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Shawn Lee est un Acteur Singapourien né le 11 février 1990

Shawn Lee

Shawn Lee
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Nationalité Singapour
Naissance 11 février 1990 (30 ans)

Shawn Lee (simplified Chinese: 李创锐; traditional Chinese: 李創銳; pinyin: Li Chuàngruì) (born February 11, 1990), born Lee Chuang Rui, is a Singaporean actor. He first came into prominence for his award-winning performance alongside his friend and co-star Joshua Ang in the box office hit I Not Stupid.


Lee studied at Bukit Panjang Government High School and subsequently completed his A Levels at Anglo-Chinese Junior College. An avid basketball player, he completed his national service in 2010 as a clerk due to an injury sustained during a match and is currently studying business at the National University of Singapore.

Lee presented the Young Talents Award during the Star Awards with former co-star Megan Tay at the Star Awards 2011.

Le plus souvent avec

Joshua Ang
Joshua Ang
(5 films)
Xiang Yun
Xiang Yun
(4 films)
Mark Lee
Mark Lee
(2 films)
Jimmy Nah
Jimmy Nah
(2 films)
Amos Yee
Amos Yee
(1 films)
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Timeless Love
Origine Singapour
Acteurs Joshua Ang, Shawn Lee

The plot mostly revolves around Morgan, who finds an island lease and a photo of a mysterious-looking stranger posing on an island whilst looking through his grandmother's belongings. Morgan somehow recalls that his grandmother used to tell him tales of her regrets with regards to a watch and the island when he was younger. Intrigued on the identity of the mysterious man and to escape the paparazzi, he decides to head off to the island to unravel the mysteries and find answers. As he went to the island, he found 3 teenagers. Love blossoms.
孩子不壞, 2h17
Origine Singapour
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Shawn Lee, Xiang Yun, Joshua Ang, Amos Yee
Rôle Chen Weijie
Note59% 2.991512.991512.991512.991512.99151
Liu Jianren and Chen Weijie are two ITP (International Technical Polytechnic, ostensibly a reference to the Institute of Technical Education) students who are constantly put down for being "dumb" despite the fact that they display a talent for designing and creating gadgets. Jianren comes from a wealthy single-parent home and is estranged from his mother and younger brother Amos, a fluent English speaker. He joins the gang of a local loanshark and becomes a runner. Weijie's father is a compulsive gambler who frequently swings from loving husband and father to crazed gambler running from loansharks. To complicate matters, his younger sister Nicole is academically gifted and pampered by their mother, thus causing frequent quarrels and misunderstanding amongst them. Unknown to the rest of them, Nicole becomes involved in a serious cyberbullying case and later becomes a victim of bullying herself.
Kinta 1881 : Aux sources du combat
Genres Art martial, Action, Aventure, Wuxiapian
Thèmes Sport, Arts martiaux
Acteurs Mark Cheng, Shawn Lee, Patrick Teoh
Note37% 1.8678851.8678851.8678851.8678851.867885
A la fin du 19ème siècle, des immigrés chinois arrivent dans la vallée de Kinta en Malaisie où l'on vient de découvrir une mine d'étain à ciel ouvert. Maître Hoong, aidé d'une société secrète, assure sa domination sur ce territoire en maltraitant ses mineurs. Une poignée d'entre eux, pratiquants de Wushu et de Tai Chi, vont s'unir afin de combattre Hoong. Il s'agit de Dragon, Tiger, Ace et Blaze, sous les ordres de Tin Sok...
I not stupid 2, 2h4
Origine Singapour
Genres Drame, Comédie dramatique
Acteurs Huang Yiliang, Xiang Yun, Shawn Lee, Joshua Ang, Jimmy Nah
Note67% 3.396133.396133.396133.396133.39613
The plot revolves around the lives of Tom Yeo (杨学谦 Yáng Xuéqiān; Shawn Lee), his younger brother Jerry (杨学强, Yáng Xuéqiáng; Ashley Leong) and their friend Lim Chengcai (林成才 Lín Chéngcái; Joshua Ang). 15-year-old Tom is technologically inclined and a talented blogger, while 8-year-old Jerry enjoys the performing arts and has the lead role in his school concert. Mr. and Mrs. Yeo's (Jack Neo and Xiang Yun) busy schedules give them little time to spend with their children, leading to a strained relationship. With his mother absent, Chengcai was raised by his ex-convict father (Huang Yiliang), whose fighting skills he inherited.
跑吧孩子, 1h48
Origine Singapour
Genres Drame
Thèmes Politique
Acteurs Mark Lee, Xiang Yun, Shawn Lee, Joshua Ang, Jimmy Nah
Note64% 3.2476853.2476853.2476853.2476853.247685
In 1965, two poor Singaporean children, Chew Kiat Kun (Shawn Lee) and his younger sister Seow Fang (Megan Zheng) live with their mother (Xiang Yun) who is late in her third pregnancy and their father (Huang Wenyong) who is in debt to a local rice merchant. The children make the best of what little they have, while their father works long hours doing odd jobs.
I Not Stupid, 1h45
Origine Singapour
Genres Comédie, Comédie dramatique
Acteurs Xiang Yun, Shawn Lee, Joshua Ang, Mark Lee
Note71% 3.5927353.5927353.5927353.5927353.592735
Trois élèves d'école primaire : Kok Pin, Boon Hok et Terry, que leurs performances scolaires relèguent déjà à l'arrière ban de la société, croisent sur leur chemin l'institutrice qui croira en eux. Revisitant l'éternelle et irrésisitible figure du cancre, Jack Neo, le roi du box-office de Singapour, livre ici une satire sensible de l'esprit de compétition qui règne au sein de la société singapourienne et s'attache plus particulièrement à dresser le portrait de la communauté chinoise. Devant le succès populaire remporté par le film, le gouvernement a mis en place des modifications dans le système éducatif...