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Queenie Watts est une Actrice Britannique née le 21 juillet 1926 à Londres (Royaume-uni)

Queenie Watts

Queenie Watts
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Nationalité Royaume-uni
Naissance 21 juillet 1926 à Londres (Royaume-uni)
Mort 25 janvier 1980 (à 53 ans) à Londres (Royaume-uni)

Queenie Watts (21 July 1926 – 25 January 1980) was an English actress of film and television, as well as an occasional singer.

Watts was born and died in London. She appeared in many British films, including the Joan Littlewood production Sparrers Can't Sing (1963), and as herself in "Portrait of Queenie" (1964), featuring in scenes set around Poplar, the Isle of Dogs and, The Iron Bridge Tavern, Millwall, which she ran in real life and in which she starred in the TV series Stars and Garters (1963). She also appeared in Ken Loach's Poor Cow (1967), in the film version of Up the Junction (1968), as a pub landlady in All Coppers Are... (1972), and as the ill-fated housekeeper in the horror film Schizo (1976). She also appeared in many British 1970s sex comedies including Keep It Up, Jack (1973), Intimate Games (1976), Come Play with Me (1977) and Confessions from the David Galaxy Affair (1979). She was often seen in television programmes through the 1960s and 1970s, including the successful, but critically panned, Romany Jones (1972–75) and its sequel Yus, My Dear (1976) in which Arthur Mullard featured as her husband. Watts also appeared with Mullard, playing Lily and Wally Briggs from Romany Jones, in the third On the Buses film spin-off Holiday on the Buses in 1973. She was also a mainstay of the comedy drama series Beryl's Lot appearing as Beryl's neighbor Freda Mills from 1973-75

Watts appeared in Dad's Army in the role of Mrs Edna Peters, also in several episodes of Dixon of Dock Green in different roles, in two episodes of Callan (appearing as the aunt of petty crook Lonely, played by Russell Hunter), and in the comedy-drama Beryl's Lot (1973–75) and one episode of Steptoe and Son (1972). She appeared in three episodes of the Play for Today anthology series for the BBC, including Waterloo Sunset transmitted on 23 January 1979.

She ran pubs (including the Iron Bridge Tavern, East India Dock Road, London and the Rose and Crown, Pennyfields, Poplar) with her husband, "Slim Watts", where she also sang and played piano with an eight-piece band to pull in more customers. She appeared in the 1966 film version of Alfie, singing "Goodbye, Dolly Gray" in a memorable, riotous bar-room brawl sequence, and also appeared as a pub singer in the Tommy Steele film Half a Sixpence in 1967. Portrait of Queenie, in which she sang original compositions by James Stevens brought forth a vinyl record of the same name.

Queenie Watts died from cancer in 1980, aged 53.

