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Prashanth est un Acteur Indien né le 1 janvier 1973 à Chennai (Inde)


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Nom de naissance Prashanth Thiagarajan
Nationalité Inde
Naissance 1 janvier 1973 (49 ans) à Chennai (Inde)
Récompenses Filmfare Awards South

Prashanth (born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India) is an Indian film actor known for his works predominantly in Tamil cinema. He has also appeared in few Telugu films, bollywood and Malayalam films. The son of actor-director Thiagarajan, Prashanth began his career at 17 by appearing in Vaigasi Poranthachu and went on to feature in other films including R. K. Selvamani's Chembaruthi (1992).

Prashanth rose to stardom with Mani Ratnam's action-comedy Thiruda Thiruda, and Shankar's blockbuster romantic comedy Jeans in which he played a dual role alongside Aishwarya Rai. In the late 1990s, he featured in a series of films such as Kaadhal Kavithai, Jodi and Parthen Rasithen. His 2011 release Ponnar Shankar was based on the historical epic and became a semi-hit Prashanth also owns a multi-storeyed jewellery mart in Panagal Park.

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S. Manivannan
S. Manivannan
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Réalisé par Thiagarajan Sivanandam
Genres Drame, Action
Acteurs Prashanth, Meera Jasmine, Prakash Raj, Mumait Khan, Vadivelu, Vijayakumar
Rôle Mambattiyan
Note45% 2.252142.252142.252142.252142.25214
A landlord (Kota Srinivasa Rao) rules a village in western Tamil Nadu. When he is opposed by Mambattiyan's father (Vijayakumar), the 'jameen' kills him. Coming to know of this, Mambattiyan (Prashanth) kills the influential person and those in support of him.
Ponnar Shankar
Réalisé par Thiagarajan Sivanandam
Genres Biographie, Historique
Thèmes La famille
Acteurs Prashanth, Prabhu, Jayaram, Prakash Raj, Rajkiran, Divya Parameshwaran krishna
Rôle Ponnar and Shankar, the twin brothers
Note40% 2.0320252.0320252.0320252.0320252.032025
A love affair between Thamarai (Kushboo) and her maternal uncle Nellaiyankondan (Jayaram) is badly received by their family, especially since he is not financially well off. Thamarai's father, King Periyamalaikozhundhu Gounder (Vijayakumar), arranges for her marriage to Mandhiyappan (Prakashraj), ruler of a neighbouring country. Thamarai rejects the arranged marriage, angering Mandhiyappan. She later marries her lover, who had come to see her marry Mandhiyappan, and challenges her brother Chinna Malaikozhundhu (Ponvannan) to marry his daughters off to her sons (the marriage of cousins is a gounder custom). Periyamalaikozhundhu disowns his daughter for choosing Nellaiyankondan and banishes them from his kingdom.
Nilavu (2010)
, 1h30
Réalisé par Ajith Nair (aka Ajeeth Pila Keezhil Raghavan Nair)
Acteurs Ramu, Nandalal Krishnamurthy, Prashanth, Sangeetha, Suresh, Rejith Menon

No man is an island. We live to love and be, loved. Even as the mind weaves its own fantasies and the heart layers it with different emotions, we are journeying on, searching for an anchor in the ebb and flow of time, in the different shades of Nilavu.
Jambhavan (2006)

Acteurs Prashanth, Meera Chopra, Meghna Naidu, Vivek, Vijayakumar
Rôle Velan

The movie is about Velan (Prashanth), a responsible son of a village landlord (Vijayakumar). Adored by the villagers for his good deeds, Prashanth gets a shock when Vijayakumar informs that he is his foster son.
Acteurs Prashanth, Pooja Umashankar, Namitha, Karunas Sethu, Vincent Asokan, Mahadevan
Rôle Kadhirvel

The film begins with Kadhirvel (Prashanth), a do-gooder going all out to get water for his village. With monsoon repeatedly failing, his village reels under drought and Prashanth runs from pillar to post to get a well dug in the village. He manages to bring Shanmugham (Mahadevan), a water-divining expert to dig a well in the village. Shanmugham along with his wife and daughter Marikozhundhu (Pooja) come to the village. Unfortunately a freak mishap kills Shanmugham and the villagers' search for water continues.
Adaikalam (2006)
, 2h35
Acteurs Prashanth, Uma Shankari, Thiagarajan Sivanandam, Nalini, Radha Ravi, Ravichandran
Rôle Anbu

Anbu (Prashanth) is a doctor & also a lovable brother of Thamizh (Uma) who are the son & daughter of Kasthuri (Saranya). Somasundaram (Radharavi), uncle of Anbu who takes care of his sister and her family. One day Anbu comes to know about his sister Thamizh’s love and arranges for the marriage. During wedding preparations unexpectedly Anbu’s mother dies out of shock. Hence Somasundaram calls Anbu’s father Sathyamurthy (Thiagarajan) who was separated from Kasthuri long years back. Anbu gets furious and argues with his uncle not to allow his heartless father to conduct the funeral and rituals. Sathyamurthy gets snubbed by his daughter and son on many occasions repeatedly, unperturbed by their ill-treatment’s, he stays quietly with his family bearing this agony. As story moves on Sathyamurthy feels sad and shares his story to Somasundaram. Somasundaram narrates the flash back to Anbu and Thamizh and make them to know about their father’s real story.
London (2005)

