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Olga Kabo est une Actrice Russe née le 28 janvier 1968 à Moscou (Russie)

Olga Kabo

Olga Kabo
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Nationalité Russie
Naissance 28 janvier 1968 (53 ans) à Moscou (Russie)

Olga Kabo (Moscou, 28 janvier 1968) est une actrice russe.


Olga Kabo was born in Moscow, the daughter of engineers Igor Yakovlevich and Ada Nikolayevna Kabo. From an early age her parents engaged her in many artistic activities: she studied ballroom dance, rhythmic gymnastics, and even entered the cosmonaut's studio. Olga studied English at a special school with advanced English courses, and attended art and musical schools, the latter at the Moscow conservatory. At the Moscow Pioneer Palace she had her first taste of the theatre stage. At 15 she debuted on the big screen, having been cast in the youth drama And Everything Returns (by Yaroslav Lupyi) and Vitaly Makarov's musical film No Joking. Having graduated from secondaty school, Olga joined the Treater studio at the prestigious Schukin college, then continued her education at the VGIK where she joined the class of Sergey Bondarchuk.

Olga Kabo became famous in 1989 for her role in Lysistrata Comedy which brought her the reputation of a Russian movie sex symbol. In the 1990s she became internationally known for her roles in The Ice Runner (Lena, 1992) and Burial of the Rats (Anna, 1995). Kabo, a Mossovet Theater actress since 2002, was entitled a Meritorious Artist of Russia in the same year.

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1812. Ulanskaya Ballada, 1h40
Genres Guerre, Action, Aventure, Historique
Thèmes Politique, Steampunk, Guerres napoléoniennes, Révolution française
Acteurs Sergueï Bezroukov, Paweł Deląg, Olga Kabo, Svetlana Metkina
Rôle Pani Marta
Note25% 1.2771051.2771051.2771051.2771051.277105
In 1812, on the eve of the decisive battle of Borodino, a French secret agent steals a battle plan of the Russian troops. This fact is known to General Kutuzov, thanks to a young nobleman named Alexey Tarusov. Tarusov joins a regiment of Russian lancers, and finds new friends and together they have many adventures...
1920 : La bataille de Varsovie, 1h50
Réalisé par Jerzy Hoffman
Origine Pologne
Genres Drame, Guerre, Comédie musicale, Historique
Acteurs Daniel Olbrychski, Borys Szyc, Natasza Urbańska, Marian Dziędziel, Bogusław Linda, Olga Kabo
Rôle Sofia Nikolaïevna
Note41% 2.0628352.0628352.0628352.0628352.062835
Le poète polonais Jan Krynicki (Borys Szyc), à la veille de son départ au combat avec l'armée polonaise comme uhlan (lancier), épouse l’actrice Ola Raniewska (Natasza Urbańska). Le mariage est célébré par l’abbé Ignacy Skorupka (Łukasz Garlicki).
Où se trouve nofelet ?
Origine Russie
Genres Comédie, Romance
Acteurs Vladimir Valentinovich Menshov, Irina Rozanova, Olga Kabo, Elena Safonova, Inna Oulianova
Rôle passante à Sverdlovsk
Note64% 3.2432653.2432653.2432653.2432653.243265
Pavel Golikov, un ingénieur talentueux, travaille dans un institut où tous ses collègues sont exclusivement des femmes. Il est extrêmement timide et inexpérimenté vis-à-vis des femmes et est donc toujours célibataire. Il vit avec ses parents qui rêvent depuis longtemps de petits-enfants et le mettent en rapport, mais sans succès, avec des femmes dans l'espoir d'un mariage.