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Spede Pasanen est un Acteur, Réalisateur, Scénariste, Producteur et Sound Finlandais né le 10 avril 1930 à Kuopio (Finlande)

Spede Pasanen

Spede Pasanen
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Nom de naissance Pertti Olavi Pasanen
Nationalité Finlande
Naissance 10 avril 1930 à Kuopio (Finlande)
Mort 7 septembre 2001 (à 71 ans) à Kirkkonummi (Finlande)

Pertti Olavi "Spede" Pasanen (10 April 1930 – 7 September 2001) was a Finnish film director and producer, comedian, humorist, inventor, TV personality and practitioner of gags.

During his career he directed, wrote, produced or acted in about 50 movies and participated in numerous TV productions, including the comedy Spede Show and the game-show Speden Spelit. Much of his more commercial work was in collaboration with Vesa-Matti Loiri (whose most popular character created by Pasanen was Uuno Turhapuro; first in TV sketches and then in a long-lasting series of motion pictures) and Simo Salminen. Pasanen's films and TV shows, often made fast and inexpensively in a conveyor-belt mode, usually didn't gain much recognition from the critics but were extremely popular among Finnish audiences from the 1960s onwards.

He was the owner of his own film production company, Filmituotanto Spede Pasanen Ky. He is noted as the main influence of many who make an attempt to break into the Finnish comedy scene. Spede also had a long, strained relationship with Suomen elokuvasäätiö, a government-financed film-funding organisation which continuously refused to fund his movies.


Spede married Pirjo Vainimäki, the leading lady of his first starring picture X-Paroni, in 1965. Spede's first and only child, Pirre Pasanen, was born later that year. The couple separated in the early 1980s and divorced later.

A family private individual, Pasanen did not discuss his personal relationships in public. He had a long relationship with the 1976 Miss Europe, Riitta Väisänen. Pasanen valued loyalty and friendship, and even after separation, kept employing and financially supporting previous companions. During and after relationships, he vouchsafed confidentiality and privacy for all involved in his private life. His good relations with the media might have helped with this.

Pasanen's nickname "Spede" came from an earlier nickname "Speedy", referring to his prowess as an ice hockey player during his childhood.

