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Richard Fiske est un Acteur Américain né le 20 novembre 1915 à Shelton (Etats-Unis)

Richard Fiske

Richard Fiske
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Nom de naissance Thomas Richard Potts
Nationalité Etats-Unis
Naissance 20 novembre 1915 à Shelton (Etats-Unis)
Mort 10 aout 1944 (à 28 ans) à La Croix-Avranchin (France)
Récompenses Bronze Star

Richard Fiske (November 20, 1915 – August 10, 1944) was an American film actor. He appeared in over 80 films between 1938 and 1942.

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Filmographie de Richard Fiske (40 films)

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Dizzy Pilots
Réalisé par Jules White
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Comédie
Thèmes Bidasses, Transport, Aviation, Buddy movie
Acteurs Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Howard, Richard Fiske, Harry Semels, Bobby Barber
Rôle The Sargent
Note75% 3.77793.77793.77793.77793.7779
The Stooges are the Wrong brothers (a parody of the Wright brothers), a trio of aviators in the "Republic of Cannabeer, P.U." who receive an army draft notice. The notice says the brothers have been granted a 30-day deferment of duty on account of their claims that the plane they are inventing, the “Buzzard”, will revolutionize flying. Curly proudly announces that their plane has put them among other "great inventors" like Robert Fulton, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell and Don Ameche.
Uniformes et Jupons courts, 1h40
Réalisé par Billy Wilder
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Comédie, Romance
Thèmes Bidasses, Politique, Adaptation d'une pièce de théâtre
Acteurs Ginger Rogers, Ray Milland, Rita Johnson, Robert Benchley, Diana Lynn, Edward Fielding
Rôle Will Duffy
Note73% 3.6956553.6956553.6956553.6956553.695655
Susan Applegate, dégoûtée par sa vie new-yorkaise de coiffeuse pour homme à domicile, décide de retourner dans l'Iowa. Ses économies ne lui permettant pas de payer la totalité du voyage en train, elle se déguise en fillette pour bénéficier d'un billet demi-tarif.
Perils of the Royal Mounted
Réalisé par James W. Horne
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Action, Policier, Western
Acteurs Robert Kellard, Nell O'Day, Kenneth MacDonald, Herbert Rawlinson, Richard Fiske, John Elliott
Rôle Constable Brady
Note68% 3.4292253.4292253.4292253.4292253.429225
This serial shows as the trading post of Sitkawan, Canada is taken by surprise when an Indian tribe attack and massacre the settlers aboard a fur-bearing wagon train. Sergeant MacLane of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is assigned to investigate the case. MacLane soon realise that the attackers were led by Mort Ransome, a nasty renegade, who had been conspiring with Black Bear, medicine man of the tribe, to incite the heretofore friendly tribe for his own gain. He also learns that two white renegades have kidnapped Diana Blake, daughter of the local post factor, and saves her from a runaway wagon just before it plunges over a cliff. Perils of the Royal Mounted also features stereotypically Northern genre elements including trappers, lumberjacks, trading posts, rebellious braves, forest fires, avalanches, and a wide range of dangerous wildlife.
La Vallée du Soleil, 1h18
Réalisé par George Marshall
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Western
Acteurs Lucille Ball, James Craig, Cedric Hardwicke, Dean Jagger, Peter Whitney, Billy Gilbert
Rôle Lieutenant Burke
Note59% 2.9526352.9526352.9526352.9526352.952635
Jim Sawyer, connu dans tout l'Ouest pour sa cruauté envers les indiens, a réussi à séduire la ravissante Christine Larson et s'apprête à l'épouser, au grand dam de Jonathan Ware, un soldat amoureux de la belle. Par amour, ce dernier, grand ami des Indiens, essaye tant bien que mal de calmer les esprits entre les apaches et Jim. Mais le courroux des grands esprits est bien souvent implacable..
The Devil Commands, 1h5
Réalisé par Edward Dmytryk
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Science-fiction, Horreur
Acteurs Boris Karloff, Anne Revere, Richard Fiske, Amanda Duff, Cy Schindell, Dorothy Adams
Rôle Dr. Richard Sayles
Note61% 3.050113.050113.050113.050113.05011
Le docteur Julian Blair est un savant émérite. Il n'a que deux passions: son métier et sa femme, Helen. Blair travaille sur les ondes du cerveau humain et tente de retranscrire les pensées des autres. Son épouse l'aide volontiers et lui sert de cobaye. Le jour de l'anniversaire de leur fille, Anne, alors que Julian est entré dans une pâtisserie acheter le gâteau, Helen, dont la voiture est garée à quelques pas, est victime d'un accident mortel. Fou de douleur, Blair veut continuer ses expériences, mais ses confrères le lui déconseillent. Un de ses serviteurs, Karl, lui propose une soirée chez Mrs Walters, une médium célèbre. Sceptique, Blair accepte malgré tout. Dès lors, poussé par cette dernière, il va s'enfoncer dans la folie, tentant par tous les moyens de rentrer en contact avec sa femme, au-delà de la mort.
Go West, Young Lady, 1h10
Réalisé par Frank R. Strayer
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Comédie, Western
Acteurs Glenn Ford, Penny Singleton, Ann Miller, Charles Ruggles, Allen Jenkins, Jed Prouty
Rôle Gang Member
Note62% 3.1476353.1476353.1476353.1476353.147635
