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Nora Aunor est une Actrice et Producteur Philippine née le 21 mai 1953 à Iriga (Philippines)

Nora Aunor

Nora Aunor
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Nom de naissance Nora Cabaltera Villamayor
Nationalité Philippines
Naissance 21 mai 1953 (68 ans) à Iriga (Philippines)

Nora Aunor (born Nora Cabaltera Villamayor; May 21, 1953) is a Filipina actress, recording artist, and film producer. Aunor has also appeared in several stage plays, television shows, and concerts. She is known as Philippine cinema's Superstar and is regarded as the People's National Artist. "The Hollywood reporter" magazine, called her "The Grand Dame of Philippine Cinema" for her brilliant performance in the movie Taklub.

Aunor started her career in the Philippine entertainment industry as a singer after she won an amateur singing contest. She made her film debut with All Over the World (1967) and also guested in youth-oriented films produced by Vera-Perez Pictures and United Brothers Production. Aunor transformed herself into a serious actress and came to be regarded as an acting heavyweight, performing in films such as Tatlong taong walang Diyos (1976), Himala (1982), Bona (1980), The Flor Contemplacion Story (1995) and Thy Womb (2012) which gave her international and local awards and nominations.

Aunor received 17 FAMAS Award nominations and was elevated to the "Hall of Fame" after winning five Best Actress Awards. She is the most nominated actress of Gawad Urian Awards with 18 nominations, winning seven. She has more nominations as Best Actress than any other Filipino actor in both FAMAS and Gawad Urian award giving bodies. She has won eight trophies from PMPC Star Awards for her work in television and movies, eight Metro Manila Film Festival, four Luna Awards, five Young Critics Circle Awards, a Cairo Film Festival award, an Asia Pacific Screen Awards, an Asian Film Awards, among others.

In 1983, Aunor was recognized as one of the The Outstanding Women in the Nation’s Service (TOWNS) in the Field of the Arts. In 1999, Aunor received the Centennial Honor for the Arts awarded by the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP). She was the only film actress included in the list of awardees. In 2010, she was hailed by the Green Planet Movie Awards as one of the "10 Asian Best Actresses of the Decade". She received the Ani ng Dangal Award (Harvest of Honors). from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts in 2013 and 2014. In 2013, she received the "Light of Culture Awards from Philippine Centre of the International Theatre Institute and the ITI-Earthsavers UNESCO Dream Center for pioneering in the integration of theater, television, and film. In 2014, Aunor is the recipient of University of the Philippines College of Mass Communications, Gawad Plaridel. On September 17, 2015, Aunor was confered the Gawad CPP para sa Sining for Film and Broadcast Arts; the highest award given by the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

Aunor is also one of the few Asian actresses to be nominated as best actress in three Asian film awards namely: 6th Asia Pacific Screen Awards (APSA) in Australia (winner), 55th Asia Pacific Film Festival (APFF) in Macau. and in the 7th Asian Film Awards (AFA) in Hong Kong (winner) for the movie Thy Womb.


Aunor was married to award-winning actor Christopher de Leon on Jan. 25, 1975, in a civil ceremony. She and De León have five children: actor Ian de León in 1975, adopted daughters Lotlot De Leon and Matet de Leon, and adopted sons Kiko and Kenneth. She and her husband renewed their vows on January 27, 1976, in a religious service officiated by Rev Alleysius Rodríguez. The couple separated, and their marriage was dissolved in 1996.

Aunor became a permanent resident of the United States in 2008, but retains her Philippine citizenship. In 2011, she came back to the Philippines to resume her acting and singing career after 8 years on hiatus.

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Tuos (2016)

Origine Philippines
Genres Drame
Acteurs Nora Aunor, Barbie Forteza
Rôle Pinailog
Note71% 3.571323.571323.571323.571323.57132
In a small village, located deep within the mountains of Antique live Pinailog (Nora Aunor). No ordinary woman, Pinailog is the village's "Binukot" or a " kept Maiden" chosen in her youth as the fairest amongst the women in her village. Long confined inside her house and her face face often covered with a veil, Pinailog has been forbidden to go outside, or work the fields. She commands respect and reverence as the gatekeeper of her culture's oral tradition, memorizing the chants and performing it during special occasions. But as the world progresses into the modern age- the age of epics she chants about—even the very existence of the "binukot" slowly deteriorates. No one wants to bee "chosen" anymore, least of all Duwokan (Barbie Forteza), Pinailog'g 15 year old grand daughter. Duwokan wants to live her life, go out, learn new things and fall in love—all of which Pinailog disapproves owing her beliefs that Duwokan does not have the choice in the matter, just as she never had a choice when she was chosen. However, as Duwokan falls in love with a young man, the sanctity of the "tuos" ( the pact between the supernatural deities and their village0 is threatened, putting Duwokan's life in danger. Realizing that she cannot just let things be, Pinailog fights for Duwokan's right to live her own life and finds herself coming face to face, literally, with the ghosts of a tradition which shackled her into a life of solitary confinement.
Taklub (2015)
, 1h37
Réalisé par Brillante Mendoza
Origine Philippines
Genres Drame
Thèmes Film catastrophe
Acteurs Nora Aunor, Julio Diaz, Lou Veloso
Rôle Bebeth
Note59% 2.955682.955682.955682.955682.95568
2013. Le typhon Yolanda dévaste la ville de Tacloban aux Philippines. Les victimes sont nombreuses. Bebeth, Larry et Erwin, rescapés de la catastrophe, se mettent à la recherche de leurs proches. Cette épreuve est douloureuse mais l’entraide apaise les coeurs.
Dementia (2014)