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Uunon huikeat poikamiesvuodet maaseudulla
Réalisé par Ere Kokkonen
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Vesa-Matti Loiri, Tapio Hamalainen, Olavi Ahonen, Marjatta Raita, Simo Salminen, Spede Pasanen
Rôle Härski Hartikainen
Note50% 2.5073552.5073552.5073552.5073552.507355
Uuno Turhapuro becomes the President of Finland. Streets are named after him and honorary companies are arranged for him. He also tries to turn Finland into a kingdom.
Uuno Turhapuro muuttaa maalle
Réalisé par Ere Kokkonen
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Vesa-Matti Loiri, Marjatta Raita, Tapio Hamalainen, Olavi Ahonen, Spede Pasanen, Simo Salminen
Rôle Härski Hartikainen
Note60% 3.000463.000463.000463.000463.00046
Uuno's father-in-law, Councillor Tuura, is losing his nerves again. He decides to make a complete change in his life, and moves to the country together with his wife and daughter Elisabeth without telling Uuno about it. Uuno, on the other hand, has decided to try to salvage his marriage by spending a week away from home, without telling his wife where he is. When Uuno returns with flowers, his wife has moved away. Uuno finds a notice left by Elisabeth in the refrigerator, although the notice was written by Uuno's father-in-law. Uuno hears that Härski Hartikainen and Sörsselssön plan to close down the car service station and go to emergency service work. Uuno joins them.
Uuno Epsanjassa
Réalisé par Ere Kokkonen
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Vesa-Matti Loiri, Marjatta Raita, Tapio Hamalainen, Simo Salminen, Spede Pasanen, Satu Silvo
Rôle Härski Hartikainen
Note60% 3.000993.000993.000993.000993.00099
Uuno Turhapuro (played by Vesa-Matti Loiri) is searching for a job and takes a correspondence course in tour guiding. Eventually he gets a job in a small travel agency and takes a group of Finnish tourists to Marbella, Spain. Unfortunately Uuno's father-in-law Tuura (Tapio Hämäläinen) is in the group, too, with his wife (Marita Nordberg) and daughter, Uuno's wife Elisabet (Marjatta Raita). Tuura tries to get a signature to an important paper from a minister who's having a holiday in the area. Meanwhile, Uuno just relaxes and enjoys the sun.
Uuno Turhapuro armeijan leivissä
Réalisé par Ere Kokkonen
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Vesa-Matti Loiri, Marjatta Raita, Spede Pasanen, Simo Salminen, Tapio Hamalainen, Hannele Lauri
Rôle Härski Hartikainen
Note66% 3.3469953.3469953.3469953.3469953.346995
Uuno is forced to complete his mandatory military service when it is revealed that he only spent one day in the army in his youth. As is typical of the Turhapuro series, his family and friends become closely tied in with these events. His friends Härski Hartikainen and Sörsselssön return to the army for a refresher course and by chance Uuno's father-in-law, Councillor Tuura is made the Finnish Defence Minister. As Uuno's superiors in the army learn of the high position of his father-in-law, they incorrectly deduce that Uuno has been sent to seek flaws in the leadership and conduct of the army. They try to bribe the completely oblivious Uuno with promotions to have him keep his mouth shut. Within one week, Uuno has been promoted from private to major.
Koeputkiaikuinen ja Simon enkelit
Réalisé par Spede Pasanen
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Simo Salminen, Vesa-Matti Loiri, Tapio Hamalainen, Olavi Ahonen, Spede Pasanen
Rôle Matemmatikko Mauno Mutikainen
Note53% 2.6578252.6578252.6578252.6578252.657825
Mathematician Mauno Mutikainen (Pasanen) is accidentally pronounced dead as a result of an operation where a splinter is being removed from his finger, which he got by scratching his head. He is then cloned into a test-tube adult, a play on the phrase test-tube child, named Richard Ilyevitch Jyrä by his creator, father and mother, Dr. Jyrä (Hämäläinen), his name is intended to appeal to both American and Soviet sensibilities.
Häpy Endkö? Eli kuinka Uuno Turhapuro sai niin kauniin ja rikkaan vaimon
Réalisé par Ere Kokkonen
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Vesa-Matti Loiri, Marjatta Raita, Tapio Hamalainen, Ritva Valkama, Olavi Ahonen, Simo Salminen
Rôle Härski Hartikainen
Note59% 2.9503752.9503752.9503752.9503752.950375
Uuno moves in flight cargo to Helsinki for the search of a rich, beautiful wife. He buys elegant clothes for eight marks from an estate auction and in two weeks becomes the most pursued bachelor in town, charming all the women. He also starts as a waiter in Vaaleanpunainen sika (Pink Pig), which starts the first quarrels between him and his father-in-law.
