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SP. Muthuraman est un Acteur, Réalisateur, Scénariste et Producteur Indien né le 7 avril 1935 à Karaikudi (Inde)

SP. Muthuraman

SP. Muthuraman
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Nom de naissance Muthuraman
Nationalité Inde
Naissance 7 avril 1935 (87 ans) à Karaikudi (Inde)

SP. Muthuraman is an Indian film director who works in the Tamil film industry. He has directed nearly 75 films in Tamil. He was one of the most successful commercial directors in Tamil cinema. Initially he worked mainly with Sivaji Ganesan, Jaishankar and Kamal Haasan. In the late 1970s, his association with Rajinikanth proved to be extremely successful, as they went on work together in 25 films. Muthuraman was mainly responsible for moulding Rajini's career and turning him into a commercial star. He has received two South Filmfare Awards and a Best Director award from the Tamil Nadu State Government. He was also the associate producer of the Rajinikanth starrer Sivaji.




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Aachi Manorama
Aachi Manorama
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Sagalakala Vallavan, 2h18
Réalisé par SP. Muthuraman
Genres Drame, Comédie, Action, Romance
Acteurs Kamal Haasan, Ambika, SP. Muthuraman, Raveendran (Ravindher), Y. G. Mahendran, Thengai Srinivasan
Note63% 3.1937353.1937353.1937353.1937353.193735
A young agriculturist Velu (Kamal Hassan) goes to extremes to attain revenge against his devious landlord and her family. He is an upright young man, but when his family gets cheated out of money, he decides it's time to take a stand. Donning various disguises, he—with help from his sister Valli (Thulasi)—sets out seeking justice against the landlord and her confrontational daughter Geetha (Ambika) and son Pazhani (Raveendran).
Nenjil oru alaayam, 2h32
Réalisé par C. V. Sridhar
Thèmes Maladie, Le cancer
Acteurs R. Muthuraman, Kalyan Kumar, SP. Muthuraman, Devika, Nagesh, Aachi Manorama
Note75% 3.79943.79943.79943.79943.7994
Murali (Kalyan Kumar) goes abroad to pursue higher studies in medicine. Unfortunately, during his tenure overseas, his girlfriend Seetha (Devika) is forced by her parents to marry another person. Devastated upon hearing the news, Murali swears a vow of lifelong celibacy and devotes himself to saving people suffering from cancer. A few years later, Venu (R. Muthuraman) happens to be critically ill with cancer and has to be operated upon. The treatment for Venu progresses well until Murali meets Venu's wife, who happens to be Seetha. When Seetha comes to know that the doctor treating Venu is Murali, whom she had left, she becomes upset.


Thottil Kuzhandhai, 2h30
Réalisé par SP. Muthuraman
Acteurs Ramki, Ranjitha, Anandaraj, Janagaraj, Vinu Chakravarthy, Kovai Sarala