Origine Philippines
Genres Thriller, Horreur
Acteurs Nora Aunor, Jasmine Curtis, Chynna Ortaleza, Jeric Gonzales
Rôle Mara Fabre, a woman facing dementia
Note57% 2.875382.875382.875382.875382.87538
In the hopes of helping her aunt Mara (Nora Aunor) better deal with her dementia, Rachel (Jasmine Curtis) moves her out to their family's remote ancestral home. There Rachel records Mara's daily activities and helps engage the older woman in exercises that would help her cognitive thinking, such as putting together jigsaw puzzles. What Rachel didn't plan on is that Mara's presence in the house will stir up memories and presences that are better left undisturbed. Mara and Rachel begin to see a ghost of Mara's past memories come alive.
Hustisya (2014)

Réalisé par Joel Lamangan
Origine Philippines
Genres Drame, Policier
Thèmes Politique
Acteurs Nora Aunor, Rocco Nacino, Rosanna "Osang" Roces, Sunshine Dizon, Romnick Sarmenta, Chynna Ortaleza
Rôle Virginia Cabahug / Biring
Note55% 2.772692.772692.772692.772692.77269
Biring is a probinsyana from Bicol who becomes involved in the illegal world of human trafficking. She becomes the right-hand woman of her distant relative Vivian (Rosanna Roces).
Ang Kuwento ni Mabuti
Origine Philippines
Genres Drame
Acteurs Nora Aunor, Mara Lopez, Ama Quiambao
Rôle Mabuti de la Cruz

Mabuti de la Cruz, is a 58-year-old healer who lives in poverty-stricken Sitio Kasinggan in Nueva Vizcaya with her surly mother, Guyang (Josephina Estabillo), luckless son Ompong (Arnold Reyes), loveless daughter Angge (Mara Lopez), and her four fatherless granddaughters. Although she came from the impoverished family, Mabuti still look up life in a positive way. Life is hard, but that doesn’t stop the cash-strapped but cheerful grandmother from basking in the simple pleasures of barrio life. Life was always simple for Mabuti until an unexpected twist changed her perception and found herself in a moral dilemma.
Mga Kuwentong Barbero, 2h
Réalisé par Jun Lana
Origine Philippines
Genres Drame
Acteurs Eugene Domingo, Eddie García, Nora Aunor, Iza Calzado, Gladys Reyes, Daniel Fernando
Rôle guerilla leader (cameo appearance)
Note76% 3.835443.835443.835443.835443.83544
Barber's Tales is set in the rural town in the Philippines during the end of Marcos dictatorship, and tells the story of newly widowed Marilou (Eugene Domingo) who inherits the town's only barbershop from her husband- a business that has been passed down by generations of men in her husband's family. With no other means of support, she musters the courage to run the barbershop. But as to be expected, she fails to attract any customers. But a touching act of kindness she extended to Rosa, a prostitute who works in the town brothel, leads to an unexpected opportunity. Rosa, who now considers Marilou a friend, urges her prostitute friends to pressure their male clientele into patronizing Marilou's barbershop. The men have no choice but to grudgingly oblige out of fear that Rosa will expose their infidelity to their wives.
El Presidente, 2h45
Réalisé par Mark Meily
Origine Philippines
Genres Drame, Guerre, Biographie, Action, Historique
Thèmes Politique
Acteurs Jeorge "E.R." Ejercito Estregan, Nora Aunor, Cristine Reyes, Cesar Montano, Christopher de Leon, Sunshine Cruz
Rôle Maria Agoncillo
Note61% 3.098093.098093.098093.098093.09809
The story is told in flashbacks as Emilio Aguinaldo (E.R. Ejercito) thanks the U.S. government for giving him the opportunity to attend the full restoration of Philippine independence on July 4, 1946.
Réalisé par Brillante Mendoza
Origine Philippines
Genres Drame
Acteurs Nora Aunor, Bembol Roco, Lovi Poe, Mercedes Cabral
Rôle Shaleha
Note68% 3.4261253.4261253.4261253.4261253.426125
Shaleha (Aunor) is a Badjao midwife in Tawi-Tawi. Shaleha Sarail hails from a seaborne village in Sitangkai, Tawi-Tawi. The province is a seaweed-producing spot in the southernmost part of the Philippines all the way down the Malaysian and Indonesian archipelagos. Aging and still smarting from three miscarriages in the past, Shaleha agonizes over her failure to bear a child. Though an adoptive parent to her nephew, she still feels that her husband Bangas-An (Bembol Roco) desires to be a father. She struggles to cope with the irony of her own infertility amidst the deprivation of her community.
Naglalayag (2004)

