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Marc Sinden est un Acteur né le 9 mai 1954

Marc Sinden

Marc Sinden
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Nom de naissance Marcus Andrew Sinden
Naissance 9 mai 1954 (66 ans)

Marc Sinden (born 9 May 1954) is an English film director, actor and theatre producer.

Sinden has worked in film and theatre (mainly in London's West End) as both actor and producer and is currently directing the 40-part documentary series Great West End Theatres, detailing the history of the 40 major playhouses in London. He was artistic director of the Mermaid Theatre and inaugurated the British Theatre Season in Monaco, which was awarded a Royal Warrant by Prince Albert of Monaco. His first West End production was nominated for a Laurence Olivier Award for Best Entertainment and another won the Stage Award for Best Ensemble work at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. He is also the director and co-author of the touring anthology Seven Deadly Sins Four Deadly Sinners and was nominated for a Sony Award for his voice-overs for the Apple Computers TV advertisements.

In 1968 he and his brother, actor Jeremy Sinden, were part of the "Na-Na" chorus on Hey Jude by the Beatles.

His father was the actor Sir Donald Sinden.


Sinden is divorced from the film producer Jo Gilbert and has two children from that marriage: Hal Sinden (born 1980) who sings with his band Talanas and Bridie Sinden (born 1990) who works at Sky News. He is the son of actor Sir Donald Sinden (deceased) and his late wife, actress Diana Mahony and the brother of the late actor Jeremy Sinden.

In 1962, aged 8, Sinden was originally offered the lead title role in the film Sammy Going South by its director, Alexander Mackendrick, but his father turned the offer down on his son's behalf, saying that "only a handful of child actors ever make it as adult actors and if Marc wants to be an actor, he should wait until he is old enough to make the decision himself."

After leaving Stanbridge Earls school in 1971 aged 17, Sinden studied on the acting course at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School from 1971–73 alongside fellow student Pete Postlethwaite. Following this, he became a jeweller at H. Knowles Brown in Hampstead, London for five years. Marrying in 1977, he returned to acting in 1978, starting as an acting/ASM in weekly-repertory.

Investigative journalist James Montague, writing in the July 2014 issue of Esquire magazine, claimed that Sinden spied for the British Government's Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) during the filming of Clash of Loyalties in Iraq, after being made "an offer he couldn’t refuse, appealing to his duty and his pride in Queen and Country." In the article Sinden admitted that it was true.

He is an atheist and secularist, a supporter of the British Humanist Association and National Secular Society, a Fellow of the Zoological Society, a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Innholders and was awarded the Freedom of the City of London by the Lord Mayor Sir Kenneth Cork.

In Debrett's People of Today he lists his recreations as "exploring Provence, clay pigeon shooting and cigars" and is a member of the Noël Coward Society, the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association, Guards Polo Club and The Club at The Ivy.

Sinden was nominated for the Cigar Smoker of the Year Award at the inaugural gala award ceremony in 2013, sponsored by The Spectator magazine.

