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P. Bharathiraja est un Acteur, Réalisateur, Scénariste, Producteur et Playback Singer Indien né le 17 juillet 1941 à Theni (Inde)

P. Bharathiraja

P. Bharathiraja
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Nom de naissance Chinnasaamy Periyamayathevar
Nationalité Inde
Naissance 17 juillet 1941 (81 ans) à Theni (Inde)
Récompenses Padma Shri, Filmfare Awards South, Nandi Awards

P. Bharathiraja (born 17 July 1941) is an Indian filmmaker who works mainly in the Tamil film industry. He made his debut in 16 Vayathinile (1977) and is known for realistic and sensitive portrayal of village-life in his films. As of 2015, he has won six National Film Awards, two Tamil Nadu State Film Awards and is also a recipient of other awards such as Filmfare Awards South, Cinema Express Awards, and Nandi Awards.


Bharathiraja was born as Chinnasamy to Periyamayakallar and Karuthammal. He is married to Chandra Leelavathi and has two children Manoj Bharathiraja and Janani. Manoj is an actor who was introduced in Tajmahal, he is married to actress Nandana. Janani is married to Malaysian Rajkumar Thambiraja. Bharathiraja's brother-in-law Manojkumar has directed films like Mannukkul Vairam, Vandicholai Chinraasu, Vaanavil and Guru Paarvai. His brother Jayaraj has made his acting debut with Kaththukkutti. His relative Stalin is a television actor who acted in serials like Saravanan Meenatchi and 7C.

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பாண்டிய நாடு, 2h17
Réalisé par Suseenthiran
Genres Action, Romance
Acteurs Lakshmi Menon, Vishal, P. Bharathiraja, Vikranth, Soori, Sharath Lohithaswa
Rôle Kalyanasundaram
Note71% 3.590543.590543.590543.590543.59054
Sivakumar (Vishal) is an ordinary guy who owns a mobile sales and service center in Madurai who falls for a school teacher Malar (Lakshmi Menon). His father Kalyanasundaram (Bharathiraja), a retired government employee shows much care on Sivakumar's elder brother. Meanwhile there is big mafia gang led by Simmakkal Ravi (Sharath Lohitashwa), who rules Madurai with an iron fist. Sethu (Vikranth), a friend of Siva helps him woo Malar. Sethu helps his ex-lover amudha (krithi shetty) to escape from the chief henchmen of Ravi. Sivakumar's brother, an honest government officer gets into Ravi's bad books and is killed by Ravi. Siva learns that Sethu is also killed by Ravi and is infuriated. Now, the helpless father and the meek son draw up separate plans to eliminate Ravi. Kalyanasundaram hires a hit-squad to do his bidding while Sivakumar monitors Ravi's activities closely, biding his time for the right moment. The hit squad makes a failed attempt at Ravi and he in turn tracks the source down to an 'old man' (Kalyanasundaram). Just as Kalyanasundaram is about to be 'found out' in a trap set by Ravi, Sivakumar interferes and manages to secure his father out without his knowledge. Sivakumar continues to be on Ravi's heels but he too gets exposed and the story culminates with Sivakumar mustering up all his courage strength out of his survival instinct and kills all of Ravi's associates and Ravi himself. Sivakumar also manages to retrieve the cash his father had paid to the hit-squad; this let's Kalyanasundaram know that Sivakumar was the one responsible for Ravi's death.
Genres Drame, Romance
Acteurs Kailasam Balachander, P. Bharathiraja, Anjali, Aari, Manobala, Karunas Sethu
Rôle Singaravelan
Note62% 3.116593.116593.116593.116593.11659
The film unfolds in a village in Thirunelveli. Ramasamy (K Balachander) is an influential man in the village and he is a devoted to the principles of Congress since his childhood. He is against Singaravelan (Bharathiraja), a Communist.
Aayitha Ezhuthu, 2h40
Réalisé par Mani Ratnam
Origine Inde
Genres Drame, Thriller, Action, Politique, Romance
Thèmes La musique, Politique, Musique, Politique
Acteurs Suriya, R. Madhavan, Siddharth, Meera Jasmine, Trisha Krishnan, Esha Deol
Rôle Selva Nayagam
Note78% 3.9461353.9461353.9461353.9461353.946135
Le destin réunit trois jeunes hommes et leurs vies s'en trouvent profondément bouleversées.
Kadhal Virus
Réalisé par Kadhir
Acteurs Richard Rishi, Sridevi Vijaykumar, Abbas, Aachi Manorama, Manorama, Raghuvaran
Note54% 2.7073452.7073452.7073452.7073452.707345
Deepak is a budding filmmaker trying to get his first production out. He meets and falls in love with Geetha, and decides to take his relationship with her further once his first film is made. Misunderstandings lead to their separation, and her eventual marriage to Rajiv, a struggling actor who is looking for a role in Deepak's next film.
Idhayam (1991)