The film began with the abandonment of a baby girl in a baby hatch and that baby was brought up in a government orphanage. Now, Raani (Ranjitha) is a gifted woman and she is the proud of the orphanage. She then goes to a renowned college. There, Raani meets the village boy Pitchai (Ramki) and she changes him into a perfect city dweller, they slowly become best friends. After the studies, Pitchai and Raani fall in love with each other. Raani becomes a Sub-inspector of police while Pitchai becomes a district collector. Soon, they have to face the smuggler Rajarathnam (Anandaraj) and his son Murali (Karan). What transpires later forms the crux of the story.
Réalisé par SP. Muthuraman
Genres Comédie, Action
Acteurs Rajinikanth, Kushboo Sundar, Jayasudha Kapoor, Aachi Manorama, Tiger Prabhakar, Janagaraj
Note53% 2.6687652.6687652.6687652.6687652.668765
The film is about Pandian (Rajinikanth) who wants to avenge his sister's (Jaysudha) husband's ( Charan Raj) death. He joins the murderer's gang, and how he takes revenge forms the crux of "Pandian". Then the gang came to known as Pandiyan made undercover operation, Pandiyan was a police officer, then rest of the story deals with how pandiyan caught the culprit, with style approach of Pandiyan (Rajinikanth).
Athisaya Piravi
Réalisé par SP. Muthuraman
Genres Comédie, Fantasy, Action
Acteurs Rajinikanth, Kanaka, Nagesh, Jai Ganesh, Cho Ramaswamy, Vinu Chakravarthy
Note68% 3.4387553.4387553.4387553.4387553.438755
Kalicharan (Rajinikanth) lives a poor lifestyle with his widowed mother. He falls in love with a girl called Sumathi (Sheeba Akashdeep), but because of his poor background Suman's wealthy father, Mukesh (Nagesh), is not ready to accept him. Kalicharan also gets into hot water with Mukesh as he opposes his men who were planning to demolish some huts. Mukesh and his partner (Jaiganesh) devise a plan to kill Kalicharan by tricking him into believing that he was going to marry him to Suman. The plan works and they eventually succeed in killing him. Kalicharan's spirit goes to the underworld and meets the Lord of Death himself, Yamadharma Raja (Vinu Chakravarthy). Kalicharan explains Yama the whole ordeal and that his death was a mistake, so Yama transports him back to an identical body of a mild-mannered villager, Balwant Balu, whose life is threatened by his paternal uncle and aunt, who are trying to kill him.
Raja Chinna Roja, 3h
Réalisé par SP. Muthuraman
Genres Drame, Comédie, Action, Romance
Acteurs Rajinikanth, Gautami, Arjun Sarja, Raghuvaran, Ravichandran, Chinni Jayanth
Note68% 3.433393.433393.433393.433393.43339
An aspiring young wannabe actor Raja (Rajinikanth) from a village get into a fast city which is full of crooks and drug dealers. As he searching for a place in the dream factory, he falls for the daughter of the house owner (Jaiganesh). Charmed by his looks and character, the girl (Gowthami) also falls for him. One day he accidentally meet his childhood friend Bhaskar (Raghuvaran) who is a spoiled rich guy. He offers Raja an acting job, then takes him to his uncle's house. Raja is to be in charge of the administration of the household and take care of five children (Bhaskar's nieces and nephews) each of whom have issues (such as being lazy, not studying etc). Raja finds out that Bhaskar is cheating his uncle out of funds and using him to do the same. Bhaskar involves in drug business along with his associates (Azhagu, Kitty). Ravichandran who has blindness recovers from the problem and pretends to be blind in order to find out the truth of Bhaskar. After finding out the truth, Ravichandran throws Bhaskaran out of the home. In retaliation, Bhaskar takes away his uncle's car resulting in Ravichandran getting arrested for drugs. Raja along with children goes to Bhaskar's den catches him redhandedly.
Dharmathin Thalaivan, 2h30
Réalisé par SP. Muthuraman
Genres Drame, Action
Thèmes Le thème de l'éducation
Acteurs Rajinikanth, Prabhu, Charle, Nassar, Kushboo Sundar, Suhasini Maniratnam
Note70% 3.5326953.5326953.5326953.5326953.532695
Balu (Rajinikanth), an absent minded lecturer in a college, and Sumathi (Suhasini) love each other and plan to marry soon. Balu lives with his younger brother, Raju (Prabhu), and Raju already calls Sumathi "Anni". Raju is a bad student and somewhat a rowdy, spoiled by Balu and Sumathi's pamperings. Raju keeps getting into fights with a fellow student (Nassar) and as a result keeps getting into trouble. When Balu comes to help Raju during one of those fights he is killed by Nassar. Sumathi goes into a trance, dons the garb of a widow and does not plan to marry again. Both Raju and Sumathi move to Bangalore. Then one day a look-alike of Balu, named Shankar (Rajinikanth) enters Sumathi and Raju's life. Guilt-ridden Raju thinks that he has gotten his brother back, and tries to make amends by hiring Shankar, not knowing that Shankar is a wanted criminal, and is looking for an escape route from the authorities. But the electric attraction between Shankar and Sumathi eventually wins Shankar over from his past evil ways. Nevertheless, Shankar can not so easily escape his past. Sumathi is kidnapped in order to force Shankar to aid a kingpin (Captain Raju) by using an international car rally championship as cover to smuggle diamonds. With Raju's help, of course, good prevails over evil and symbolically, Shanker is wounded protecting Sumathi and as they role free of the shooting and explosions and come to rest, it is seen that Sumathi's forehead has been marked crimson by the blood of her soul mate. Raju has learnt a heart-crushing lesson in the dangers or excess and frivolity but in the end, there is hope and greater wisdom. In the midst of all this, he also falls in love with and marries Kushboo.
Nallavan (1988)
, 2h20
Réalisé par SP. Muthuraman
Genres Action
Acteurs Raadhika Sarathkumar, M. N. Nambiar, Kitty, Janagaraj, Vani Viswanath, S. S. Chandran