Réalisé par Sundar C.
Acteurs Prashanth, Ankitha Jhaveri, Mumtaj, Pandiarajan, Vijayakumar, Sreevidya
Rôle Sivaraman

Sivaraman (Prashanth), an easy going young man, comes to London in search of a job. He loses all his certificates. Finds Kadhir (Pandiarajan), wandering in London aimlessly without a job. Now they need job & money. Kadhir persuades Sivaraman to join in a bank robbery planned by Baskar (Manivannan) - his stammering brother Natrajan (Mayilsamy) & Aishwarya (Mumtaj), who is Baskar‘s lover which lands them in more trouble as the robbery ends vainly. Aishwarya informs the police about the robbery & tells that the entire plan was hatched by Baskar. Baskar hides the money before getting arrested & the place is known only to his lawyer - Vedimuthu (Vadivelu). Aishwarya fakes to be in love with Vedimuthu to find where the money is hidden.
Shock (2004)

Réalisé par Thiagarajan Sivanandam
Genres Horreur
Thèmes Fantômes
Acteurs Prashanth, Meena, Abbas, Thiagarajan Sivanandam, Suhasini Maniratnam, Sarath Babu
Rôle Vasanth

The film revolves around Vasanth (Prashanth), a stock analyst, and his wife Malini (Meena). The two are in search for a flat in Chennai. Vassanth finds the perfect place on the 12th floor of a high-rise apartment building. However, the apartment has a horrifying past. The previous occupant of the flat, a young woman Manju who had killed her child and jumped from the balcony and died. Malini learns about this incident shortly after moving in and becomes oddly fixated with the story. Then, a series of inexplicable experiences drive Malini to near madness.
Jai (2004)

Réalisé par S. Narayan
Acteurs Prashanth, Rajkiran, Thiagarajan Sivanandam, Rajan P. Dev, Bhanupriya, Seetha
Rôle Jai

The film opens with Veerapandi (Thiagarajan) returning from USA after a long gap with his wife (Bhanupriya) and 8-year-old son Jai (Junior Prashanth). Veerapandi’s late father was a well-known factionist in that area & owned a land of 4,000 acres. While leaving for USA, Veerapandi gave the responsibility of managing this land to Vajravelu (Rajan P. Dev). Now back in India, Veerapandi realises that Vajravelu is misusing his power. He wants to donate all his land to the 2000 families staying in that village. When Vajravelu comes to know of this charity giveaway, he attacks Veerapandi, killing him & his wife. Nallamuthu (Rajkiran), a trusted lieutenant of Veerapandi, takes the kid Jai and escapes to the city (Chennai). After the murders, Veerapandi’s trusted people are put in jail with a prison sentence of 14 years.
Winner (2003)

Réalisé par Sundar C.
Acteurs Prashanth, Vadivelu, Kiran Rathod, Vijayakumar, M. N. Nambiar, Riyaz Khan
Rôle Sakthi

Sakthi (Prashanth) studying in a college in the city & he gets into quarrels every other day. Not able to withstand the threats from hooligans, Sakthi’s mother (Jayamurali) & father (Vijayakumar) packs him up to their village where Sakthi’s grandfather Velayutham (M. N. Nambiar) & grandmother Sivagami (M.N.Rajam) are cultivating Paddy. In that village an innocent servant Kaipulla (Vadivelu) constantly challenged by Sakthi’s relative Kattadurai (Riyaz Khan). Sakthi visits the grandparents & decides to stay there. A marriage of their relative is planned & the whole family from all over Tamil Nadu assembles. Neelaveni (Kiran) who accompanies her relatives falls in love with Sakthi. Kattadurai is supposed to marry Neelaveni. Many event follows. Kattadurai often clash with Sakthi & gets beaten up. Amidst the wedding preparation a group of former enemies (Rajkapoor, Anuradha) along with Neelaveni’s father (Prathap Singh) kidnap Neelaveni. Sakthi goes after them. After a huge tussle whether Sakthi brings back Neelaveni, Whether they unite or not is the rest of the story.
Thamizh (2002)

Réalisé par Hari
Genres Drame, Action
Acteurs Prashanth, Simran, Nassar, Aachi Manorama, Livingston, Ashish Vidyarthi
Rôle Thamizh
Note62% 3.1317853.1317853.1317853.1317853.131785
Thamizh (Prashanth) leads a happy life with his mother (Manorama) and sister-in-law (Urvasi). His brother(Livingston) is working in Kuwait and Thamizh too dreams of joining him there. Meenakshi (Simran), their tenant and Thamizh fall in love. When the goons of Periyavar (Ashish Vidyarthi) injure Thamizh's niece, he stops Periyavar's car on the road and questions him. He then beats up one of Periayavar's goons when insulted. This makes him Periyavar's target and though he tries to withdraw from the violence, he is forced to join forces with Rathnam (Nasser), Periyavar's sworn enemy and eventually defeats him.
Réalisé par Susi Ganeshan
Acteurs Prashanth, Sneha, Nassar, Easwari Rao, Livingston, Sriman
Rôle Sivan
Note64% 3.2273653.2273653.2273653.2273653.227365
Shivan (Prashanth) an aspiring designer's hopes crash when he lands up with the responsibility of looking after his mother and younger brothers with his father's sudden death. Since his father dies while in service, Shivan is forced to take up his father's job as a fire service man. He meets Thavamani (Sneha), a beautiful rustic while on a posting in a village and they fall in love. But the girl's father (Nasser) and the whole village are against the lovers. How the lovers' fight against all odds and win form the rest of this love story.