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Marco Antonio Campos est un Acteur Mexicain né le 9 septembre 1919

Marco Antonio Campos

Marco Antonio Campos
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Nationalité Mexique
Naissance 9 septembre 1919
Mort 19 février 1996 (à 76 ans)

Marco Antonio Campos (July 9, 1919 – February 19, 1996) was a Mexican comedian, actor, and singer best known as Viruta in the double act Viruta y Capulina with Gaspar Henaine. His best known role is as the straight man in the comic duo Viruta y Capulina along with Gaspar Henaine. Campos and Henaine worked together in 35 comedy films and one television series until they separated over work issues in 1967. He died in 1996 from an aortic aneurysm.

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Filmographie de Marco Antonio Campos (19 films)

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Dos pintores pintorescos, 1h27
Réalisé par René Cardona Jr.
Genres Comédie, Policier
Acteurs Marco Antonio Campos, Regina Torné
Rôle Viruta
Note58% 2.9249352.9249352.9249352.9249352.924935
Viruta and Capulina are two painters who work painting skyscrapers. One day, while lunching on a scaffolding, Capulina accidentally spills paint onto a policeman down under and he decides to escape by walking off the scaffolding. He falls, but he rapidly holds on to Viruta as he tries to stand against a window. On the other side of that window, a man named Lorenzo stabs a certain woman meanwhile his lover Carmina is watching. As Capulina stands next to the window, Lorenzo and Carmina see him as he tells them that he has "never seen death from up close". Lorenzo, believing that Capulina has witnessed the crime, searches for his gun meanwhile Capulina achieves safety when Viruta hauls the scaffolding downward as he picks him up. As both Viruta and Capulina get out of Lorenzo's reach, they encounter the policeman to whom they spilled paint who fines them two-hundred pesos as punishment.
La cigüeña distraída, 1h28
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Marco Antonio Campos, Emily Cranz, Alma Delia Fuentes, Fannie Kauffman, María Duval, Rosa María Vázquez
Rôle Viruta Palacios / Viruta Corrales
Note61% 3.0517853.0517853.0517853.0517853.051785
Two different women give birth to twin brothers in a hospital, and when they are discussing outside the hospital, the fathers (Viruta and Capulina), confuse their babies when they say goodbye one another. Some years after, one of the couples is a pair of rich and well educated brothers that are meant to be married to a couple of rich sisters, Alma and Maria Castillo, while the other couple of brothers, a poor but friendly unemployed guys, fall in love with Emilia and Rosita, the maids of the rich twin brothers. When the two couples meet, confusion is ensued in all sides. After several situations that almost break the compromise of all four couples, the girls realize about the problem and make amends with the boys.
Los astronautas, 1h25
Réalisé par Miguel Zacarías
Genres Science-fiction, Comédie
Thèmes Extra-terrestres, Extraterrestre
Acteurs Marco Antonio Campos, Norma Mora
Rôle Viruta
Note61% 3.063413.063413.063413.063413.06341
In the women-ruled planet of Venus, the Union Leader of the Oppressed Husbands Syndicate wants to revert the power of leadership back to the men and threatens to initiate a strike if his will is not heard. However, the female leader of Venus believes otherwise and asserts that male dominion will only cause war and disruption. Therefore, she sends Lieutenant Laúr and Sergeant Rauna on a mission to choose two male earthlings who can prove to be more useful than Venusian men, so that they can bring more of them to Venus. When Laúr and Rauna choose Viruta and Capulina, two amateur singers who work in a gymnasium, they are intercepted by their constant rivals the Martians who claim that Earth is a satellite of Mars and therefore it should not be intruded by Venusians. Capulina manages to steal a super-power locket from a Martian which allows him to scare them off. He and Viruta later marry the Venusian women Laur and Rauna and then travel to the Moon for their honeymoon.
Qué perra vida, 1h29
Réalisé par Jaime Salvador
Acteurs Marco Antonio Campos, Norma Mora, Arturo Castro, Lupe Carriles
Rôle Viruta (credited as Viruta)
Note69% 3.4893253.4893253.4893253.4893253.489325