Nallavan is a family oriented action film.
Guru Sishyan
Réalisé par SP. Muthuraman
Genres Comédie, Action
Acteurs Rajinikanth, Prabhu, Aachi Manorama, Radha Ravi, Ravichandran, Gautami
Note71% 3.584163.584163.584163.584163.58416
À leur sortie de prison, deux criminels unissent leurs forces pour prouver l'innocence d'un autre prisonnier condamné à tort et, ce faisant, apprennent également la vérité sur leurs propres parents disparus.
Manithan (1987)

Réalisé par SP. Muthuraman
Acteurs Rajinikanth, Raghuvaran, Rupini, Senthil, Delhi Ganesh, Jai Ganesh

The Story of a young man who returns from jail after imprisonment on crime he commits for justice during young age. He comes out and again fights for justice in everyway. This film released along with Kamal hassan starrer and Mani Ratnam directed Nayakan and along with other prominent actor's movies. The story revolves around Raja who grows in Juvenille due to hitting his teacher by table weight for calling him as thief. When his imprisonment years are over, he joins People Welfare Organization in a local community and helps the needy people. In due course, he gets enemies due to his good deeds. The rest of the story how Raja succeeded his enemies and proves the false acclaims on him.
Per Sollum Pillai
Réalisé par SP. Muthuraman
Acteurs Kamal Haasan, Manorama, K. R. Vijaya, Raveendran (Ravindher), Jai Ganesh, Ramya Krishnan
Note66% 3.3245153.3245153.3245153.3245153.324515
Per Sollum Pillai has Kamal Haasan as an orphan, who is adopted by a wealthy family. He gets adopted into the family when he saves the entire family from being deliberately poisoned by a miscreant. K.R.Vijaya, the mother of the family, raises him as one of the family even though others outside the family see him as a servant. Kamal helps to run the family smoothly and looks after his step-parents, brothers and sisters like his own. He remains faithful and grateful to his step-parents for adopting him, an orphan, as their own son. Except for his step-parents and his sister, the other members of his family are jealous of the position his mother gives him in the family. Kamal's step-brothers are pleasure-seeking and lazy and want to live an easy life surviving on their mother's earnings. They also try to exploit a female worker in their house Radhika, whose mother Manorama is the cook of the house.
Réalisé par SP. Muthuraman
Genres Drame, Action
Acteurs Rajinikanth, Sarath Babu, Nassar, V K Ramasamy, Amala Akkineni, K. R. Vijaya
Note65% 3.290143.290143.290143.290143.29014
Young Ragupathy (Rajinikanth) is brought up by his paternal grandfather Valayapathy (V.K.Ramasamy). He decides for him to go to the city in search of a new job and life. While in the city he meets up with Senthil who guides him into an interview in a 5-star hotel owned by Rajkumar (Sarath Babu).
Samsaram Oka Chadarangam
Réalisé par SP. Muthuraman, Visu
Acteurs Gollapudi Maruti Rao, Sarath Babu, Rajendra Prasad, Suhasini Maniratnam, Sowcar Janaki, Nutan Prasad
Note80% 4.023154.023154.023154.023154.02315
The film opens into the life of Appala Narsaih (Gollapudi Maruthi Rao), an ordinary middle-class man who makes a simple living as a Central Government clerk. His family, a typical South Indian joint family, includes his dutiful wife Godavari, his oldest son Prakash (Sarath Babu), a junior officer at Indian Oil, and his wife Uma (Suhasini), his second son Ragava (Rejendra Prasad), a factory worker, his youngest son Bharath (a never do good fellow who has failed his high school exams twice) and his daughter Sarojini (Kalpana). The modest income from his government job barely provides for his family's needs. His sons contribute some amounts in proportion to their incomes. The family gets by, but Appala Narsaih worries for the future. Prakash and Sarojini are not yet married, and Bharathi has a bleak future if he does not graduate high school. Sarojini is a particular worry; her beauty and charm are matched by her arrogance and contempt. She summarily rejects any marriage proposal, and her obstinate demeanor causes great concern to Appala Narsaih. Appala Narsaih nonetheless plows on through life hoping for solutions to his difficulties.