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Riyaz Khan est un Acteur né le 9 septembre 1972

Riyaz Khan

Riyaz Khan
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Nom de naissance Riyaz Ahmed Khan
Naissance 9 septembre 1972 (49 ans)

Riyaz Khan is an Indian film actor who has acted in several Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, and Hindi films. He debuted in the Malayalam film Sugham Sughakaram directed by Balachandra Menon. Later he went on to act in Tamil and Telugu films. After many years, he came back to the Malayalam film industry acting in Balettan starring Mohanlal. He is also a brand ambassador of a Chennai-based fitness studio called 'Inshape Health & Fitness'. His notable films include Balettan (2003), Runway (2004), Stalin, Thirupathi, Ghajini, Winner, Baba and Ramana.

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Ambika Mohan
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Temper (2015)
, 2h27
Réalisé par Puri Jagannadh
Genres Drame, Thriller, Action, Policier
Acteurs Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, Kajal Agarwal, Prakash Raj, Ajaz Khan, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Brahmanandam
Note73% 3.6975653.6975653.6975653.6975653.697565
Daya is an orphan who grows up learning that a police's life is a happy one with lots of money coming in the form of bribes which inspires him to become a police officer. After years, he becomes a corrupt, cunning, manipulative and ruthless sub inspector of police. He is transferred to Vishakhapatnam where he forms an immediate friendship with the local don Waltair Vasu by releasing his four brothers Ravi, Mani, Varun and Sundeep from the jail who were arrested for smuggling. Daya's attitude does not go well with his subordinate Narayana Murthy, a sincere police constable. He tries to oppose Daya's deeds which go vain.
Massu Engira Maasilamani, 2h32
Réalisé par Venkat Prabhu
Genres Thriller, Comédie, Horreur
Thèmes Fantômes
Acteurs Nayantara, Suriya, Amy Jackson, Premgi Amaren, Pranitha Subhash, Radhakrishnan Parthiban
Rôle Kamal Ekambaram
Note59% 2.9979452.9979452.9979452.9979452.997945
The film starts with the murder of ex-commissioner by an escaped prisoner Kamal Ekambaram (Riyaz Khan). The story then shifts to Masilamani aka Massu (Suriya) and his friend Jet Li (Premgi Amaren) who are small-time con artists. Massu falls for Manini (Nayantara) and they subsequently fall in love. While trying to escape after a heist gone wrong, Massu and Jet meet with a car accident, post which Massu starts seeing dead people, with whom he can communicate. Jet had died in the accident and is now a ghost, too. Massu forms a group of loitering ghosts to earn money by performing fake exorcisms and extorting money from scared rich people, while promising the ghosts that he would fulfill their last wishes in return. Meanwhile, Manini who thought Massu was working in a finance company gets to know about the fake exorcisms and leaves him in a heist.
Genres Drame
Acteurs Riyaz Khan, Meera Jasmine, Siddique, Kulappulli Leela, Kalasala Babu, Lalu Alex
Rôle Karthikeyan

The story of Ithinumappuram follows a girl named Rukmini Nair, played by Meera Jasmine, who is born and brought up in an affluent family. Rukmini's horoscope indicates she is a girl with "Chovva Dosham", meaning she was born under a bad sign of Mars. This means when she marries someone he will die soon and her family must work very hard to marry her off. By luck, Rukmini's family finds a match. However, Rukmini falls in love with a man who works in her home, Karthikeyan (played by Riyaz Khan) and elopes with him against the wishes of her family.
My Fan Ramu
Acteurs Saiju Kurup, Rajeev Govinda Pillai, Riyaz Khan, Bijukuttan, Guinness Pakru, Suraj Venjaramoodu

Ramu (Saiju Kurup), who is an ardent film buff, is nurturing exalted hopes of making it big as an actor someday. He is a diehard fan of young macho superstar Abhiram (Rajiv Pillai), the heartthrob of youngsters. Ramu's father (P.Balachandran) runs a wayside ramshackle tea stall. Ramu looks down upon the lifestyle that has been bequeathed on him by his father. His cinematic ambitions which was going nowhere, suddenly receive a shot in the arm as he manages to emerge winner in a reality show, which offers the winner a chance to spend ten days with superstar Abhiram. Ramu accompanied by his sidekick (Bijukuttan) and a naive moneylender (Guinness Pakru), who is reluctant to let Ramu scot- free before his debt is settled, arrives at the superstar's home. The Superstar finds himself at his wits end, unable to tolerate the cumbersome threesome, who plays havoc with his privacy.
Nadodimannan, 2h40
Réalisé par Viji Thampi
Acteurs Dileep, Ananya, Mythili Balachandran, Archana Kavi, Gayathrie, Sayaji Shinde
Rôle George TV