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The Brylcreem Boys, 2h4
Genres Drame, Guerre, Romance
Thèmes La prison, Politique
Acteurs Billy Campbell, Angus Macfadyen, Gabriel Byrne, Joe McGann, Marc Sinden, John Gordon Sinclair
Rôle Senior Allied Officer White
Note62% 3.148313.148313.148313.148313.14831
In World War II all Allied and Axis service personnel that end up in Ireland are to be interned for the duration of the conflict. Two pilots, Canadian Billy Campbell and Angus Macfadyen of the Luftwaffe, both fall in love with local Irish girl, Jean Butler. The relationship is further complicated by Gabriel Byrne, who plays the unceasingly vigilant internment camp commander.
Piccolo grande amore
Réalisé par Carlo Vanzina
Genres Comédie, Comédie romantique, Romance
Thèmes La mer, Transport, Politique, Royauté
Acteurs Raoul Bova, David Warner, Susannah York, Paul Freeman, Catherine Schell, Liz Smith
Rôle Captain Benadotti
Note43% 2.1682652.1682652.1682652.1682652.168265
In this romantic comedy, Liechtenhaus (a fictional tiny European principality) is being ruled by Prince Max (David Warner), but the little country is nearly bankrupt. In fact, if he can't get an infusion of cash quickly, he may have to sell the royal palace to American developers as a casino complex. Fortunately, he's got a very pretty daughter, Princess Sofia (Barbara Snellenburg) and the dowry he will get from marrying her off to the unappealing, but wealthy heir to a similar nearby principality will more than get his tiny country in the clear. Unfortunately for him, his daughter is adamant about refusing this arranged marriage and prefers romance with a handsome but penniless windsurfing instructor (Raoul Bova) to saving her country. Nefarious schemes are called for and when the Princess is kidnapped, something must be done.
Soleil de nuit, 2h16
Réalisé par Taylor Hackford
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Thriller
Thèmes Danse, Politique
Acteurs Mikhail Baryshnikov, Gregory Hines, Jerzy Skolimowski, Helen Mirren, Geraldine Page, Isabella Rossellini
Rôle Charles
Note66% 3.3493153.3493153.3493153.3493153.349315
Volant vers Tokyo, un long courrier doit se poser d'urgence en Sibérie. À son bord, Nikolai « Kolya » Rodchenko (Baryshnikov), danseur de Ballet ayant fui la Russie huit ans plus tôt et, pour ce fait, condamné par contumace. Rodchenko, grièvement blessé est transporté à l'hôpital où il est reconnu par l'officier du KGB le Colonel Chaiko (Jerzy Skolimowski), soviétique enragé et pervers. Chaiko place alors le transfuge sous la garde d'un danseur de claquettes Raymond Greenwood (Hines), Afro-Américain, pacifiste convaincu qui a, lui, passé le rideau de fer dix ans plus tôt après son refus de combattre au Vietnam.
La Dépravée, 1h38
Réalisé par Michael Winner
Origine Royaume-uni
Genres Drame, Aventure
Acteurs Faye Dunaway, Alan Bates, John Gielgud, Denholm Elliott, Hugh Millais, Prunella Scales
Rôle Lord Dolman
Note47% 2.3595552.3595552.3595552.3595552.359555
Sir Ralph Skelton est sur un petit nuage. Il va se marier avec une jolie jeune fille à peine sortie de l'enfance dont il s'est occupé depuis sa prime jeunesse et qui porte le doux nom de Caroline. Tout irait pour le mieux dans le meilleur des mondes des petits nobliaux d'Angleterre s'il n'avait fallu que sa belle pucelle invite une amie à elle pour son mariage. Cette superbe femelle aux yeux verts est une sacrée arriviste et la pauvre Caroline se contentera de laisser sa place de Lady Skelton à sa meilleure amie. Cette dernière, à peine mariée, tombe follement amoureuse d'un superbe séducteur du nom de Kit. Elle se résout mal à sa vie campagnarde auprès de ce généreux propriétaire terrien qui lui sert de mari et la plus petite occasion fera d'elle un détrousseur de grand chemin. Oui, mais, voilà, elle est sur le territoire du brigand légendaire Jerry Jackson... Brigand, oui, mais brigand au grand cœur.
If You Go Down in the Woods Today, 1h18
Réalisé par Eric Sykes
Origine Royaume-uni
Genres Comédie
Acteurs Eric Sykes, Robin Bailey, Norman Bird, Glyn Houston, Roy Kinnear, Marc Sinden
Rôle RAF Radio Operator
Note60% 3.0284453.0284453.0284453.0284453.028445
A Boy Scout troop led by their scoutmaster (Sykes) is on a field trip to a seemingly-peaceful English woodland. However, the woods are actually teeming with strange characters, some of whom turn out to be disguised police officers and others criminals. The police are searching for £2,000,000 in stolen banknotes and hope that the criminals will lead them to them. The criminals, on the other hand, are aware that the police are looking for them and doing their best to avoid betraying the location of their stash. It later transpires that the money is just a smokescreen for a top-secret document that the gang's leader - actually a KGB officer - is trying to smuggle out of the country. Despite an escalation of security in which the police are eventually joined by the army, navy and air force, it is the scoutmaster's chaotic bungling that leads him to discover the money and flush out the ringleader. At the end it is revealed that the scoutmaster was in fact an undercover police officer and that his bungling was a ruse.