Le plus souvent avec

Alfie Bass
Alfie Bass
(3 films)
Stephen Lewis
Stephen Lewis
(2 films)
Bob Grant
Bob Grant
(2 films)
Ken Loach
Ken Loach
(1 films)
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Come Play with Me, 1h34
Origine Royaume-uni
Genres Comédie, Comédie musicale, Musical, Pornographique
Thèmes Sexualité, Erotique, Musique
Acteurs Alfie Bass, Irene Handl, Ronald Fraser, Tommy Godfrey, Sue Longhurst, Cardew Robinson
Rôle Cafe Girl
Note42% 2.108832.108832.108832.108832.10883
Cornelius Clapworthy (Harrison Marks) and his sidekick Maurice Kelly (Alfie Bass) are two elderly forgers responsible for flooding the UK with fake banknotes. On the run from their gangster boss Slasher (Ronald Fraser) and effeminate, cross dressing government official Podsnap (Ken Parry) the pair escape to the Scottish Highlands and posing as musicians hide out at Bovington Manor, a B&B run by Lady Bovington (Irene Handl).
Schizo (1976)
, 1h49
Réalisé par Pete Walker
Origine Royaume-uni
Genres Drame, Thriller, Horreur, Slasher
Acteurs Lynne Frederick, John Leyton, Stephanie Beacham, John Fraser, Jack Watson, Queenie Watts
Note57% 2.853532.853532.853532.853532.85353
Apprenant son prochain mariage, un homme (Jack Watson) se rend à Londres pour harceler la célèbre patineuse Samantha Gray (Lynne Frederick). Les épisodes inquiétants se multiplient et Samantha se confie à son psychiatre : Il s'agit de William Haskin, l'assassin de sa mère, remis en liberté depuis deux ans. Mais le psychiatre est assassiné, et bientôt les morts se succèdent. William Haskin est-il le seul coupable ?
Holiday on the Buses, 1h25
Origine Royaume-uni
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Reg Varney, Anna Karen, Doris Hare, Michael Robbins, Bob Grant, Stephen Lewis
Rôle Lily Briggs
Note58% 2.9310452.9310452.9310452.9310452.931045
Three of the company's buses are wrecked due to Stan's negligent bus driving, which means Stan (Reg Varney), Jack (Bob Grant) and Inspector Blake (Stephen Lewis) are sacked. Stan and Jack get a job as bus crew at a Pontins holiday camp in Prestatyn, North Wales, only to find that Blakey has also got a job at the camp, as security inspector. Stan invites the family to stay (using his staff discount) whilst he proceeds to chat up the guests and staff. Tight fisted Arthur refuses to pay the train fare, instead relying on his ever present motorcycle and sidecar to take the Butlers to the camp. They meet Stan on the road, who accidentally forces them into a kerb causing all the luggage to land in a river and all the family's clothes are ruined.
Up the Junction
Réalisé par Peter Collinson
Origine Royaume-uni
Genres Drame
Thèmes La grossesse, Sexualité
Acteurs Dennis Waterman, Suzy Kendall, Adrienne Posta, Maureen Lipman, Liz Fraser, Barbara Archer
Rôle Mrs. Hardy
Note68% 3.442763.442763.442763.442763.44276
Polly Dean (Suzy Kendall) gives up a privileged life in Chelsea and moves to a working-class community in Battersea where she takes a job in a confectionery factory in an attempt to distance herself from her moneyed upbringing and make her own living. She becomes friends with two working-class sisters and forms a relationship with a working-class boy who envies her access to an easy life and is frustrated by her denial of it. When Polly's friend becomes pregnant she decides to have an illegal abortion. Tragedy hits when a motorcycle accident kills one of the friends.
Pas de larmes pour Joy, 1h41
Réalisé par Ken Loach
Origine Royaume-uni
Genres Drame
Acteurs Terence Stamp, Neve McIntosh, Carol White (actrice anglaise), John Bindon, Queenie Watts, Kate Williams
Note67% 3.394653.394653.394653.394653.39465
C'est la vie difficile, solitaire, d'une « blonde plutôt jolie », mais paumée, dans la banlieue de Londres des années soixante, entre les hommes qui comptent dans sa vie :
Half a Sixpence, 2h23
Réalisé par George Sidney
Origine Royaume-uni
Genres Drame, Musical, Romance
Thèmes La musique, Musique, Adaptation d'une pièce de théâtre
Acteurs Tommy Steele, Julia Foster, Cyril Ritchard, Elaine Taylor, Grover Dale, Pamela Brown
Note64% 3.245563.245563.245563.245563.24556
Dans l'Angleterre victorienne, un jeune orphelin, Arthur Kipps, découvre une pièce de six pences alors qu’il marche le long d’un ruisseau avec sa jeune amie, Ann. Il coupe la pièce en deux et en donne une moitié à Ann en tant que symbole de leur amour. Kipps se rend ensuite dans une ville voisine pour travailler en tant qu'apprenti chez un drapier. Le temps passe et il devient un homme. Il se lie d'amitié avec Harry Chitterlow, acteur et dramaturge, qui découvre que Kipps est l'héritier d'une fortune qui lui a été laissée par son grand-père.
Alfie le dragueur, 1h54
Réalisé par Brian W. Cook, Lewis Gilbert
Origine Royaume-uni
Genres Drame, Comédie, Comédie dramatique, Comédie romantique, Romance
Thèmes La grossesse, Sexualité, Erotique, Adaptation d'une pièce de théâtre
Acteurs Michael Caine, Shelley Winters, Millicent Martin, Vivien Merchant, Jane Asher, Graham Stark
Rôle the Blonde Pub Singer (uncredited)
Note69% 3.497893.497893.497893.497893.49789
Le beau chauffeur volage Alfie Elkins (Michael Caine) apprécie les faveurs des femmes, tout en évitant tout engagement. Il finit une liaison avec une femme mariée, Siddie (Millicent Martin ), tout comme il met sa petite amie soumise Gilda (Julia Foster) enceinte. Bien qu'Alfie refuse d'épouser Gilda et la trompe constamment, celle-ci décide d'avoir l'enfant, un garçon nommé Malcolm qu'elle préfère garder plutôt que de l'abandonner pour adoption.
Sparrows Can't Sing, 1h34
Réalisé par Joan Littlewood
Origine Royaume-uni
Genres Drame, Comédie
Thèmes Adaptation d'une pièce de théâtre
Acteurs James Booth, Barbara Windsor, Roy Kinnear, Brian Murphy, Yootha Joyce, George Sewell
Note62% 3.1361453.1361453.1361453.1361453.136145
Cockney sailor Charlie comes home from a long voyage to find his house razed and his wife Maggie missing. Actually, she's now living with bus driver Bert and has a new baby--whose parentage is in doubt. Charlie's friends won't tell him where Maggie is because he's well known to have a foul temper. But he finally finds her and, after a fierce row with Bert, they are reconciled.