The town of Headstone eagerly awaits the arrival of their new sheriff, hoping that he will vanquish the dreaded outlaw, Killer Pete, who has murdered the last four sheriffs. Meanwhile, on the stage bound for Headstone, Tex Miller, the new sheriff, is making small talk with fellow passenger and former seminary student Belinda "Bill" Pendergast when the stage is attacked by a band of Indians. Taking aim at the Indians, Bill shoots them off their horses and then calmly explains to the astonished Tex that her father always wanted a son and taught her to handle a gun.
In the Sweet Pie and Pie
Réalisé par Jules White
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Comédie
Thèmes Buddy movie
Acteurs Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Howard, Dorothy Appleby, Mary Ainslee, Ethelreda Leopold
Note79% 3.970033.970033.970033.970033.97003
Tiska (Dorothy Appleby), Taska (Mary Ainslee) and Baska (Ethelreda Leopold) Jones, three snippy society girls, are willed a huge inheritance so long as they are married by a certain time and date, but their fiances postpone their engagements. Their shrewd lawyer Diggin (Richard Fiske) suggests they marry three death row inmates (the Stooges) to retain the dough; once they are married, they get their inheritance, the convicts are hanged, and can marry their fiances free and clear. They do so, but the boys are pardoned by the governor, and as the girls celebrate their new bout of widowhood, the Stooges make their way into their house and make themselves at home.
Meet Boston Blackie
Réalisé par Robert Florey
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Espionnage, Policier
Thèmes Espionnage
Acteurs Chester Morris, Rochelle Hudson, Richard Lane, Constance Worth, George Magrill, James Seay
Note65% 3.293153.293153.293153.293153.29315
Returning to New York from Europe, Boston Blackie (Chester Morris) tries unsuccessfully to strike up a conversation with attractive fellow ocean liner passenger Marilyn Howard (Constance Worth). He later rescues her when she is accosted by a man. However, when he tries to follow her, he runs into his friendly nemesis, police Inspector Faraday (Richard Lane), who wants to take him in on suspicion of stealing some pearls. Knowing that Blackie's word is good (and that handcuffs are useless against him), Faraday merely confiscates his Landing Card.
All the World's a Stooge
Réalisé par Del Lord
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Comédie
Thèmes Buddy movie
Acteurs Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Howard, Emory Parnell, Richard Fiske, Olaf Hytten
Note74% 3.7284153.7284153.7284153.7284153.728415
Wealthy Ajax Bullion (Emory Parnell) is up in arms when his eccentric wife (Lelah Tyler) informs him that she wants to adopt a refugee, the latest socio-political movement. After taking a trip to his dentist (Richard Fiske), Mr. Bullion meets the Stooges, inept window washers who act as interim dentists when Bullion enters the office demanding medical attention. After pulling his bridge-work out completely ("you stripped his gears!", Larry comments), they try to put it back into his mouth with cement. However, the cement hardens before they have a chance to put the tooth back in, so they decide to blast. The dentist arrives back in his office as the dynamite is lit. He calls out to the Stooges, who notice him and run off. The dynamite goes off and Mr. Bullion wakes up, noticing that the pain in his tooth is gone. He heads back to his car and notices the Stooges hiding inside. He inquires as to what they are up to, and Moe says that they are "refugees." Mr. Bullion then has a very nasty idea to disabuse his wife of her philanthropic notion: pass these three nitwits off as refugee children.
They Dare Not Love, 1h15
Réalisé par Victor Fleming, James Whale
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Guerre
Acteurs George Brent, Martha Scott, Paul Lukas, Peter Cushing, Sig Arno, Georgia Backus
Rôle Third Photographer
Note60% 3.0041053.0041053.0041053.0041053.004105
A prince flees Austria when the Nazis take over and settles in London. He encounters a beautiful Austrian émigré who makes him realize his mistake in leaving. He strikes a deal with the Nazis to return in exchange for some Austrian prisoners, but discovers that the Nazis are not to be trusted.
Time Out for Rhythm
Réalisé par Sidney Salkow
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Comédie, Musical
Thèmes Musique, Adaptation d'une pièce de théâtre, Buddy movie
Acteurs Rudy Vallée, Ann Miller, Richard Lane, Rosemary Lane, Allen Jenkins, Priscilla Lane
Note62% 3.14693.14693.14693.14693.1469
Harvard educated Danny Collins (Rudy Vallée) and street-wise Mike Armstrong (Richard Lane) team up after a chance meeting to form the most successful talent agency in New York City. Mike is in love with nightclub and Broadway songstress Frances Lewis (Rosemary Lane), determined to make her nationally famous with his and Danny's help. Danny sees her, correctly, as a self-centered opportunist willing to capitalize on Mike's affections to further her career.
The Medico of Painted Springs, 58minutes
Réalisé par Lambert Hillyer
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Western
Acteurs Charles Starrett, Wheeler Oakman, Richard Fiske, Edmund F. Cobb, Bud Osborne, Lloyd Bridges
Rôle Kentucky Lane