In Nadodimannan, Padmanabhan (Dileep) plays a village youth who does not have a particular inclination towards any political party and joins any protest being held. He earns a living by participating in demonstrations for various political parties. He then reaches the city where he is strung to the upper levels of society and gets elected as the Mayor. His conflicts and attempts to cleanse the city form the rest of the story. Ananya plays the character of Meera, who lives in difficult surroundings, but is bold. Archana Kavi plays Aathira, a member of a former royal family, Mythili stars as Rima, a broadcast journalist Padmanabhan befriends during his activist days, who helps him bring to light certain crucial issues before the public. Bollywood actor Sayaji Shinde plays the local king pin who is at odds with Padmanabhan.Currently this movie is going well and getting mixed reviews both from audience and critics.The performance of the Dileep and other actors is good. Highlight of the movie is the demolition techniques shown in the climax, which is new to mollywood. Another highlight of this movie is that it touches some social issues.
മുംബൈ പോലീസ്, 2h25
Réalisé par Rosshan Andrrews
Genres Thriller, Policier
Acteurs Prithviraj Sukumaran, Arya, Jayasurya, Rashin Rahman, Aparna Nair, Riyaz Khan
Rôle Professional Sniper
Note79% 3.9953753.9953753.9953753.9953753.995375
The movie opens with ACP Antony Moses aka Rascal Moses (Prithviraj) getting into an accident which causes him, a partial memory loss. Before the accident, he had solved the murder case of his friend, Assistant Commissioner Aaryan John Jacob (Jayasurya), who was killed during a gallantry awards ceremony at police/parade grounds possibly by a Long range rifle. Antony gets into the accident while talking to his senior officer and brother-in-law Farhan Ashraf (Rahman),Commissioner of police. He tells him that the case is solved. But, before giving the name of the murderer, accident occurs. Farhan tells Antony, about his past and the tragedy occurred to their friend, Aaryan. He reassigns Antony Moses, back to the case. Antony re investigates the case during which he finds out the murderer.
Shadow Man
Shadow Man (2013)
, 1h15
Acteurs Riyaz Khan
Rôle Surya

Surya (Riyaz Khan) is a Real estate agent. One day he is getting trapped in a site where he goes to look on for his boss. There comes a shadow following him...
കാസനോവ, 2h49
Réalisé par Rosshan Andrrews
Genres Thriller, Action, Romance
Acteurs Mohanlal, Shriya Saran, Raai Laxmi, Jagathy Sreekumar, Roma Asrani, Sanjjanaa
Rôle Joseph
Note34% 1.7291.7291.7291.7291.729
The film is about Casanovva, a serial womaniser. Casanovva is the owner of Casanovva’s Eternal Spring, an international chain of flower boutiques. He has at his beck and call a faithful array of female followers including his staff, friends and former girlfriends, who will do anything for him. The film starts with a robbery carried out by the four criminals and they decided their next target in a wedding hall. They entered the wedding place as Casonnovva's (Mohanlal) guests. Cassonovva recognises them but allows them to attend the marriage function keeping some plan in his mind. The young criminals ( Alexi, Salim, Arjun, Kiran ) took some photos of their targeted rich persons and collect their details. Casanovva watches this all and does not respond at the spot. The next day was the wedding ceremony. Casanovva, with the aid of his friend in a TV channel (without revealing his plan), planned for a live telecast program to capture the young criminal's robbery. But unfortunately, the wedding was postponed due to some unexpected reasons. Thus the robbers pulled off from their plan. But within this time the TV channel peoples came and ready for the telecast. Suddenly Casanovva got an idea and announced a new live romance reality show through the channel named FALL IN LOVE. Then he created some plans to made the two peoples in the robbery gang to fall in love with Hanna (Lakshmi Rai) and Ann Mary (Roma) and telecast their love scenes using hidden cameras through the live reality show FALL IN LOVE. Hanna loves one of the young robber by hearing the words of Casonovva, who was her boss. The four robbers tried to steal a sword, but casanovva (wearing a mask in face) interrupts them and took the sword from them. By this time, the TV show became popular and cause some problems to Ann Mary, the robbers and even Hanna. Hanna asks his boss, Casanovva what his plan was. At the moment, Casanovva reveals his flashback to Hanna.
ഗ്രാന്‍റ്മാസ്റ്റര്‍, 2h10
Réalisé par B. Unnikrishnan
Genres Thriller, Action
Acteurs Mohanlal, Priyaman, Vega Tamotia, Andrea Jeremiah, Narain, Anoop Menon
Rôle Jerome Jacob
Note69% 3.4939453.4939453.4939453.4939453.493945
Chandrasekhar (Mohanlal) is made the head of the Metro Crime Stopper Cell in Kochi. Chandrasekhar arrests Jerome, a psychologically deviant man and rescues three girls he had kidnapped, but his ex-wife Deepthi (Priyamani) manages to get Jerome sent to treatment in a psychiatric facility, rather than a prison sentence. It turns out that the three girls had been mocking Jerome, which had led to his actions of kidnapping them in the first place.
മായാമോഹിനി, 2h25
Genres Comédie
Thèmes Sexualité, Homosexualité, Transsexuels et transgenres, LGBT, LGBT, Travestissement au cinéma
Acteurs Dileep, Biju Menon, Aju Varghese, Raai Laxmi, Mythili Balachandran, Baburaj
Rôle Special appearance
Note35% 1.786841.786841.786841.786841.78684
The film starts with a plane accident in which a small child narrowly escapes. He is then looked after by his maternal uncle (Vijayaraghavan), and all the family's wealth will be inherited to him. As per their astrologer, in the future he should marry a young woman whose star is Chothi Nakshatra, only then will he prosper in life. The boy grows up to be a young man Balakrishnan (Biju Menon), who is unsuccessful in anything he does.