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Norman Beaton est un Acteur Britannique né le 31 octobre 1934 à Georgetown (Guyana)

Norman Beaton

Norman Beaton
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Nom de naissance Norman Lugard Beaton
Nationalité Royaume-uni
Naissance 31 octobre 1934 à Georgetown (Guyana)
Mort 13 décembre 1994 (à 60 ans)

Norman Lugard Beaton (31 October 1934 – 13 December 1994) was a Guyanese actor long resident in the United Kingdom.


M. Gloria Moshette (1958-?)

Jayme Beaton (b. 1958, British Guiana)
Kim Beaton (b. 1960, British Guiana)
Jeremy Beaton (b. 1962, England)
Norman Beaton Jr (b. 1964, England) married with Marie-Agnes André
Granddaughters - Sabrina Gayle (Kim Beaton), Alexandra Beaton (Norman Beaton Jr), Mica Beaton (Jeremy Beaton)
Grandsons - Marlon Beaton (Jeremy Beaton) Simon Beaton, Lorian Beaton, Raphael Beaton (Norman Beaton Jr)

With Jane Atto

William Beaton (b. 1969, England)
M. Leah Garady (1976-?)

Beaton formed a more lasting relationship with Jane Cash in 1978.

His father William Solomon Beaton died in 1983, and his mother Ada Beaton (née Mackintosh) died in 1962.

Le plus souvent avec

Horace Ové
Horace Ové
(2 films)
Oscar James
Oscar James
(2 films)
Eartha Kitt
Eartha Kitt
(1 films)
Ed Devereaux
Ed Devereaux
(1 films)
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Filmographie de Norman Beaton (6 films)

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The mighty Quinn, 1h38
Réalisé par Carl Schenkel
Genres Drame, Thriller, Comédie, Action, Policier
Thèmes La mer, Transport, Musique
Acteurs Denzel Washington, James Fox, Mimi Rogers, M. Emmet Walsh, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Robert Townsend
Rôle Governor Chalk
Note60% 3.0008853.0008853.0008853.0008853.000885
Le chef de police Xavier Quinn enquête sur l'assassiner horrible de Donald Pater, l'un des plus riches habitants sur une île des Caraïbes. Il a été retrouvé décapité dans son jacuzzi. Bien que l'establishment politique local, en particulier de travers gouverneur Chalk, insiste sur le fait que petit voleur temps Maubee est responsable, Xavier a ses doutes. Ce point de vue est compliquée par l'histoire personnelle du chef de la police avec Maubee: Les hommes ont été amis depuis l'enfance.
Eureka (1983)
, 2h10
Réalisé par Nicolas Roeg
Origine Royaume-uni
Genres Drame, Thriller, Action
Acteurs Gene Hackman, Theresa Russell, Rutger Hauer, Mickey Rourke, Joe Pesci, Jane Lapotaire
Note59% 2.998952.998952.998952.998952.99895
Au Canada, en 1925, Jack McCann, perturbé par le désespoir et entouré par la mort, devient subitement un homme riche en découvrant un filon d'or. 20 ans plus tard, désabusé et installé sur une île jamaïcaine, il vit reclus avec sa femme alcoolique, sa fille mariée à un homme qu'il déteste, et son associé qui essaie à son insu, via la mafia, de construire un casino.
Black Joy
Black Joy (1977)
, 1h50
Réalisé par Anthony Simmons
Origine Royaume-uni
Genres Drame, Comédie
Thèmes La musique, Le hip-hop, Adaptation d'une pièce de théâtre, Gangsters
Acteurs Norman Beaton, The Baroness Benjamin, Oscar James, Paul J. Medford, Vivian Stanshall, Barbara Keogh
Rôle Dave King
Note62% 3.1458553.1458553.1458553.1458553.145855
Guyanese immigrant Ben Jones arrives at Heathrow Airport with a suitcase and a wallet full of money. Immigration officials refuse to believe his naïve explanation that the cash was given by his grandmother, and strip-search him. Humiliated and confused, Ben travels to Brixton in search of an obscure address. A ten-year-old boy, Devon, spots him and offers to help find the address if Ben pays him. When Ben foolishly reveals his fat wallet, Devon runs off with it, and Ben is forced to sleep at the local hostel. Dave King, a charismatic petty crook and lover of Devon's mother Miriam, pretends to be a responsible adult and intercepts Ben's wallet, but he keeps the money knowing that Devon has stolen it. That evening, Dave tries to seduce Miriam but she resists him, explaining that she has recently become pregnant. An argument ensues and Miriam forces Dave to leave.
Pressure (1976)
, 2h16
Réalisé par Horace Ové
Origine Royaume-uni
Genres Drame
Acteurs Oscar James, Norman Beaton, John Francois Landry, Ed Devereaux, Philip Jackson
Rôle Preacher
Note70% 3.5180353.5180353.5180353.5180353.518035
The film follows the story of a British, black teenager named Anthony who goes by the nickname of "Tony". Tony was born and raised in Britain while the rest of his family: his mother, father, and older brother were born in Trinidad. This affects the family members' viewpoints about the society they live in. Tony’s mother says they, as blacks, must work hard, mind their business and respect white people’s laws because the whites have the power. The film shows how the older generations are satisfied with living in a society ruled by the white English, which differs from the views of the younger generation. There is a disconnect between the way Tony feels about Britain and the way that his family feels, specifically his brother. Tony’s brother is active in the black power movement and is constantly discussing how blacks are treated as second-class citizens who are faced with racism in an unjust societal system. He stresses the idea of a collective effort on behalf of the blacks, as black encompasses their culture and consciousness and they must spread this consciousness. He emphasizes how blacks must organize politically to deal with the situation themselves, since the government is not on their side. Tony tries to assimilate into the white-dominated society that surrounds him as well as fit in with his own family and their traditions. However, as Tony tries to assimilate and maintain his faith in a British society where he can progress, he is continuously faced with obstacles.
Up the Chastity Belt, 1h34
Origine Royaume-uni
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Frankie Howerd, Graham Crowden, Bill Fraser, Norman Beaton, David Prowse, Roy Hudd
Rôle Blacksmith
Note53% 2.696452.696452.696452.696452.69645
Howerd played dual roles as King Richard the Lionheart and cowardly peasant Lurkalot (his character in Up Pompeii was the slave Lurcio). The plot served as an excuse to serve up the usual collection of puns and double entendres that characterised most British film comedy in the 1970s, but did feature Eartha Kitt singing "A Knight for My Nights" and Hugh Paddick (of Julian and Sandy fame in the Round the Horne BBC radio series) as a notable Robin Hood, leader of a band of men who were camp homosexual rather than merry.