Lottovoittaja UKK Turhapuro
Réalisé par Ere Kokkonen
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Vesa-Matti Loiri, Marjatta Raita, Tapio Hamalainen, Spede Pasanen, Simo Salminen, Seela Sella
Rôle Härski Hartikainen
Note61% 3.099823.099823.099823.099823.09982
It is the first anniversary of Uuno (Vesa-Matti Loiri) and Elisabet (Marjatta Raita). Uuno has placed a bet with his friend Härski-Hartikainen (Spede Pasanen) a year ago, that if Uuno can take just one year of marriage with Elisabet, Hartikainen will treat him a festive dinner. However, Hartikainen buys a lottery ticket for Uuno, who agrees to deduct it from his debt – and the festive dinner is reduced to a can of milk and half a sausage. As it happens, Uuno becomes the lottery winner of 1.5 million marks, only to soon realize he doesn't own a single penny yet. Mister Tossavainen (Seppo Laine) arrives and offers to finance Uuno before he actually gets the jackpot. Thus, Uuno gets to live a rich live on credit. He buys a raccoon fur, leopard swimming trunks and a couple of Mercedes-Benzes. Women begin to fancy Uuno and so does his father-in-law (Tapio Hämäläinen). As time goes by it is revealed, though, that Uuno is not actually a lottery winner, and so he has to escape the anger of others to Härski's car repair shop.
Professori Uuno D.G. Turhapuro
Réalisé par Ere Kokkonen
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Vesa-Matti Loiri, Marjatta Raita, Spede Pasanen, Ere Kokkonen, Juhani Kumpulainen
Rôle Härski Hartikainen
Note59% 2.955292.955292.955292.955292.95529
Uuno is unemployed and his friends try to arrange a job for him. With his imagination, though, and the help of Härski Hartikainen (Spede Pasanen), he somehow manages to avoid all work, until he becomes what he has always dreamt of being - a film star. Uuno's father-in-law has other plans for his occupation, though: since Uuno knows the Dandelion, he has potential for a professor of botany.
Hirttämättömät, 1h25
Réalisé par Vesa-Matti Loiri, Spede Pasanen
Genres Comédie, Western
Acteurs Simo Salminen, Olavi Ahonen, Spede Pasanen, Vesa-Matti Loiri
Rôle Speedy Gonzales
Note65% 3.2954553.2954553.2954553.2954553.295455
The Lonely Rider (Loiri) and his Indian sidekick Tonto (Salminen) have captured the outlaw Speedy Gonzales (Pasanen), a ruthless gunfighter from the town of Njietponimaistadi. They embark to the town for the reward. After riding through the desert, without water, and fighting against Indians, they discover their heroism has brought them back, full circle.
Speedy Gonzales - noin 7 veljeksen poika, 1h25
Réalisé par Ere Kokkonen
Genres Comédie, Western
Acteurs Spede Pasanen, Esko Salminen, Leo Jokela, Ville-Veikko Salminen, Simo Salminen, Olavi Ahonen
Rôle Moses Gonzales / Speedy Gonzales
Note61% 3.09963.09963.09963.09963.0996
The outlaw Speedy Gonzales rides into town in New York to investigate the death of his brother, Mooses. Despite being met by resistance from the locals, he is determined to solve the crime. Meanwhile, two of the world's worst gunslingers are matching their skills and the desperate desperado Clyde is trying to rob a bank with abysmal success...
Näköradiomiehen ihmeelliset siekailut
Réalisé par Ere Kokkonen
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Spede Pasanen, Vesa-Matti Loiri, Leo Jokela, Simo Salminen, Tamara Lund
Rôle Mikko Syvärivi / K. Mikko Ovimikko
Note53% 2.663662.663662.663662.663662.66366
The plot concerns the character of Mikko Syvärivi (Pasanen) who works as a night-watchman and also becomes an assistant at a Finnish Television Company. His first day at work starts out quite humorously as he is mistaken as a minister in the Finnish parliament by an urging reporter Antti Vasa (Loiri) who takes him to a live TV-interview. Unfortunately due to the incident Vasa is demoted in to reporting on indifferent news-items with a minimal news-crew and often allowed to ask one question.
Réalisé par Ere Kokkonen
Genres Comédie, Policier
Acteurs Spede Pasanen, Vesa-Matti Loiri, Tamara Lund, Simo Salminen, Juhani Kumpulainen, Jukka Sipilä
Rôle Jim King
Note53% 2.6663352.6663352.6663352.6663352.666335
Jim King (Spede Pasanen) is the rich owner of a toy company and a constant pain for his closest competitor Krakström (Juhani Kumpulainen) from whom he keeps snatching important toy contracts. As a result, Krakström's company is nearing bankruptcy, which causes friction when King starts dating Krakström's daughter Sylvi (Tamara Lund).