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Sara García est une Actrice Espagnol née le 8 septembre 1895 à Orizaba (Mexique)

Sara García

Sara García
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Nom de naissance Sara García Hidalgo
Nationalité Espagne
Naissance 8 septembre 1895 à Orizaba (Mexique)
Mort 21 novembre 1980 (à 85 ans) à Mexico (Mexique)

Sara García (8 September 1895 – 21 November 1980) was a Mexican actress who made her biggest mark during the "Golden Age of Mexican cinema". During the 1940s and 1950s, she often played the part of a no-nonsense but lovable grandmother in numerous Mexican films. In later years, she played parts in Mexican telenovelas.

Known as "Mexican Cinema's Grandmother", García's image is displayed on the label of Mexico's traditional Abuelita chocolate, a company now owned by Nestlé.


She married Fernando Ibáñez in 1918. However, García and her husband divorced in 1923. Their daughter, actress María Fernanda Ibáñez died of typhoid fever in 1940 at the beginning of a promising film career. García lived throughout her life, with her allegedly lover, assistant, and business manager Rosario González Cuenca.

Ses meilleurs films

Mon ami Joselito (1961)

Le plus souvent avec

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Filmographie de Sara García (139 films)

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Sexo contra sexo
Réalisé par Víctor Manuel Castro
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Sara García, Andrés García
Rôle Lady Owner of Can-Can Club
Note62% 3.138193.138193.138193.138193.13819
Como gallos de pelea, 1h30
Réalisé par Arturo Martínez
Acteurs Sara García, Valentin Trujillo, Ángel Garasa
Note56% 2.81842.81842.81842.81842.8184
For several years Altagracia has refused to sell the property to Fernando who has been harassing her, but when Carlos comes from the city, he decides to sell the property. Carlos discovers the atrocities made by Fernando and his accomplices while he discovers the amazing beauty of Maria so he decides to keep the property and defend it with his life.
Fe, esperanza y caridad, 1h53
Réalisé par Luis Alcoriza, Jorge Fons
Genres Drame, Comédie
Acteurs Katy Jurado, David Silva, Armando Silvestre, Lilia Prado, Sasha Montenegro, Leonor Llausás
Rôle Old woman (segment "Caridad")
Note72% 3.639913.639913.639913.639913.63991
The film compiles three stories, each named for part of the main title. The first, "Fe" (faith), is the story of a woman who travels to a distant town seeking a miracle to save her husband from disease. On the journey she is raped by fellow pilgrims; returning home she finds that the miracle has taken place and her husband is well. She vows to make the pilgrimage again the next year. The second story, "Esperanza" (Hope), concerns a man who consents to be nailed to a cross as part of "JesusChrist" freak show, hoping to help his mother. Unfortunately he is unable to afford the silver nails that would have helped him avoid infection. The final story, "Caridad" (Charity), stars Katy Jurado as a humble woman facing a lack of charity from those in authority. She comes into conflict with her son over a childish fight, and her husband is killed.
El hijo del pueblo
Réalisé par René Cardona
Acteurs Sara García, Vicente Fernández
Rôle Vicenta Aurelia Fernandez; Chenta
Note61% 3.0811353.0811353.0811353.0811353.081135
Valente Quintero, 1h25
Réalisé par Mario Hernández
Thèmes Politique
Acteurs Antonio Aguilar, Saby Kamalich, Sara García, Flor Silvestre, Enriqueta Jiménez, Alejandro Reyna
Rôle Elvira Peña
Note68% 3.4062853.4062853.4062853.4062853.406285
In the contemporary era (circa 1973), two foreign tourists make a stop at the provincial town of Perales. Two small memorials surrounded by pebbles in a corner of a street attract their attention. On the meantime, two elderly veterans of the Mexican Revolution, Chelelo and Cornelio, come out from a nearby building to receive them. They explain to the tourists about the memorials and to whom are they in memory of. Chelelo then recounts the story of two revolutionary friends, Sub-lieutenant Valente Quintero and Major Atanasio Pizarro, who are fighting a battle in one of Perales' residential streets. Valente is severely injured when he is shot in front of the late General Gumersindo Carrillo's house where his widow, doña Elvira Peña, his daughter, Leonor Carrillo, and their housemaid, Carmen, reside. Leonor witnesses when Valente is shot and is decided to go out and help him, against her mother's wishes. Leonor then tells her mother that she is returning a favor that could have been made to her father, who helplessly died while bleeding in the midst of a forest. Leonor therefore runs across the street to get the town's drunkard physician, Doctor Plácido. Elvira, Carmen, and Leonor carry Valente into the house and lay him in a bed. Valente stays ill in bed for several days and his friend Atanasio later receives word about his survival. Atanasio is falls in love with the elegant and sophisticated Leonor and admires the conservative and sharp-tongued matron Elvira. Valente and Leonor also start a romantic relationship, which lead them to marriage. Atanasio, who is now a rich and alcoholic landowner, duels Valente for the love of Leonor on the night of their honeymoon. The conflict ends with both Valente and Atanasio being killed by one another.