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Philip Friend est un Acteur Britannique né le 20 février 1915 à Horsham (Royaume-uni)

Philip Friend

Philip Friend
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Nom de naissance Philip Wyndham Friend
Nationalité Royaume-uni
Naissance 20 février 1915 à Horsham (Royaume-uni)
Mort 1 septembre 1987 (à 72 ans)

Philip (Wyndham) Friend, né le 20 février 1915 à Horsham (Angleterre), mort le 1er septembre 1987 à Chiddingfold (Angleterre), est un acteur anglais.


Au théâtre, à partir de 1936, Philip Friend participe à quelques pièces (dont deux jouées à Broadway en 1937-1938 et 1952), ainsi qu'à une comédie musicale d'Ivor Novello en début de carrière, Careless Rapture.

Au cinéma, entre 1939 et 1967, il contribue à trente-huit films, majoritairement britanniques, plus quelques films américains ou co-productions. Parmi ses films notables, citons Ceux qui servent en mer de Noël Coward et David Lean (1942, avec Noël Coward et Celia Johnson), La Fille des boucaniers de Frederick De Cordova (1950, avec Yvonne De Carlo) et Tempête sur la colline de Douglas Sirk (1951, avec Claudette Colbert et Ann Blyth).

À la télévision, Philip Friend apparaît dans quatorze séries entre 1951 et 1974, avant une ultime prestation dans un téléfilm diffusé en 1979.

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The Vulture, 1h31
Réalisé par Lawrence Huntington
Origine Canada
Genres Science-fiction, Horreur
Acteurs Robert Hutton, Akim Tamiroff, Broderick Crawford, Diane Clare, Philip Friend, Patrick Holt
Rôle The Vicar
Note41% 2.086162.086162.086162.086162.08616
One stormy night in Cornwall, schoolteacher Ellen West becomes hysterical when she sees a gigantic bird with a human face fly out of the open grave of Francis Real, an 18th-century seaman. Real, buried alive with a huge, murderous bird he had found in the South Pacific, had sworn vengeance on all descendants of Squire Stroud, the man who ordered his interment; nevertheless, Brian Stroud, the present squire, is unconcerned by the prophecy of doom.
The Fur Collar
Réalisé par Lawrence Huntington
Acteurs John Bentley, Martin Benson, Philip Friend, Hector Ross, Guy Middleton, Brian Nissen
Rôle Eddie Morgan

A man wearing a fur-collared coat is shot on his arrival in Paris. A British journalist is convinced that he was intended victim, as he also wears a fur-collar, and his made dangerous enemies by an Exposé.
Web of Suspicion, 1h10
Réalisé par Max Varnel
Origine Royaume-uni
Acteurs Philip Friend, Susan Beaumont