Réalisé par Kadhir
Genres Drame, Romance
Acteurs Murali, Heera, Aachi Manorama, Chinni Jayanth, Manorama, Janagaraj
Rôle Special Appearance
Note68% 3.423483.423483.423483.423483.42348
Set in a medical college backdrop, the film is about a person (introvert), who loves his fellow college mate, but does not have courage to convey his love to her. The film has some memorable scenes, where the Hero wants to convey his Love, then he mistakes that the Heroine is in love with someone else (whereas, actually she is helping her sister and her lover to unite)
Dhavani Kannavukal, 2h28
Réalisé par K. Bhagyaraj, P. Bharathiraja
Genres Drame
Acteurs Sivaji Ganesan, K. Bhagyaraj, Raadhika Sarathkumar, Nithya, Priyadarshini, P. Bharathiraja
Note68% 3.4244453.4244453.4244453.4244453.424445
This story revolves around an unemployed youngster who tries to become rich for his big family. Bhagyaraj is an unemployed gold medalist with 5 younger sisters, and a mother. He is unable to find a job in spite of his education, and is supported by his sisters, and his landlord played by Sivaji Ganesan. After many failures, he goes to Chennai in search of job, and meets Radhika. The rest of the movie is about how he succeeds in life and what he ends up with. The best part of the screenplay is its ability to portray many of the existing social conditions in the society including unemployment of educated youth and dowry.
கல்லுக்குள் ஈரம், 2h
Réalisé par P.S.Nivas
Genres Drame, Romance
Acteurs P. Bharathiraja, Sudhakar G, Goundamani, Janagaraj, Vennira Aadai Nirmala, Manobala
Rôle Self
Note62% 3.114033.114033.114033.114033.11403
This is a story of two innocent village girls who fall in love with the Director and Hero of the cinema crew visiting their village for a shoot. Aruna falls in love with Bharathiraaja and Vijayashanthi with Sudhagar.