Genres Drame, Romance
Acteurs Nora Aunor, Jaclyn Jose, Celia Rodriguez, Pen Medina, Aleck Bovick, Irma Adlawan
Rôle Judge Dorinda Vda. De Roces
Note64% 3.2093853.2093853.2093853.2093853.209385
Dorinda (Nora Aunor), a state prosecutor turned judge on the edge of a mid-life crisis, finds herself completely alone. Her only son Dennis resides in the US with his wife. She has been a widow for years but lonely she isn’t, she’d always tell everyone. Truth is, she lives an empty life.
Sidhi (1999)

Réalisé par Joel Lamangan
Origine Philippines
Genres Drame
Acteurs Nora Aunor, Albert Martinez, Glydel Mercado, Caridad Sanchez
Note67% 3.383173.383173.383173.383173.38317
Ana (Nora Aunor), is a mute woman living in a remote mountain area with father, Badong (Ray Ventura). Badong is sick and is searching for a man that will marry his daughter. He finds Michael (Albert Martinez), a man who expresses interest to wed Anna, because of the land he could inherit from her father. In the absence of her traveling husband, Ah meets Mayang (Glydel Mercado), with whom she forms a great friendship. Soon, Ana discovers that Mayang is also married to Michael. Angered at first, Ah cozies up to the scandalous cohabitation, even setting up three scarecrows in the field to represent her ideal household. She even has herself crucified on Good Friday to atone for her sin of accommodation.
Bakit May Kahapon Pa?
Réalisé par Joel Lamangan
Genres Drame, Thriller, Action
Acteurs Nora Aunor, Eddie García, Dawn Zulueta, Daniel Fernando
Note74% 3.7030353.7030353.7030353.7030353.703035
It happens in San Marco, Laguna in October 1971 a commanding troop led by Col. Valderrama (Garcia) guns down alleged members of a rebel group that the townspeople are said to help, they say with food and shelter to enable their continued activities against the government, but no one knows whether it is a hearsay or not because then the only messenger of truth is power and power lies in His hands thus innocence and counter-innocence are not issues, they are irrelevant, the nozzles only know that the people who will die are the bodies where they are pointed at, everyone becomes enemies of the state because of Fate, and Helen, who sees her mother and father shot by the soldiers like pigs incarcerated and butchered afterward, knows every detail of what happened.
Muling Umawit ang Puso, 2h10
Réalisé par Joel Lamangan
Origine Philippines
Genres Drame, Musical
Acteurs Nora Aunor, Albert Martinez, Donna Cruz, Ricky Davao, Rita Avila, Michael De Mesa
Rôle Loida Verrano

a story of a once-famous actress now struggling to regain her popularity but fails. With the arrival of her niece (Donna Cruz), her plans of staging a comeback suddenly come to life with her presence. In the midst of this story is a political battle between two mayoral candidates, the expose done by a courageous journalist (Michael de Mesa) who happens to be Aunor's boyfriend, and a prostitution ring run by a mayoral candidate. As expected, things go wrong and awry.
The Flor Contemplacion Story, 2h
Réalisé par Joel Lamangan
Origine Philippines
Genres Drame, Thriller, Policier
Acteurs Nora Aunor, Charito Solis, Ara Mina, Julio Diaz, Jaclyn Jose, Vina Morales
Rôle Flor Contemplacion
Note69% 3.495913.495913.495913.495913.49591
Just like many impoverished people, Flor (Aunor) thought that by working abroad she could give her family a better life even though it means sacrificing her own happiness. She decided to work as a domestic helper in Singapore thinking that this could be the answer to her problems. Unlike many other servants, Flor was well-treated by her employers.