Upon arriving at Painted Springs, Dr. Steven Monroe witnesses a clash between sheep herders and cattle breeders. As Monroe starts to investigate the cause of the conflict, he finds out about Fred Burns' diabolical scheme – he intends to steal John Richards' cattle and frame sheep rancher Ed Gordon for the deed. After a series of fights, during which Burns and his men kidnap Richards' daughter Nancy, Monroe rescues Nancy and manages to get Burns to confess. With his evil intentions revealed, the two camps cease battling, and Monroe quietly leaves Painted Springs.
Texas (1941)
, 1h34
Réalisé par George Marshall
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Action, Romance, Western
Acteurs Glenn Ford, William Holden, Claire Trevor, Edgar Buchanan, Carleton Young, Don Beddoe
Rôle Red, Fight Timekeeper
Note66% 3.346153.346153.346153.346153.34615
En 1866, on fête à Abilene, petite ville de l'état du Kansas, l'arrivée du chemin de fer, un progrès significatif pour la ville. Cette avancée est due à Windy Miller; mais si beaucoup pensent que ce progrès est le résultat de son charisme, c'est en réalité dans un but lucratif personnel que Miller a mené ce projet à son terme.
Boobs in Arms
Réalisé par Jules White
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Comédie
Thèmes Bidasses, Buddy movie
Acteurs Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Curly Howard, Richard Fiske, Evelyn Young, Johnny Kascier
Rôle The Sergeant
Note77% 3.8691953.8691953.8691953.8691953.869195
The Stooges are street peddler greeting card salesmen who anger a man on the street after an accidental altercation. They are then approached by a woman (Evelyn Young) with a request to help her make her evil man-hating husband (Richard Fiske) jealous. Realizing it the same man they faced before, the Stooges defend themselves against the irate husband with their usual combatives and flee from the husband shouting his threats. In hiding from him, they line up on a queue that takes them to a recruitment office by mistake and end up joining the army.