Réalisé par P. Bharathiraja
Acteurs Arjun Sarja, Nana Patekar, Kajal Agarwal, Rukmini Vijayakumar, Vivek, S. Manivannan
Note61% 3.0934553.0934553.0934553.0934553.093455
The opening scene is shown in a way that director Rana(Nana Patekar) shoots a scene in his upcoming film with his film's heroine. As he is not happy with the way the heroine behaves, he decides to find another heroine. In search of the heroine, he finally finds Trishna(Rukmini Vijayakumar) suited for his film. But he never discloses the identity of his heroine to media and the wallpapers of the film also doesn't show the hero as well as the heroine of the film.Finally the film gets completed and Rana needs to attend a press meet regarding his film's release. But he does not go the press meet and he is shown to have had an illegal relationship with Trishna. At this instant the producer of the film calls Rana and the media come to know where he is and with whom. So the whole media people gathers at the hotel where Rana stays and he manages to escape from them and get into a car.They start chasing him and finally he kills Trishna by creating an accident like situation. In this situation Vivek(Arjun Sarja), a CBI officer takes in charge for this murder case, along with two previous murder cases which was also suspected to be done by Rana. As a suspicion he is arrested and taken into CBI custody.There Vivek starts his interrogation.In between this a poet(Kajal Aggarwal) who is also a crazy fan of Rana is shown as Vivek's lover and also she was an assistant to Rana during his film shooting.Finally, during interrogation, Rana reveals of how he found Trishna and their relationship. She was a dancer, who used to dance in temples and small-time shows across Andhra Pradesh. He hires her as his new muse, and in the shooting spot, they are shown to share a very intimate relationship, fueling existing rumors that he is a womanizer. When Trishna is left without a place to sleep, Rana offers her a place in his room, and witnessing this, another unit member informs Rana's wife (Ranjitha). The next morning, as Rana is once again shown to share a very close rapport with Trishna, his wife arrives, beats up the hairdresser, and throws a tantrum, accusing him as a womanizer. He however continues shooting, appearing to be unperturbed by the incident but apparently cries lightly while instructing his actors, something which his assistant notices. He and his assistant are also shown to share a special and close relationship, as she comforts him later on. However, at the same village in which they are shooting, they face troubles in the form of the village chief (Manivannan), who is notorious and constantly lusting over Trishna. He states in rage at one point that he would kill the chief should he cause more inconvenience. The next day, the chief is murdered at a nearby quarry. Vivek recalls this and states that Rana committed this murder because he can't stand the chief's behavior towards Trishna, but Rana neither agrees or denies this statement.
Kangalal Kaidhu Sei
Réalisé par P. Bharathiraja
Acteurs Priyaman, Ilavarasu, Jai Akash, Mayilsamy, Chithra Lakshmanan, Tanay Hemant Chheda
Note55% 2.775492.775492.775492.775492.77549
John Vaseegaran is a young man who ranks fifth richest millionaire in India and 30th on the international level. The plot opens in a graveyard where Vaseegran's parents' funeral takes place. He is not disturbed by the demise of his parents as he had not been showered with any affection by them instead concentrated only on making money. A lady of his community expresses her condolence to him and leaves. While getting into her car she finds her diamond ring is missing and screams; the lost ring is in Vaseegaran's pocket.
Kadal Pookkal
Réalisé par P. Bharathiraja
Acteurs Murali, Sindhu Menon, Manoj K. Bharathi, Prathyusha, Uma Shankari, Vaiyapuri

Karuthayya and Peter (Murali - Manoj) are the best of friends, sharing with each other their hopes and dreams. Karuthayya's plan, to get his beloved sister Kayal (Uma) married elsewhere, is thwarted when he learns that Kayal is in love with Peter. He hears this from Uppili (Pratyksha) who has a soft corner for Karuthayya and vice versa. For his sister's sake, Karuthayya approaches Peter with the marriage proposal. A shocked Peter, who had all along shared an easy relationship with Uma, consents for the sake of friendship. Peter then makes a counter proposal - that Karuthayya marry his sister Maria. Peter however withholds the fact that Maria had been seduced by a man from the city and was carrying his child. Family honour being uppermost in his mind, friendship takes a back seat. But Peter does not know that Karuthayya was already aware of his sister's affair, though not of her pregnancy. Karuthayya knowing his friend's aggressive nature had not told Peter about the matter earlier. Karuthayya now throws the ball back in Peter's court, asking him to first get Maria's consent. Sure that Maria would not give her consent for the marriage. But to his shock Maria agrees.
Réalisé par P. Bharathiraja
Genres Drame, Action, Romance
Acteurs Riya Sen, Manoj K. Bharathi, Purnima Das Verma, Revathi, Raadhika Sarathkumar, Ranjitha
Note47% 2.3593652.3593652.3593652.3593652.359365
Thiruppaachi and Sengulam are neighboring villages with a history of enmity between them. Maayan (Manoj) and Machakanni (Riya Sen) meet on the day of her engagement and its love at first sight. Her marriage itself gets called off when the groom and his family insult Machakanni's family and her romance with Maayan continues. But when her brother finds out about him, all hell breaks loose. The turned-down bridegroom is still itching for revenge and figuring out that the only way to extract it is to marry Machakanni, he pleads for forgiveness and succeeds in melting her brother's heart. The marriage is finalised but Maayan's friends swear to unite the star-crossed lovers. There is also a subplot of Maayan's aunt(Radhika) trying to get her daughter married off to Maayan.