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Sinclair Hill est un Réalisateur, Scénariste et Producteur Britannique né le 10 juin 1894 à Londres (Royaume-uni)

Sinclair Hill

Sinclair Hill
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Nationalité Royaume-uni
Naissance 10 juin 1894 à Londres (Royaume-uni)
Mort 13 mars 1945 (à 50 ans) à Londres (Royaume-uni)

Sinclair Hill est un réalisateur, scénariste, producteur et acteur britannique né le 10 juin 1894 à Londres (Royaume-Uni), décédé le 13 mars 1945 à Londres (Royaume-Uni).

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Command Performance, 1h24
Réalisé par Sinclair Hill
Origine Royaume-uni
Genres Drame, Musical
Thèmes Musique, Adaptation d'une pièce de théâtre
Acteurs Lilli Palmer, Arthur Tracy, Mark Daly, Finlay Currie, Jack Melford, Peter Madden
Note69% 3.488893.488893.488893.488893.48889
Growing tired of his life of fame, a singer runs away from a domineering manager and goes to live with a group of gypsies. A massive manhunt is whipped by the press to find him so that he can shoot the final scenes of his latest film.
Take a Chance, 1h13
Réalisé par Sinclair Hill
Origine Royaume-uni
Genres Comédie
Thèmes Mise en scène d'un animal, Sport, Les chevaux, Adaptation d'une pièce de théâtre, Equitation
Acteurs Claude Hulbert, Binnie Hale, Henry Kendall, Enid Stamp Taylor, Kynaston Reeves
Note61% 3.068193.068193.068193.068193.06819
The cynical Richard Carfax develops a relationship with Cicely Burton, the wife of a race horse owner, in order to get inside information on a horse named 'Take a Chance' which is considered to be the favorite in an upcoming race. Her suspicious husband hires Alastair Pallivant, an incompetent tipster and part-time detective, to tail her and swears that he will scratch the horse from the race if he uncovers evidence about Carfax and his wife. Having his own private arrangement with a betting gang, Pallivant does everything he can to prevent the favourite from running. However, he encounters the equally determined Wilhelmina Ryde, a garage owner who stands to win heavily if the favorite rides to victory.
Hyde Park Corner, 1h25
Réalisé par Sinclair Hill
Origine Royaume-uni
Genres Drame, Policier
Thèmes Adaptation d'une pièce de théâtre
Acteurs Gordon Harker, Binnie Hale, Eric Portman, Gibb McLaughlin, Donald Wolfit, David Horne
Note60% 3.0268253.0268253.0268253.0268253.026825
In the 1780s, after an evening of illegal gambling two of the participants fight a duel in which the wronged party is killed by the villain who has just cheated to win the newly built house at Hyde Park Corner from him. Officer Cheatle of the Bow Street Runners is able to arrest those present for gambling, but is unable to prove that a murder has occurred.
My Old Dutch
Réalisé par Sinclair Hill
Genres Drame
Thèmes Politique
Acteurs Betty Balfour, Gordon Harker, Michael Hogan, Michael Hogan, Peter Gawthorne, Frank Pettingell

This film tracks the highlights of a cockney couple's son as he marries a rich man's disowned daughter and dies in the RFC. It is also based on Albert Chevalier's famous song and was made after the stage play written by Arthur Shirley.
Such Is the Law, 1h28
Réalisé par Sinclair Hill
Origine Royaume-uni
Genres Drame, Romance
Acteurs Frances Day, C. Aubrey Smith, Gibb McLaughlin, Nancy Price, Miriam Seegar, Carl Harbord

A mother attempts to save her daughter's marriage.