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Pen Medina est un Acteur né le 27 aout 1950 à Manille (Philippines)

Pen Medina

Pen Medina
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Nom de naissance Crispin Medina
Naissance 27 aout 1950 (72 ans) à Manille (Philippines)

Crispin "Pen" Medina Sr. (born August 27, 1950) is a Filipino actor born in Arayat, Pampanga, Philippines. He is known for his role as Paciano Rizal in the award winning film José Rizal shown for the Metro Manila Film Festival in 1998.

Pen Medina is one of the most notable actors of his time, doing versatile roles in both the big screen and on various television shows.


Pen Medina is the father of Karl Medina, Crispin "Ping" Medina II, Alex Medina, Japs Medina, Victor Medina, and Zeth Medina. His sons Ping and Alex, who both had their roots in indie films, are currently active in local television. His other sons Karl and Victor have followed suit by taking on acting roles in other indie films as well.

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10000 Hours, 1h47
Réalisé par Joyce Bernal
Origine Philippines
Genres Drame, Action
Thèmes Politique
Acteurs Robin Padilla, Michael De Mesa, Alden Richards, Bela Padilla, Bobby Andrews, Pen Medina
Rôle Iago
Note68% 3.408083.408083.408083.408083.40808
In 2010, Sen. Gabriel Alcaraz prepares a privilege speech revealing details of a corruption scam at the highest levels of the government, implicating President Genoviva Obrero. However, on the day he is prepared to deliver the speech at the Senate, a close ally, NBI director San Juan, is assassinated while trying to warn him of a plan to arrest him. Undaunted, Alcaraz leaves his family and slips out of the Senate complex just as a police detail led by his old colleague, Director Dante Cristobal, move in to serve the warrant. He heads to the NAIA airport, but knowing that the police are waiting for him there, slips out of the country aboard a ship with help from TV reporter Maya Limchauco and an associate of the NBI chief. He arrives in Amsterdam, where Isabelle Manahan, a Filipino expatriate who works with the UN, shelters the senator but discourages him against contacting his loved ones back home; the family falls into despair from the backlash over his escape.
Kamera Obskura, 1h23
Origine Philippines
Genres Drame
Acteurs Pen Medina, Lou Veloso, Joel Torre
Rôle Juan, star of the lost silent film

Film archivists uncover a lost Filipino black-and-white silent film about an escaped convict who uses a magic camera to help the people of a small town. After showing the 70-minute film, the archivists debate its significance and the best way to preserve Filipino cinema.
Amigo (2010)
, 2h8
Réalisé par John Sayles
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Guerre, Historique
Acteurs Chris Cooper, Garret Dillahunt, Joel Torre, DJ Qualls, Yul Vazquez, Lucas Neff
Note62% 3.141643.141643.141643.141643.14164
Amigo est un film dramatique américano-philippin écrit et réalisé par John Sayles. Le film se passe aux Philippines en 1900 pendant la guerre américano-philippine. C'est l'un des rares films réalisé par un Américain qui aborde le sujet.
Noy (2010)

Réalisé par Coco Martin
Origine Philippines
Genres Drame, Comédie romantique, Documentaire
Acteurs Coco Martin, Erich Gonzales, Cherry Pie Picache, Joem Bascon, Vice Ganda, Baron Geisler
Rôle Nick
Note65% 3.2643853.2643853.2643853.2643853.264385
Forced to find a job as his family's breadwinner, Noy (Coco Martin) poses as a journalist commissioned to come up with a documentary following the campaign trail of his namesake and top presidential bet, Sen. Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino for the 2010 Philippine National elections.
Réalisé par Jerrold Tarog
Origine Philippines
Genres Drame
Acteurs Neil Ryan Sese, Pen Medina, Irma Adlawan
Rôle Danilo Marquez
Note62% 3.1298153.1298153.1298153.1298153.129815
The film tells the story of Himalaya "Laya" Marquez (Che Ramos), a 27-year-old travel photographer who projects a cold, aloof persona to her family and workmates. The beginning of the film reveals that she is estranged from her mother Luzviminda (Irma Adlawan) and her father, the famous Photographer Danilo Marquez (Pen Medina). The film also reveals that she hasn't had a complete dream or a full night's sleep since age 12.
Shake Rattle & Roll XI
Origine Philippines
Genres Thriller, Horreur
Acteurs Mark Anthony Fernandez, Ruffa Gutierrez, Maja Salvador, Gina Alajar, Rayver Cruz, Joem Bascon
Rôle Diablo (segment "Diablo") (voice)
Note60% 3.0455853.0455853.0455853.0455853.045585
Diablo Claire (Maja Salvador), an unfaithful and troubled intern doctor was assigned to treat a young girl with a deadly flu virus. Upon entering the room, the girl mistreats Claire when she tries to treat her. Before leaving, the girl begs Claire that she needs a priest to cure her, but Claire didn't believe her and assures that she is sick. The girl angrily shouts at her and tells Claire that she was possessed by a demon until she was taken control by the demon. The girl begins to attack Claire, but she attempts to escape and helplessly watches the girl fell out of the hospital to her death before the girl shifts her face to Claire's.
I.T.A.L.Y. (I Trust and Love You)
Origine Philippines
Genres Drame, Comédie, Comédie dramatique, Comédie romantique, Romance
Acteurs Jolina Magdangal, Dennis Trillo, Rufa Mae Quinto, Eugene Domingo, Mark Herras, Edgar Allan Guzman
Rôle Destiny's Father
Note53% 2.6901052.6901052.6901052.6901052.690105
Destiny. Is it beyond our control? Or do we make our own? These questions and other musings about the past and the future set the tone as we sail into the year’s most anticipated film about love and life.
Ang Cute Ng Ina Mo!, 1h42
Réalisé par Wenn V. Deramas
Genres Drame, Comédie, Romance
Acteurs Ai-Ai de las Alas, Anne Curtis, Luis Manzano, Eugene Domingo, John Lapus, Nikki Echieverri Bacólod
Rôle RP President
Note57% 2.8688052.8688052.8688052.8688052.868805
The story revolves around Georgia, a Filipina patis (fish sauce) manufacturer and a mother who is finally reunited with her long-lost Filipino Australian daughter after 20 years of separation.
Evolution of a Filipino Family, 10h43
Réalisé par Lav Diaz
Origine Philippines
Genres Drame
Acteurs Marife Necesito, Pen Medina, Ronnie Lazaro, Lino Brocka, Joel Torre, Angel Aquino
Rôle Kadyo
Note76% 3.8196753.8196753.8196753.8196753.819675
Variety describes the film thus: "Lav Diaz’s Evolution of a Filipino Family patiently and methodically observes the collapse and hopeful revival of a poor farming clan, meant to symbolize a nation’s history spanning 1971 to 1987."
Bcuz Of U
Bcuz Of U (2004)
, 1h56
Réalisé par Cathy Garcia-Molina
Origine Philippines
Genres Drame, Comédie romantique, Romance
Acteurs Heart Evangelista, Dara, Kristine Hermosa, Geoff Eigenmann, Hero Angeles, Diether Ocampo
Rôle Tatay
Note66% 3.344493.344493.344493.344493.34449
A runaway bride returns, a woman falls for her worst nightmare and two opposites come together in this trio of romantic tales. In the first story, Ria (Kristine Hermosa) tries to win back the man (Diether Ocampo) she left at the altar. In tale two, solitary Cara (Heart Evangelista) meets Mr. Wrong (Geoff Eigenmann) -- or is he? And in the final yarn, a tour guide (Hero Angeles) meets a girl (Sandara Park) who pretends to be a famous actress.
Naglalayag (2004)

