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Monsour del Rosario est un Acteur Philippin né le 11 mai 1965 à Manille (Philippines)

Monsour del Rosario

Monsour del Rosario
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Nom de naissance Manuel Monsour Tabib del Rosario III
Nationalité Philippines
Naissance 11 mai 1965 (56 ans) à Manille (Philippines)

Manuel Monsour Tabib del Rosario III (born May 11, 1965), best known as Monsour del Rosario, is a Filipino taekwondo champion who has also starred in several Filipino and international action films. A member of the Nacionalista Party, he currently serves as the member of the Makati City council for the first legislative district since June 30, 2010.


Del Rosario was born in Manila, but grew up in Bacolod City, his family hometown. His mother is Filipino of Arab descent.

He first learned martial arts under Joe Lopez-Vito, a Moo Duk Kwan-Tang Soo Do practitioner. After he returned to Manila for his high school education, del Rosario shifted to taekwondo in 1977 as a student of Hong Sung-Chon. Under Master Hong, del Rosario has attained a Korean 8th Dan taekwondo black belt. He is a graduate of the De La Salle University, Manila.

Del Rosario joined the Philippine National Taekwondo Team in 1982 and remained until 1989, serving as the team's captain in his last four years on the team.

He was ranked first in the Philippines in the Lightweight Division while he was on the team, and was an eight-time National Lightweight champion. From 1982 to 1989, he competed in several international competitions, including the 1988 Seoul Olympics, the Southeast Asian Games, the Asian Games, the World Games, the World Taekwondo Championships and the Asian Taekwondo Championships. He earned a gold medal in the 14th and 15th Southeast Asian Games, a bronze medal in the 10th Asian Games, and reached the quarterfinal round during the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games.

Along with Stephen Fernandez, Del Rosario established the Olympians Taekwondo Training Center, a taekwondo school located in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

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Namets! (2008)
, 1h30
Origine Philippines
Genres Drame, Romance
Acteurs Christian Vazquez, Peque Gallaga, Monsour del Rosario, Joel Torre
Rôle Babyboy Labayen
Note68% 3.4074453.4074453.4074453.4074453.407445
Jacko Teves (Christian Vasquez) owns Puccini's, an Italian restaurant in Bacolod City. When a monstrous cock fighting debt sets him at odds with Boss Dolpo (Peque Gallaga), he offers his restaurant up as payment. Boss Dolpo brings in Cassie Labayen (Angel Jacob) as a consultant to renovate the restaurant. Much to Jacko's dismay, Cassie decides to offer Negrense cuisine instead of Italian. The pair then set off across the province re-discovering the unique aspects of Negrense food.
Opération eagle one, 1h28
Réalisé par Brian Clyde
Genres Drame, Guerre, Thriller, Action, Aventure
Thèmes Transport, Aviation, Film catastrophe, Film de catastrophe aérienne
Acteurs Marc Dacascos, Theresa Randle, Rutger Hauer, Zach McGowan, Monsour del Rosario
Rôle Lt. Herman Reyes
Note38% 1.917311.917311.917311.917311.91731
Un hélicoptère "Eagle One" de l'armée américaine se fait abattre pendant une mission spéciale aux Philippines par le groupe terroriste Al Quaeda. Un commando d'élite est alors envoyé en secours pour récupérer le pilote capturé et éliminer les terroristes.
Tatlong Baraha
Origine Philippines
Genres Action
Acteurs Jackie Rice, Miles Ocampo, John Manalo, Bearwin Meily, Monsour del Rosario, Kathryn Bernardo
Rôle Faustino
Note42% 2.13852.13852.13852.13852.1385
The father and sons triumvirate play three oppressed Filipinos during the Spanish regime-a cowardly farmer (Lito Lapid), a mentally challenged man (Mark Lapid), and a hunchback bell ringer (Maynard Lapid). Because of their sufferings, they were blessed with powers to help their fellowmen.
When Eagles Strike, 1h28
Réalisé par Cirio H. Santiago
Origine Philippines
Genres Thriller, Action
Acteurs Christian Boeving, Stacy Keach, Eddie García, Jesse Vint, Monsour del Rosario
Note36% 1.833691.833691.833691.833691.83369
Group of American commandos goes for the mission of saving American politicians who were kidnapped and are hold on forgotten Malaysian island. Tough-guy lieutenant Andrew Peers command the action. During the mission it's revealed there's a traitor in the ranks of the team. Consequently American soldiers are betrayed and captured by the opponents, who then interrogated and brutally tortured team's lead Andrew.
Les Prisonniers du paradis, 1h54
Réalisé par Takashi Miike
Origine Japon
Genres Drame, Policier
Acteurs Kenichi Endō, Nene Ōtsuka, Tsutomu Yamazaki, Kenji Mizuhashi, Naoto Takenaka, Monsour del Rosario
Note65% 3.2918553.2918553.2918553.2918553.291855
Un cadre japonais se fait incarcérer par erreur dans une prison philippine. Fort heureusement, du moins dans une première approche, les prisonniers financièrement aisés y peuvent bénéficier de traitements de faveur...
Buhawi Jack, 2h
Origine Philippines
Acteurs Monsour del Rosario, Gerald Anderson, Carmina Villaroel, Jewel Mische, Niño Muhlach, Ara Mina

Rod Santiago's Buhawi Jack is an action-adventure series that paints the country's historical backdrops of people, places and things. The story revolves around the adventures of Jack, Vera, Rex and their quest to solve puzzles from the past that will greatly affect the future.
Shake, Rattle & Roll V
Réalisé par Don Escudero, Jose Javier Reyes
Origine Philippines
Genres Thriller, Comédie, Comédie horrifique, Horreur
Thèmes Comédie horrifique
Acteurs Sheryl Cruz, Manilyn Reynes, Monsour del Rosario, Ruffa Gutierrez, Jaclyn Jose, Lilia Cuntapay
Rôle Victor (segment 'Episode I: Maligno')
Note62% 3.133363.133363.133363.133363.13336
A couple takes a vacation on a secluded island and strange forces are at work that seems to keep them on that island. When her boyfriend suddenly grows ill, Laurie finds a handsome young man in the woods who seems to exhibit magical powers. He offers to cure her sick friend on one condition that she stay with him forever. Will she accept any foods from that handsome man to save her loved one?
Bloodfist II, 1h25
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Art martial, Action, Wuxiapian
Thèmes Sport, Arts martiaux
Acteurs Don Wilson (kickboxeur), Monsour del Rosario
Rôle Tobo Castenerra
Note50% 2.510752.510752.510752.510752.51075
The film opens with Jake Raye as he fights Mickey Sheehan in a pro-kickboxing bout. The movie opens as they enter the fifth Round of the Lightweight Championship Match. Jake delivers Mickey a lightning fast kick to the throat in the middle of the sixth round, instantly killing him. Seeing what he had done, he decides to give up kickboxing once and for all.