Schoolteacher Bradley Wells is wrongly accused of murdering a girl pupil, and is nearly lynched by angry townspeople. But with the help of his art teacher girlfriend Janet he discovers the real murderer, and works with Janet to clear his name and save the school from another tragedy.
The Son of Robin Hood, 1h21
Réalisé par George Sherman
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Aventure
Acteurs David Hedison, June Laverick, David Farrar, Marius Goring, Philip Friend, Delphi Lawrence
Rôle Dorchester
Note46% 2.3032.3032.3032.3032.303
The imposter son of Robin Hood gets locked up in the dungeon. His brother later gets locked up in the dungeon in the next cell. He calls out to him 'Robert, Robert' but he does not believe it his real brother saying that he lies in a foreign grave. He takes off a ring and ties it to some string and swings it to the next cell. When Robert sees the ring his brother tells him that it is the ring he gave him when he left for a foreign land that nobody else knows about and so he realizes that it really is his brother Jamie. He tells him that there is a plan to break him out of the dungeon.Then Jamie is taken to torture a forester Des Roches has captured. Jamie delays the torture until a guard interrupts with a blue cloak dropped by Deering Hood when she went to shoot the Hawk carrying a message from the traitor lady in the priory. Des Roches cries seize him but he uses the dagger given him to torture the forester and takes the guards sword. He engages in a sword fight managing to free the imprisoned forester. Together they escape and open the gate to the secret tunnel letting Little John, Deering and some of Robin Hood's allies into the castle of Des Roches. Jamie then goes back to fight Des Roches and kills him. Little John fights with the guards and manages to lower the drawbridge to let the rest of Robin Hoods men in and the castle is secured. Des Roches had won the support of many Lords and their Knights who are gathering for the coronation of the King in Winchester. But now without his leadership they can support the King at his coronation in place of Des Roches. Jamie declares his love for Deering and they kiss as acceptance of marriage. Jamie pardons Sylvia Des Roches' sister as she helped their cause to defeat Des Roches. everyone lives happily ever after.
Danger List, 22minutes
Réalisé par Leslie Arliss
Origine Royaume-uni
Acteurs Philip Friend, Honor Blackman, Mervyn Johns, Alexander Field
Rôle Dr. Jim Bennett
Note55% 2.765032.765032.765032.765032.76503
A nurse in the dispensary of an English hospital is suffering with a migraine, and accidentally dispenses the wrong medicines to three patients. The police and doctors have little time to locate the patients before the consequences are fatal.
The Betrayal, 1h22
Origine Royaume-uni
Genres Guerre, Policier
Acteurs Philip Friend, Philip Saville, Peter Burton, Ballard Berkeley
Rôle Michael McCall
Note60% 3.007033.007033.007033.007033.00703
Michael McCall is a pilot blinded during WW II while imprisoned by the Nazis. One of his fellow officers betrayed him; but though now unable to identity the traitor by sight, McCll is aided in his search by model Janet Hillyer.
Cloak Without Dagger, 1h9
Origine Royaume-uni
Genres Thriller
Acteurs Philip Friend, Mary Mackenzie, Leslie Dwyer, Allan Cuthbertson, Patrick Jordan, Marianne Stone
Rôle Major Felix Gratton
Note56% 2.8215652.8215652.8215652.8215652.821565
A fashion reporter is united from a former lover, and helps him to track down an enemy spy.
Background (1953)
, 1h23
Réalisé par Daniel Birt
Origine Royaume-uni
Genres Drame
Thèmes Adaptation d'une pièce de théâtre
Acteurs Valerie Hobson, Philip Friend, Norman Wooland, Janette Scott, Mandy Miller, Jeremy Spenser
Rôle John Lomax
Note61% 3.0910853.0910853.0910853.0910853.091085
John and Barbie Lomax (Friend and Hobson) have been married for almost 20 years, but the marriage has seemingly reached breaking point. After leaving the army, John has been working hard on making a career for himself as a barrister, which takes up all of his time and attention, leaving him exhausted and irritable. He acts intolerantly and dismissively towards Barbie and their three children, and the marital relationship comes under intolerable strain as the couple argue, bicker and snipe constantly at each other. Realising that the poisoned atmosphere is not good for the children to experience, they agree that in the circumstances divorce is the lesser evil.
Aventures à Berlin, 1h28
Réalisé par Compton Bennett
Origine Royaume-uni
Genres Drame, Thriller
Acteurs Dirk Bogarde, Mai Zetterling, Philip Friend, Albert Lieven, Carl Jaffe, Fritz Wendhausen
Rôle Capitaine Bob Sawyer
Note65% 3.287283.287283.287283.287283.28728
Un Néerlandais accusé à tort d'un crime traverse l'Allemagne à la recherche de la personne qui pourrait l'innocenter.
Tempête sur la colline, 1h24
Réalisé par Douglas Sirk
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Policier
Thèmes Adaptation d'une pièce de théâtre
Acteurs Claudette Colbert, Ann Blyth, Robert Douglas, Gladys Cooper, Michael Pate, Philip Friend
Rôle Sidney Kingham
Note68% 3.4415053.4415053.4415053.4415053.441505
Lors d'une inondation, tout un village se réfugie dans un couvent, situé sur la colline surplombant la région. Parmi les personnes déplacées, se trouve une jeune femme, escortée de deux policiers, qui la conduisent au lieu de son exécution. En effet, elle est condamnée à mort pour le meurtre de son frère. Une des religieuses, Sœur Mary, par certains détails, se convainc, petit à petit, de l'innocence de la meurtrière...
The Highwayman, 1h22
Réalisé par Lesley Selander
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Cape et d'épée, Aventure
Acteurs Philip Friend, Charles Coburn, Wanda Hendrix, Cecil Kellaway, Victor Jory, Dan O'Herlihy
Rôle Jeremy
Note69% 3.4531553.4531553.4531553.4531553.453155
The fairly straightforward love/betrayal/sacrifice theme of the Noyes poem is expanded to fill out the demands of an 82 minute long film. The Highwayman himself is an aristocrat who leads a party of associates to hold up the well-to-do and distribute their takings to the needy. This campaign is broadened when they discover that innocents are being kidnapped and sold into slavery in the colonies. The finale however follows the poem more closely as the Highwayman is betrayed to the authorities, soldiers march to set an ambush, his lover Bess sacrifices herself to give warning and the hero is shot down on the highway as he gallops to take revenge.
La Fille des boucaniers, 1h17
Réalisé par Frederick de Cordova
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Comédie, Action, Aventure, Romance
Thèmes La mer, Transport, Pirates
Acteurs Yvonne De Carlo, Philip Friend, Robert Douglas, Elsa Lanchester, Andrea King, Norman Lloyd
Rôle Frédéric Baptiste/Capitaine Robert Kingston
Note60% 3.0469553.0469553.0469553.0469553.046955
Une jeune femme est capturée par un pirate en rejoignant La Nouvelle-Orléans. S'étant échappée, elle retrouve son ravisseur lors d'une réception.