Genres Drame, Romance
Acteurs Nora Aunor, Jaclyn Jose, Celia Rodriguez, Pen Medina, Aleck Bovick, Irma Adlawan
Rôle Pacio Garcia
Note65% 3.267683.267683.267683.267683.26768
Dorinda (Nora Aunor), a state prosecutor turned judge on the edge of a mid-life crisis, finds herself completely alone. Her only son Dennis resides in the US with his wife. She has been a widow for years but lonely she isn’t, she’d always tell everyone. Truth is, she lives an empty life.
Till There Was You, 1h49
Réalisé par Joyce Bernal
Origine Philippines
Genres Drame, Romance
Thèmes La mer, Transport
Acteurs Judy Ann Santos, Piolo Pascual, Marissa Delgado, Eliza Pineda, Ronaldo Valdez, Jennifer Sevilla
Rôle Frank Boborol
Note63% 3.151743.151743.151743.151743.15174
Joanna (Santos) meets single father Albert (Pascual) and his baby Pippa on a bus. When she gets off the bus, Joanna accidentally leaves her photograph behind with her book. Over the years, Pippa comes to believe that this picture is of her mother's. Years later, Pippa meets Joanna again, and Albert hires her to act as Pippa's mother. Eventually, Albert and Joanna become romantically involved.
Deathrow (2000)
, 1h58
Réalisé par Joel Lamangan
Origine Philippines
Genres Drame, Action, Policier
Acteurs Eddie García, Anita Linda, Cogie Domingo, Angelika de la Cruz, Jaclyn Jose, Pen Medina
Rôle Gabino
Note57% 2.8679952.8679952.8679952.8679952.867995
16-year-old Sonny Corpus (Cogie Domingo), born and raised in the slums of Manila, frequently hangs out with his friends Celso, Jimmy, and Rodel. The three pressured Sonny to spend more time with them. Unknown to Sonny, his friends planned to rob a house one night. During the robbery, Celso accidentally fired at the owner of the house Anita Linda, killing her. Police came and Jimmy and Rodel were killed, prompting Sonny to freeze and Celso to run. The police finds Sonny at the scene and arrests him.
Muro-ami (1999)
, 2h
Réalisé par Marilou Diaz-Abaya
Origine Philippines
Genres Drame, Action, Aventure
Acteurs Cesar Montano, Pen Medina, Amy Austria, Jhong Hilario, Rebecca Lusterio
Note69% 3.4789653.4789653.4789653.4789653.478965
Fredo (Cesar Montano) is a fisherman who has endured more than his share of hardship in life; his wife and child both perished in a boating accident, and today Fredo approaches each trip to the sea with the angry determination of a man out for revenge. Fredo commands a crew of young people from poor families as he takes his rattletrap ship into the ocean in search of fish that live along the reefs, snaring catch with an illegal netting system. Not all of Fredo's youthful sailors are willing to put up with his abusive arrogance, however, and even his father Dado (Pen Medina) and close friend Botong (Jhong Hilario) have grown weary of Fredo's tirades. Fredo's body is beginning to betray him as well, and as he and his crew damage the sea's reef beds in search of fish, no one is certain how much longer he will be able to continue.