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Malcolm Mays est un Acteur Américain né le 14 février 1990

Malcolm Mays

Malcolm Mays
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Nationalité Etats-Unis
Naissance 14 février 1990 (31 ans)

Malcolm Michael Mays (born February 14, 1990) is a film producer, rapper, director, and musician. At the age of seventeen, Mays directed and produced his own motion picture, aided by producer Todd Black, Gary Martin of Sony Pictures and others. Mays is the nephew of Stanley Williams, the notorious founder of the Crips gang.

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La Rage au ventre, 2h3
Réalisé par Antoine Fuqua
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Thriller, Action
Thèmes Maladie, Psychotrope, Sport, Arts martiaux, La boxe, Le boxe anglaise
Acteurs Rachel McAdams, Jake Gyllenhaal, Lupita Nyong’o, Forest Whitaker, Naomie Harris, Rita Ora
Rôle Gabe
Note73% 3.6999453.6999453.6999453.6999453.699945
Orphelin au passé difficile, Billy Hope mène aujourd'hui une vie fastueuse avec sa superbe femme Maureen et sa fille Leila. Il a pu leur offrir cette vie de rêve grâce à ses titres de champion du monde de boxe. Tout ce monde parfait s'écroule lorsque sa femme est tuée. Ruiné, Billy perd la garde de sa fille, car la justice estime qu'il n'est plus apte à assumer son rôle de père. Alors que son entourage l'a abandonné, Billy tente de se reconstruire auprès de Tick Willis, un ancien boxeur aujourd'hui entraîneur et gérant d'une salle de boxe. Billy va devoir repartir en bas de l'échelle pour regagner la confiance et la garde de sa fille.
H8RZ (2015)
, 1h34
Réalisé par Derrick Borte
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame, Thriller, Action
Acteurs Israel Broussard, Abigail Spencer, Eliza Hope Bennett, Jeremy Sisto, Malcolm Mays, Cary Elwes
Rôle Cameron
Note58% 2.9013152.9013152.9013152.9013152.901315
In the aftermath of a mysterious high school "incident" which results in the school burning and a group of students dead, the school's attorney, Laura Sedgewick (Abigail Spencer) questions the only witness alive, a student, Alex (Eliza Bennet), in hopes of protecting the school from any lawsuits. The story is told by Alex's perspective and shown in flashbacks. Alex meets Jack (Israel Broussard), his girlfriend, Carla (Sophie Curtis), Ricky (Chris Petrovski) and Cameron (Malcom Mays) at detention after they were caught cheating on a test. They team up to hack into the school and change their failing grades. Jack is hesitant at first but gives in. Thinking that they've succeeded they celebrate. But soon each one of then begin to be blackmailed by an unknown person who disguises themself as "Brittany Taman." Everyone is confused due to the fact that Brittany Taman was a student who committed suicide. Ricky reveals that Jack had something to do with her. The unknown person gives each of them different errands. They proceed to find out who their blackmailer is. Meanwhile, in present time Jack is seen at the hospital severely burned. He repeatedly says the name "Brittany" leaving his parents confused. Back into the story, they soon discover that the blackmailer is their own science teacher, Faustin. He had witnessed Cameron hacking into the school computer. He threatens them to get him a specific amount of money at any cost or else he would tell the police. The group is stressed, not knowing how to get the money. Ricky considers telling the authorities but his family is forced to move back to Russia. Feeling pressured, Carla considers overdosing on pills. Alex discovers a way on how to steal 5 million dollars. They all team up once again to steal money using fake ID's and add all the money to the school account online. Once they have all the money needed, they meet their teacher and give it to him in exchange for their freedom. Cameron still enraged by everything their teacher put them through confronts him and Faustin pulls out a gun and kills Carla and Cameron. Jack is also shot but is still alive. The attorney tells Alex to leave far away and threatens him never to speak of the incident ever again. Meanwhile, she and the principal go on the school account to discover that all the money the kids had stolen is gone. Just as Alex receives a message on his phone that all the money has been deposited into his own account. A video message sent to the principal reveals that Brittany faked her death and that Jack used and lied to her while he was still with Carla. Carla later got the whole school to turn against Brittany causing Brittany to want to commit suicide. Also, Cameron and Ricky wanted to take advantage of her. The video ends with her saying that these haters will pay for everything they did to her. It becomes clear that there is much more to this story than meets the eye. After putting pieces together from Alex's story the attorney learns that Alex is actually Brittany and that he stole the money and that he shot his classmates himself. Meanwhile, Jack dies from his severe wounds at the hospital. Brittany is seen leaving in a car taking out brown eye contacts revealing her natural blue eyes revealing that she is indeed Brittany and faked another identity to avenge herself. The movie ends with the attorney running and yells after.
Life of a King, 1h40
Origine Etats-Unis
Genres Drame
Thèmes Sport, Jeu d'échecs
Acteurs Cuba Gooding Jr., Dennis Haysbert, Lisa Gay Hamilton, Paula Jai Parker, Richard T. Jones, Malcolm Mays
Rôle Tahime
Note68% 3.4480753.4480753.4480753.4480753.448075
L'homme à tout faire d'un lycée s'improvise professeur d'échecs d'un groupe d'élèves prédélinquants. Avec son aide, ils se découvriront des qualités insoupçonnées.