.9357
The film sees US Deputy Marshal Dan Lawson teaming up with RCMP Sergeant Gray to go undercover and capture the nefarious smuggler Bart Randall. Lawson, posing as an outlaw called Laramie, is ready to infiltrate the gang led by Randall, a self-styled Gun Emperor of the Northwest, who is wanted for murder and bank robbery in the United States. In addition to the difficulties inherent in the mission, Lawson has other issues to deal with, including the use of a fake totem and flying a hydra plane to overawe the menacing Indians and regenade whites. He also is aided in his search by Donna Blaine, who is suspected at first of giving information to Randall, but who in reality is a Canadian secret agent investigating Randall's illegal gun trading with the Indians.
Adventures of Captain Africa
Réalisé par Spencer Gordon Bennet
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Aventure
Acteurs John Hart, Rick Vallin, Ben Welden, Bud Osborne
Note65% 3.270183.270183.270183.270183.27018
Trapper Nat Coleman and government agent Ted Arnold come upon a plot to take over an African nation. Its leader, Caliph Abdul el Hamid, has been exiled from his country and replaced by a look-alike usurper allied with an unnamed foreign power. The Caliph intends to return but enemy agents Boris and Greg are out to stop him. Captain Africa a masked jungle lord, appears occasionally to aid Nat and Ted.
Jungle Jim L'énigme de la Jungle, 1h8
Réalisé par Spencer Gordon Bennet
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Action, Aventure
Thèmes Afrique post-coloniale
Acteurs Johnny Weissmuller, Angela Stevens, Selmer Jackson, William Tannen, Edgar Latimer "Ed" Hinton, Jr., Abel Fernandez
Note74% 3.714343.714343.714343.714343.71434
Jungle Jim Type Johnny Weissmuller aide le professeur Blakely chercher un collègue qui manque est maintenant en cours de lecture « dieu » pour un groupe d'indigènes.
Gunfighters of the Northwest
Réalisé par Spencer Gordon Bennet
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Western
Acteurs Jock Mahoney, Clayton Moore, Phyllis Coates, Don C. Harvey, Marshall Reed, Rodd Redwing
Note69% 3.494843.494843.494843.494843.49484
White Horse Rebels, under the command of a mystery villain known only as The Leader, attempt to create an independent "White Horse Republic" in Canada's north west. Funded by gold from the Marrow Mine, they attack Canadian settlements in the area. The North-West Mounted Police, represented primarily by hero Sgt. Ward and his sidekick Constable Nevin are, work to top the rebels and discover The Leader's real identity. An added complication comes in the form of First Nations, Blackfeet driven into Canada from the United States, who attack both sides and whom the rebels attempt to use as scapegoats for their own attacks.
Riding with Buffalo Bill
Réalisé par Spencer Gordon Bennet
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Action, Aventure, Western
Acteurs Marshall Reed, Rick Vallin, Jack Ingram, William Fawcett, Gregg Barton, Michael Fox

Le célèbre scout Bill Cody vient en aide à Rocky Ford lorsque son ranch est attaqué par des hors-la-loi. Rocky lui apprends que l'homme qui est l'instigateur de ces attaques est Roy Carney qui tente de stopper l'avance de la voie ferrée afin de garder la contrée sous son emprise.
Jungle Jim le Tueur de la Jungle, 1h8
Réalisé par Spencer Gordon Bennet
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Science-fiction, Action, Aventure
Acteurs Johnny Weissmuller, Carol Thurston, Nestor Paiva, Ray Corrigan, Michael Fox, Harry Wilson
Note66% 3.3396053.3396053.3396053.3396053.339605
chasseurs blancs méchants testent leurs armes de guerre des germes à l'aide d'animaux sauvages en Afrique ... jusqu'à ce qu'ils courent dans Jungle Jim.
Blackhawk (serial), 4h2
Réalisé par Spencer Gordon Bennet, Fred F. Sears
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Science-fiction, Action, Aventure
Thèmes Transport, Aviation, Super-héros, Super-héros inspiré de comics
Acteurs Kirk Alyn, John Crawford, Michael Fox, Carol Forman, Don C. Harvey, Rick Vallin
Note67% 3.3774353.3774353.3774353.3774353.377435
Blackhawk et son escadron volant sont des vétérans de la Deuxième Guerre mondiale qui doivent empêcher des espions de voler un carburant expérimental.
La levée des Tomahawks, 1h13
Réalisé par Spencer Gordon Bennet
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Western
Thèmes Politique
Acteurs Jon Hall, Jay Silverheels, Michael Ansara, Harry Cording, James Seay, George Eldredge
Note48% 2.422462.422462.422462.422462.42246
1812, dans l'Indiana, un conflit oppose les États-Unis et la Grande-Bretagne. Les deux pays se battent pour obtenir le soutien des Shawnee menés par leur chef Tecumseh et ainsi se ménager le plus grand territoire possible. Tecumseh est un artisan de la paix et pro-américain car les États-Unis lui livrent des vivres. Le frère de Tecumseh, dit le Prophète, veut mener son peuple à la guerre et défie son frère qui le bat. Du coup le Prophète et ses hommes quittent le village et décident d'attaquer la tribu du Chef Litttle Cloud, lui aussi un pacifiste...